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Amount: $5000
Mechanical Engineering

The MSU Mechanical Engineering offers than 50 scholarships to mechanical engineering students each year for a total of approximately $110,000 in amounts ranging from $500 to $5,000. There are separate selection processes for obtaining scholarships for incoming freshmen, transfer students, and current mechanical engineering students. Current mechanical engineering students become eligible for department scholarships by completing one scholarship application annually. Mechanical engineering scholarship awards are made by the Department’s representative to the College’s Awards and Financial Aid Committee. Mechanical Engineering scholarships are funded through gifts from alumni and friends.

Amount: $5000
Funding Information for Graduate Students

This is the primary mechanism for funding graduate student research in Mechanical Engineering, especially for PhD students after their first year.

Amount: $20000
Scholarship Stories

Valenzuela was one of 10 students in the College of Engineering and Technology chosen to be an Eaton scholar. Eaton is ing WCU with $20,000 in gifts to support scholarships for engineering majors for two years.

Siblings Team Up to Endow a Scholarship

And they plan to keep contributing in the hopes of growing the Potrzebowski Family Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering.


The Engineering Office of Diversity is committed to helping graduate applicants find appropriate funding. The Meyerhoff Scholars Program has been at the forefront of efforts to increase diversity among future leaders in science, engineering, and related fields. Meyerhoff Scholars are intentionally invited to participate in the Summer Engineering Pre PhD Research Program. The Engineering Office of Diversity identifies prospective students with a 3.5 or higher GPA as Pre-PhD Scholars.

Clare Boothe Luce Fellowship Attracts Female Scholars to Purdue

Purdue funds were awarded to two incoming female scholars, one in engineering and one in science, and are designed to support them for two years of graduate study. Graduate students are essential to both the education and research mission of Purdue Engineering, he says. The university must continue to encourage and support female graduate students in engineering, and the Purdue University-Main Campus is so grateful for this outstanding fellowship from the Clare Boothe Luce Program, named after a true pioneer of female leadership in the world.

Amount: $5000
Graduate Teaching Fellowships

The Graduate Teaching Fellowship Program is a collaboration between ASME and mechanical engineering departments to encourage outstanding doctoral candidates in mechanical engineering education , particularly women and minorities.

Amount: $2500
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Scholarships

A scholarship is made annually to Mechanical Engineering graduate students with superior academic achievement in the area of thermal sciences or fluid mechanics. The Sharada Devi Planjery Memorial Award supports two scholarships in the amount of $2500 each to deserving students in the College of Engineering’s Mechanical Engineering program.

Amount: $10000
W.Andrew Jones ’88 Memorial Scholarship

All Mechanical Engineering scholarships are awarded based on the application process administered by the College of Engineering and in alignment with a donor’s scholarship criteria.

Amount: $1000
Scholarships Awards

Engineering scholarships are only available to students who are enrolled in the following UMD engineering programs: Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial or Mechanical Engineering.