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Amount: $10000

Eligibility: Must be a student enrolled in the Haile US Bank College of Business must demonstrate financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Eligibility: Must be an entering freshman with a GPA of 2.0 or higher or a continuing student with a GPA of 2.75 or higher must be enrolled full time must demonstrate financial need. Eligibility: Must be a resident of Kentucky must be admitted to the education administration graduate program in the College of Education and Human Services preference will be given to a minority student as defined by federal guidelines.


Further the Graduate Assistantship responsibilities would be to serve as the coordinator co-advisor to the peer education program, Peers on Wellness! Theeducational theory and management skills presented in the Higher Education program lend themselveswell to the issues and instances that the graduate student will face while working with these offices.Courses in Student Issues, Multicultural Counseling, as well as Communication Theory andOrganizational Dynamics offer a meaningful background in preparing the graduate student to work withStudents of Color, International students and Hispanic students families as they become acclimated toour campus, as well as with domestic students desiring to travel abroad during their course of study atMarywood.

UM-Flint Scholarship Summaries

Kildee, Dale Edward Education Scholarship: Awarded to full or part-time or graduate students currently admitted in Education degree programs. Price, Albert Public Administration Scholarship: Applicants must have received full admission into wither the Public Administration program, or the Masters of Public Administration program. Carl, Kathryn Education Scholarship: For students who are pursuing degrees in education. Master of Arts in Education Scholarship: Applicants must have successfully completed 18 graduate credit hours in the Master of Arts Education Program and a minimum 3.7 GPA on a 4.0 point scale.

Amount: $1964
Endowments and Scholarships

The Mary Agnes Goeke Scholarship, established in 2.01, to assist hard working young women and men in obtaining a Catholic education at Rockhurst University. Malley, Sr. Endowed Scholarship,established with gratitude for the education he received at Rockhurst, Mr. Malley’s intention is to assist deserving students who plan to career in industrial applications of Chemistry. Millard Memorial Scholarship, established by their children in memory of their parents’ love and support of Catholic, Jesuit education. Assistance is awarded to the most financially needy year two and or year three students in the Physical Therapy Education Program. Weber and grants from the Bayvet Division of Miles Laboratories where Mr. Weber was Director of finance and administration.

Amount: $5000

This scholarship reflects the university continual commitment to the education of nurses and recognizes the very special nature of those who have chosen to embark on this challenging, yet rewarding career path. Students must be residents of the state of New Jersey, maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and demonstrate financial need. In support of attracting seasoned and ethnically diverse nurses to become nurse educators, the NLN Foundation will award scholarships of up to $8,000 to help complete graduate education. Kenneth and Jane Charlesworth Endowed Nursing Fellowship: Variable amount Based on academic merit, specifically the achievement of a 3.4 cumulative GPA or higher at the level if newly admitted or a 3.4 GPA average or higher at the end of one semester.

Amount: $2500
Accounting Scholarhips

The companies that have invested in scholarships to support accounting students at the graduate, and doctoral levels typically employ accounting grads and have a continuing need for high-level accounting education in their businesses. The Association designated the Center for Scholarship Administration as the review and administration agency for the AICPA Minority Scholarship program. The AICPA Fellowships for Minority Doctoral Students awards scholarships to students that show significant potential to contribute to accounting education. The EFWA provides a variety of scholarships depending on their level of education.

Freshman Major-Based Scholarships

This scholarship is renewable for up to seven consecutive semesters, provided the recipient continues to maintain a 2.5 or higher cumulative grade point average, maintains full-time student status, and specifically requests such renewal. Adkins, annual scholarship awards are made to students pursuing a degree in Education or Fine Arts. The awarding of this scholarship will alternate between art art education and engineering majors. The applicant must be a junior level student, enrolled in 15 semester hours or maintain a cumulative 3.2 or higher grade point average, have demonstrated financial need, and be a student legally present in the United States.

Amount: $1000

The award is given to the graduate student in the Institute of Health Administration demonstrating outstanding leadership in the profession through university, community and work-related endeavors. This scholarship is presented annually to the student with the highest grade-point average after completing at least 30 hours in the CAHME-accredited graduate program in health administration. This scholarship is awarded by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration to students in an accredited graduate health administration program who have distinguished themselves in the profession.

Amount: $5400
Fellowship in Higher Education Leadership

The Fellowship is an exciting opportunity to engage with the challenges of higher education administration.

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