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UM-Flint Scholarship Summaries

Cebulski, Paulette Kondela Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund: Applicants can be full or part-time students enrolled in the Physical Therapy program. Dalman, Andrew Lillian Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund: Designed for full or part-time graduate students enrolled in the Physical Therapy Program who have completed at least two semesters with good academic standing status. Physical Therapy Scholarship: For Physical Therapy majors, full or part-time, with minimum 3.3 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Potter, David Physical Therapy Scholarship: Applicants must be enrolled in the Physical Therapy program as a second career choice. Sevillian, Clarence and Arteka Scholarship for Physical Therapy Students: The scholarship is intended for full and part-time students enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy professional preparation program.

Scholarships, Physical Therapy Program

Historically, this fund annually provides financial assistance to second-year physical therapy students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and a potential for leadership in the field of physical therapy. The Harper Scholarship Fund was established to award physical therapy students with scholarships for their second or third year of study. The Ridley Family Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund was made possible through a generous gift from Lois and Ted Ridley. Acting on their high regard for university education, this fund provides one or scholarships to an accepted enrolled physical therapy student. The Physical Therapy Student Scholarships was created by a gift from the Ridley Family, which helped provide funds for physical therapy students entering their second year of study.

Amount: $1969

Established by Centers for Rehab Services, a partner of UPMC; this scholarship is awarded to an entry-level physical therapy student demonstrating leadership by way of involvement with APTA, the Foundation for Physical Therapy, or other roles within the profession. Established in 1991 by Pasquale Pat Croce, a 1977 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Physical Therapy; this scholarship is awarded to full time DPT student in the first year of study who has completed a minimum of 20 credits of professional study in good academic standing and has financial need.

Amount: $5000
Physical Therapy Human Movement Sciences

The Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences is pleased to award several scholarships to incoming and current DPT students. The scholarship was established by Janet’s family and is intended to recognize Northwestern University physical therapy students who demonstrate a sense of integrity and humanity, and an involvement with the community through volunteer activity. $2,500 will be awarded the first year, and pending service to PTHMS, $2,500 will be awarded the second year In doing so, the university value the collaboration of alumni, the department, and current students to continue the growth and development of the physical therapy profession. This scholarship is intended to recognize students who demonstrate leadership potential in the profession of physical therapy.

List of Scholarships

One or scholarships to students in the Physical Therapy Program. To provide for or graduate CAHNR students enrolled full-time in the Physical Therapy Program. One or awards to support or graduate students enrolled in the Physical Therapy Program. One or awards to or graduate students enrolled full-time in the Physical Therapy. To provide financial assistance to students enrolled in the Physical Therapy Program.

Amount: $1964
Endowments and Scholarships

The scholarship is for non-traditional students enrolled in the Physical Therapy Program. The Physical Therapy Scholarship—initiated by a gift from the first graduating class in physical therapy and continues to be primarily supported by graduates and their families. Assistance is awarded to the most financially needy year two and or year three students in the Physical Therapy Education Program.

Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship Goals

Boston University’s Fellowship in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy, in collaboration with Professional Physical Therapy, offers the opportunity for licensed physical therapists to elevate their level of clinical practice, advance their careers, and become leaders in the physical therapy profession. The mission of the Boston University Fellowship in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy is to educate and develop expert practitioners in orthopaedic manual therapy. This unique fellowship program will develop expert practitioners in orthopaedic manual physical therapy who will be further prepared to serve as direct access providers. Since teaching is paramount to learning, participants will also be afforded the opportunity to participate in teaching and scholarship experiences to advance their skills in these areas in preparation for becoming future leaders in the physical therapy profession.

Travel Grants Recipients 2014-2015

Kaitlin Harman, Ashlee Walsh, Amanda Miller, Christina Cornick, Hannah Whittaker, and Danielle Boyd received a grant to present The Benefits of Therapeutic Gardening in Occupational Therapy at the North Carolina State Occupational Therapy Association Conference in Winston Salem, NC.


This scholarship intends to enhance representation of academically excellent students from diverse backgrounds not historically well represented in the University of Minnesota Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program, or the physical therapy profession in general. This scholarship was established in honor of Eleanor Daly, a 1946 graduate, who has been involved in the provision of physical therapy in many different countries. This fellowship was established in honor of Donna Pauley, a 1947 graduate of the program and the long-standing director of the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Minnesota Hospital. This fellowship was established through the contributions of alumni following the 60th-anniversary celebration of the Division of Physical Therapy.

Scholarships Mount Saint Mary University, Los Angeles

This scholarship recognizes a physical therapy student who demonstrates a strong understanding of the ethical issues impacting the physical therapy profession. The scholarship is awarded based upon a demonstrated level of academic achievement within the Physical Therapy program and a paper discussing and resolving a current ethical issue. The Belief Foundation Scholarship for Leadership in Physical Therapy has been established as an endowed Physical Therapy scholarship at Mount Saint Mary’s University.