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Amount: $2100
Virginia Tech

Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Student Scholarships — Provides to students majoring in or showing a strong desire to major in natural resource conservation and or environmental studies.

Amount: $78000
Graduate Fellowships

The Conservation Scholarship Program is designed to respond to many of the most significant challenges in fish, wildlife and plant conservation in the United States, whether it is the sustainable use of natural resources, including sportfish and game, recovery of an endangered species, or control of invasive exotic species, by providing scholarships to eligible graduate and students who are poised to make a significant contribution to the field of conservation.

Student Awards and Grants

Robert Buchkowski received the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada PGS-D Award and a summer research grant from the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies. Meghna Krishnadas received the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies Small Grant Award, Yale FES Conference Travel Grants, the Handsel Scholarship for PhD studies in conservation from the Wildlife Conservation Network, Conservation, Food, and Health Grant for Conservation, Rufford Small Grant for Nature Conservation, and the Beatley Fund for travel and research.

List of Scholarships

Preference will be given to current students or recent graduates of ’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Ash Scholarship for the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. One or awards to financially assist students enrolled in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. One or awards to CAHNR or graduate students in the Natural Resources and the Environment. Students must demonstrate financial need and be pursuing a degree in the field of Natural Resources. One or scholarships to CAHNR students in the Agricultural and Resource Economics. One or scholarships to CAHNR or RHSA students majoring in animal science or natural resources. To provide scholarship support for CAHNR seniors who are enrolled full-time in Natural Resources.

Amount: $2500
The Annual Theodore Roosevelt Conservation and Environmental Leadership Fellowship

The purpose of this award is to provide an opportunity for graduate or professional students to achieve a level of professional and personal growth that will prepare them for leadership roles in natural resource and conservation-based organizations and agencies. These fellowships are intended to help graduate students to achieve a level of professional and personal growth that prepares them for leadership roles in natural resources and conservation based organizations and agencies. This statement should indicate how the funds from this fellowship will be used to help shape them for leadership opportunities related to conservation of the university natural and environmental resources at local and global levels in the future.

Amount: $60000
Fellowship Opportunities Smithsonian Fellowships and Internships

The Engen Conservation Fellowship is a competitive twelve month in-residence fellowship for recent Master’s graduates in conservation intended to introduce fellows to a wide range of composite objects, metals, organic materials and painted surfaces. Mellon fellowships are intended to cultivate practical skills as well as foster a solid understanding of the contexts of material culture, the philosophies of conservation at the NMAI, and the ethics of the conservation profession. The Smithsonian American Art Museum hosts fellows appointed through the Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program , the Big Ten Academic Alliance Smithsonian Fellowships, the Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship Program , the Smithsonian Postgraduate/Postdoctoral Fellowships in Conservation of Museum Collections Program, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s International Placement Scheme In addition, the museum offers several named fellowships.

Scholarship List

The scholarship provides funds for entering professional students with well-defined goals for a professional career in forest resources. Saunders, Sr. and wife, Kay Wike Saunders, helped Gerald and Charlotte establish this scholarship to benefit students of Warnell, since they too are deeply committed to education, young people and forest resources in Georgia. This scholarship, which honors the Oettmeier’s commitment, involvement and contributions to effective management and use of Georgia’s forest resources, supports a professional student. This scholarship shows how organization affiliates can make a great impact in perpetuity by pooling their resources to provide opportunities for promising students.

Amount: $1965
Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Georgia Pacific Deans Graduate Fellowship: This monetary award is presented to recognize the graduate student who has demonstrated potential in, and interest in contributing to, the field of natural resources within the Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

Russell E.Train Fellowships

Ugandan Wildlife Conservation LeadersTo understand the various dimensions of human-wildlife conflict and coexistence, EFN, in partnership with Michigan State University , is offering fellowships to current and aspiring wildlife conservation leaders from Uganda to obtain their PhD from MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Amount: $3000, Chatham Cape Cod MA

FCW follow up: Conor is now a teaching assistant at UMass Amherst in the Conservation and Recreation.