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Merit and Need-Based Awards

Application for the Humanities Scholarships and the Natural and Mathematical Sciences Scholarships may be completed through one application form. The following scholarships are available to students enrolled in a natural and mathematical sciences major. This fund provides merit-based scholarships to students majoring in one of the natural and mathematical sciences. Provides scholarships for students who are pursuing majors in the natural sciences. Provides scholarships for students from Ohio who are majoring in the natural and mathematical sciences.

Audited Financial Statements Office of the Comptroller


Through the generosity of alumni, industry partners, and friends of the college, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources offers scholarships to talented and graduate students who are enrolled in one of the university academic majors. Scholarships for current and transfer students are awarded annually by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Applicants will be considered for every scholarship administered by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for which they are eligible.

Amount: $2500

Because of generous support from the university alumni, friends and industry partners, the College of Natural Resources offer scholarships for both prospective and current students at the college and department levels. To for a College of Natural Resources travel grant applicant must through the NC State study abroad office.

Amount: $1981
Financial Aid

Scholarships are awarded to students enrolled full-time in the premedical program or, if none qualify, to students pursuing a course of study in the natural sciences. Odom Memorial Trust was established for full-time scholarships in the departments of nursing, education, and natural sciences.

Amount: $5000
Scholarships by Name

This scholarship is awarded by recommendation of the Natural Sciences Department to a junior or senior with a 3.5 GPA who is majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Computer Science, or Math.

Amount: $10000

To determine a student financial need, Northern Kentucky University uses the Free Application for Financial Student Aid. This form must be completed with the results sent to the university for consideration of need-based scholarships. Eligibility: Must be accepted for admission as a degree-seeking student continuing students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA must display financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid must be enrolled at least full time, or a minimum of 15 credit hours preference will be given to a member in good standing with the Delta Zeta Sorority organization. Alumni, who have previously earned bachelor, graduate, or doctoral degrees from NKU are not eligible. Eligibility: Must be an or graduate student with a declared major or minor in Entrepreneurship.

College of Continuing Studies Scholarships

Applicant must be a full-time or part-time graduate or student who is an employee or the dependent of an employee of a member company of the Alabama Natural Gas Association.

Foundation Scholarships

Xzin McNeal Endowed Scholarship For full-time students enrolled in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Amount: $7500

New students in the master’s in education, natural sciences and environmental education, literacy education, or teaching english to speakers of other languages programs who possess outstanding records of achievement are eligible to for academic merit scholarships. Students must enroll in the master’s in education, natural sciences and environmental education, literacy education, or teaching english to speakers of other languages programs.