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Amount: $25000

The Presidential Law Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship awarded by St. Mary’s Law. Each Presidential Law Scholar will receive scholarship funding to cover the full amount of tuition and fees for their full-time or part-time enrollment in the Doctor of Jurisprudence at St. Mary’s Law. This fund was established in 1987 by St. Mary’s law graduates and the San Antonio law firm of Cox Smith Inc. If an eligible application is not received from a single-parent law student, the award will a law student in good academic standing. Vaught to provide scholarship assistance for a serious law student, who has excelled in their studies of the law, exhibits need and who is or has been associated with a branch of the armed forces of the United States.

Amount: $14000
UW Law School Scholarship Donors

This scholarship was created to provide scholarship support to students pursuing a law degree with the intent of improving environmental policies and laws at a local, national, or international level. Knapp Bequest Committee has generously supported law students for many years, awarding the first law scholarships in 1945. William Orvis was the Assistant State Law Librarian in Wisconsin in the late 1800s. It was one of Don wishes to provide a similar scholarship opportunity for future law students. The Abe Sigman Scholarship was established in 1975 to celebrate Abe Sigman’s 50th year practicing law. Mr. Smalley served as an assistant district attorney before forming a law partnership in Racine, where he practiced for over 40 years.

Amount: $1000
Outside Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements: The Planning Law Division of the American Planning Association is proud to offer a scholarship to applicants on a question of significance in planning, planning law, land use law, local government law, or environmental law. The scholarship recipient must submit an application, law school transcript, financial need, and demonstrate a commitment to public service or diversity in the community. Eligibility Requirements: The Orange County, California Chapter of ChIPs is proud to offer a scholarship to law students with interest in Artificial Intelligence and IP law. The National Association of Minority Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) Pipeline Diversity Scholarship. Eligibility Requirements: The National Association of Minority Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) Pipeline Diversity Scholarship is open to second and third-year law students.

Amount: $5000
Scholarship Information

This scholarship is awarded to a full or part-time law student who possesses a scientific background, with preference given to a student with an advanced degree in science and has demonstrated financial need. This scholarship is awarded annually to a law student with financial need. The Mary Moers Wenig Endowed Scholarship Fund The Mary Moers Wenig Endowed Scholarship Fund is awarded to a second or third year law student dedicated to the advancement of one or of the following fields: women and the law family law and marital property elder law trusts and estates and estate planning probate law.

Barriers to Renewable Energy by Uma Outka

These prospects stand in sharp contrast to the immense potential that exists in the students.S. renewable resources which, according to the National Academy of Sciences, can significantly greater amounts of electricity than the total current or projected domestic demand. This Article is concerned with renewable energy too-slow transition and with how existing legal regimes work to preserve fossil energy dominance. Third, that policies to promote renewable energy in the United States have so far been adopted and sustained inconsistently, with federal progress trailing the states.

Amount: $1000
Outside Agency Scholarships

Minority students admitted into and entering an ABA-accredited law school in the Bay Area for the fall and current law students may apply. Eligible law students include those entering their first or second year of full-time legal study at an accredited law school. Having built its success on integrity and ethical work, bringing trial-worthy preparation to each of its cases, and having the financial resources to build winning cases, The Krist Law Firm, P.C. is paying it forward by sponsoring an annual scholarship of $10,000 to award an individual student the financial resources to accomplish their educational goals and prepare for future career aspirations. SEO Law offers three scholarships per year to help promising Black, Hispanic and Native American incoming law students attend the law school of their choice.

Amount: $35000

The fellowship combines the opportunity to obtain a LLM degree in energy law from one of the leading energy and environmental law programs in the nation with the opportunity to gain practical energy law experience on a variety of policy coordination, research, and educational outreach projects. The fellowship combines the opportunity to obtain an LLM degree in Environmental Law from one of the leading environmental law programs in the nation with the opportunity to work with experienced environmental attorneys and students in a clinic focused on public interest cases.

Amount: $2000
Other Public Interest Fellowship Opportunities

To honor Bill’s memory, this fellowship program consists of one grant awarded to eligible first and second year law students for otherwise unpaid summer legal work in LGBT and or disability rights law. The AABA Law Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to serving the community and law students through its Foundation Scholarship awards. The purpose of the award is to assist law students with their tuition while encouraging them to use their legal knowledge and training to benefit the Asian American community in New York and to foster commitment by law students to public service to the Asian American community in New York.

List of Scholarships

Preference will be given to current students or recent graduates of ’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Ash Scholarship for the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. One or awards to need based students pursuing a major in Nutritional Sciences in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. One or awards to incoming or continuing full-time CAHNR students majoring in Natural Resources studying forestry. One or awards to CAHNR students majoring in Natural Resources concentrating in forestry or wildlife and game management. One or awards to an upper-division CAHNR student majoring in Natural Resources. Students must demonstrate financial need and be pursuing a degree in the field of Natural Resources. One or scholarships to CAHNR or RHSA students majoring in animal science or natural resources.

Amount: $1000
External Fellowships

Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship This fellowship is for exceptional graduate students planning full-time study toward a Ph.D. in the areas of interest to stewardship science, such as high-energy density physics, low-energy nuclear science, or properties of materials under extreme conditions. These students work closely with IIASA senior scientists on projects within the Institute 3 theme areas of Natural Resources Environment, Population Society, and Energy Technology. The Link Foundation The Link Foundation is offering the Energy Fellowship Program to foster energy research to enhance both the theoretical and practical knowledge and application of energy research and to disseminate the results of that research through lectures, seminars, and publications.