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Amount: $20400
Awards Funding

The Kinesiology Conference Travel Grant is intended to provide opportunities for graduate students to become familiar with, and take part in the life of, their academic professions. Students earning Kinesiology Awards are honored at the Kinesiology Graduate Student Research Showcase in April. Swift Honor Award to financially assist a Kinesiology student who demonstrates professional promise, superior scholarship, as well as financial need.

Amount: $10000
Financial Aid

There are two primary sources of financial aid: The University and the Kinesiology. Freedson Scholarship was created to provide for an Junior in the Kinesiology. The Dr. Frank Rife Kinesiology Opportunity Scholarship supports students in their efforts to gain life, academic, and outreach experience. Preference for qualifications would include first generation college students, financial need, athletic interest, and an interest in using exercise as preventive medicine. Clarkson Fellowship is eligible to students pursuing graduate degrees in Kinesiology.

List of Scholarships

One or awards to graduate students enrolled in CAHNR who are engaged in the study of the plant sciences, such as horticulture, pomology, forestry, agronomy, and botany, and such allied subjects as entomology, landscaping and the economics of said sciences. One or awards to or graduate students enrolled in the Allied Health Sciences. Students must be pursuing a degree in dietetics or medical laboratory sciences, demonstrate financial need, leadership skills and perseverance, involvement in extracurricular activities, and show interest in health promotion and health education. One or awards to support or graduate students enrolled in the Physical Therapy Program. One or awards to or graduate students enrolled full-time in the Physical Therapy. One or awards to or graduate students enrolled full-time in the Kinesiology.

Current Family Medicine Fellows

He is currently pursuing the UW Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship, with a focus on injury prevention and recovery, promoting healthy lifestyles in athletes post competition, and promoting an active population through involvement in sport at all ages. He completed the UW-Madison Family Medicine Residency Program and is now pursuing an Academic Fellowship. Dr. Duffy is also interested in global health education and training and is working with a group of researchers from several institutions to assess the current state of clinical fellowships in global health in the US and Canada. This is Dr. Foster’s first year with the Primary Care Research Fellowship. He brings to the fellowship experience and interest in the fields of energy medicine, manipulative therapies, and mind-body therapies.

Scholarship Office

Intent to major in Physical Education Preference to Cuba HS, IL graduate 2nd preference to Fulton or McDonough Co. graduate Upper 1 3 of graduating class Financial need.