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Tuition, Scholarships Financial Aid

The major source of for BS in Pharmacology and Toxicology students is the UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Services.

Amount: $1966
Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships enable Marian University students to earn their degrees at the only Catholic university in Indianapolis—one that grounded by Franciscan values and focused on providing transformational educations for students from all backgrounds. The friends, alumni, and supporters of Marian University who create endowed scholarships for the university students can designate that their gift be used to support the programs and values they hold most dear. The scholarship applicant support through an endowment is a reliable source of funding as the university plan to accommodate current and future students. The minimum requirement for an endowed scholarship is $50,000. That funding may come from one donor or from many donors who join forces to create the scholarship.

Amount: $5000
Funding Scholarship Opportunities

Samsung Scholarships The Samsung Scholarships is designed for Korean Nationals in the fields of Engineering, Science, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences The PhRMA Foundation Fellowships Pre doctoral and Post Doctoral Fellowships in multiple categories including Informatics, Health Outcomes, and Pharmacology Toxicology and many .

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduate assistantships are the primary source of funding for graduate students in the department. An assistantship is a financial award to a graduate student for work in teaching and or research while pursuing an advanced degree. Appointments as teaching assistants usually require 10 20 hours of teaching service per week and are usually held by students starting the program. Senior students typically hold full research assistantships. In addition to the annual stipend, graduate assistants are entitled to a waiver of tuition for the period of appointment in accordance with university policy. Herzog Ph.D. ’71 Memorial Fellowship in Pharmaceutics. Make a gift to support graduate student scholarships.

Foundation Fellowships

The PhRMA fellowship program supports research related to pharmacology, toxicology, informatics, pharmaceutics, and health outcomes.

Amount: $45000
RWJMS Research

This page includes information on the career development programs of the National Institutes of Health and of several private funders. National Institutes of Health The National Institutes of Health has implemented a series of career development grant programs often called the K-series awards after the designation for the grant mechanism However, each of the NIH institutes and centers implement this award in different ways to accommodate the career needs of researchers working in fields related to their specific missions. The award supports junior candidates who wish to develop expertise in a particular field by improving teaching, research, and leadership skills.