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Amount: $20500
Elon University Elon PA Tuition Financial Aid

The primary source of financial assistance for physician assistant students attending Elon University will be the Federal Stafford Student Loan Program. The maximum unsubsidized loan for graduate and professional study is $20,500 per year. The total amount a graduate or professional student may borrow from all Stafford Loans combined is $138,500 The graduate borrowing limit includes any Stafford Loans received for study. The PLUS loan allows for the deferment of repayment while the student is enrolled in the Physician Assistant program. Recipients must sign a promissory note agreeing to repay the loan by working in North Carolina in their approved field of study.

Amount: $34000
Office of Distinguished Scholarships

Scholars design their study experience by choosing one of six academic concentrations that direct their electives and field studies. The Gates Cambridge enables academically outstanding students from outside the United Kingdom, with a strong interest in social leadership and responsibility, to pursue graduate study at the storied university. Benjamin Kompa, a fourth-year student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been named a recipient of the prestigious Churchill Scholarship, a research-focused award that provides funding to outstanding American students for a year of master’s study in science, mathematics and engineering at Churchill College, based at the University of Cambridge in England.

Physician Assistant Studies

Need-based aid in the form of grants, loans, work-study, and other funding is available to those who demonstrate financial need. Pacific University awards several Community Service scholarships to first year Physician Assistant students who demonstrate a commitment to underserved communities and whose intention is to practice in such an area after completion of the program. The Josiah Hill III PA Alumni Scholarship is awarded by the PA Alumni Committee to a second year physician assistant student who demonstrates financial need, good academic standing and participation in community service and activities related to the PA profession.

Amount: $2500

Than the university motto, it is the university calling as Buckeyes a responsibility born out of the university land-grant mission to improve the well-being of the university communities. In honor of the university sesquicentennial, Ohio State continues to demonstrate this motto through the Sesquicentennial Student Scholar Leadership Program. Through this program, the following 150 students will be awarded $2,500 scholarships while they build the skills and fortitude essential to becoming engaged citizens through leadership development and ambassador opportunities. Most importantly, their Buckeye passion brings them together to drive the land-grant mission forward. The sesquicentennial offers alumni and students the chance to come together to forge new traditions and goals for the university’s future.

Scholarship Programs, Awards, Research, Knowledge

As a University Scholar, Carolyn studies biochemistry, sociology, and political science on the pre-medicine track. A University Scholar, Kailey studies international relations and French and is completing the pre-medicine program. Jana, a University Scholar from Wichita, Kansas, studies biology and Spanish at Baylor. Cara studies political science and history as a University Scholar and is also a pre-law student. Kayal, a University Scholar from Houston, studies political science and medical humanities at Baylor. Michaela is completing the interdisciplinary core curriculum of the BIC and concentrating in international studies and Spanish as a University Scholar. A University Scholar, Connor studies anthropology, biology, and public health at Baylor and is also completing the pre-medicine track. Lauren combines study in English, creative writing, linguistics, and French as a University Scholar.

Amount: $1000
Nursing Financial Aid

There are many different scholarships for nursing students, as well as grants and loan programs dedicated to helping nurses pay for their educations. American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Liberty Leadership ScholarshipAmount: $1,500 Description:This scholarship is for a licensed occupational health and environmental nurse to participate in a leadership education activity or program, which must be approved by the review panel. American Association of Occupational Health Nurses’ Annette Haag Leadership ScholarshipAmount: $1,500 Description:This scholarship is for a licensed occupational health and environmental nurse to attend the AAOHN National Conference. The Expert Institute Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences ScholarshipAmount: $1,000 Description:This scholarship is for students in medicine and life sciences who feel their specialized knowledge and training can be applied to improving the practice of law.

International Center

Their hope is to use these findings to: help ISE design future courses and activities for SAS show study abroad professionals what can be done to cultivate compassion in their students improve their own teaching by better understanding how compassion was cultivated on SAS. Additionally, networking with local scholars can potentially establish pedagogical relations to offer study abroad courses in this up-and-coming region. Dr. Fu plans to attend and present at the triennial Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, the most prestigious and respected international conference for scholars in the US that is dedicated to the study of women across all disciplinary and academic fields.

Amount: $25000
Graduate Medical Sciences

Any full-time Boston University graduate student who is an American citizen or a US permanent resident is able to for a Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship through the African Studies Center. Fellows must study an African language while pursuing graduate studies at Boston University in order to be eligible for the FLAS Fellowship. Young, Jr. Fellowship: This one-year fellowship is open to entering and continuing graduate students S citizens and who have displayed academic proficiency, particularly in the fields of social work, urban studies, and or Afro-American Studies.

Amount: $60000
Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships, Career Training

The HIVMA Clinical Fellowship Program provides two newly trained physicians with long-term goals of working with HIV patients in communities of color with the funds needed to complete a year-long HIV clinical program. The National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program accepts applications once a year from students who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment at an accredited health professions training program in an eligible primary care discipline: medicine , dentistry, family nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife or physician assistant. The purpose of the Allied Health Loan-For-Service is to increase the number of physician assistants in areas of the state which have experienced shortages of health practitioners, by making educational loans to students seeking certification licensure in an eligible health field.

UM-Flint Scholarship Summaries

Memorial Scholarship Fund: For students pursuing studies in resource science with a major in Physical Geography including the study of geology. The scholarship is intended for a student who demonstrates a strong commitment to the study of American History who wishes to pursue the Teacher’s Certification Program in History. Stockton, Colonel T.B.W. Scholarship: Applicants must be a junior or graduate status with a declared major in history or be graduate students enrolled in the Master of Liberal Studies in American Culture. Theatre Department Scholarship: Offered to new and continuing Theatre majors based on satisfactory progress in both theatre activities and general university studies. University of Michigan-Flint Matthew Hilton-Watson Study Abroad Scholarship: Applicants must be enrolled at UM-Flint as or graduate students and in good academic standing.