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NSU Scholarships Search

This fund is to be used to provide scholarships to students who are committed to doing research and professional work in the area of geriatric psychology. Graduate psychology students currently matriculated in the College of Psychology. Background: The Polly Wilkie Endowed Scholarship is funded through an endowment provided by funds from the College of Psychology Humanitarian of the Year Award. Weitz Psychology Award is available to graduate psychology students currently enrolled in the College of Psychology Clinical Psychology Psy.D. program. This scholarship is available to outstanding graduate psychology students in the Psy.D. program.

Amount: $1000

Awarded to African American students in any GSEP program, not including .00% online psychology programs, in their second year of study or with a 3.50 GPA who demonstrate financial need as well as leadership and a commitment to service. Transfers from a .00% online program to the on-ground Psychology programs are considered new students for Pepperdine scholarship purposes. The City Year University Partnership scholarship does not apply to applicants who are applying for any .00% Online Psychology Programs.

Pacifica Graduate Institute Scholarship Programs

Pacifica is pleased to provide the following institutional scholarship opportunities. Educational Assistance awards are not automatically renewed. Prior recipients, although encouraged to are not guaranteed a continued award. The number and amount of individual awards is contingent upon the number of eligible applications received. Offered to new and returning students based on extreme financial hardship and strong academic excellence. The award is $1,000 to be equally divided between four quarters. This scholarship is not renewable and students must each academic year. Applicants should show high financial need and strong academic excellence. Pacifica Graduate Institute will match up to $12,500 per year, tuition support offered by an incoming student’s employer, non-profit organization, sponsoring member of the community, or foundation.

Amount: $1000
Scholarships and Awards

The Psychology is pleased to offer several scholarship opportunities for and graduate students. The Department also recognizes students annually with its Outstanding Psychology Student award. Schuerger Endowment Fund Scholarship to be a member of an under-represented student group to demonstrate financial need and to be an major or graduate student in the Psychology. Cortes Endowment Fund Scholarship must be a psychology major or graduate student in the Psychology. This scholarship is available to Psychology and pre-vetinary medicine students at CSU. COGDOP Graduate Research Scholarships in Psychology In conjunction with the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology, scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 are available to graduate students who are currently enrolled in an interim master program or doctoral program, to assist with research costs.

Behavioral Finance Certificate

Creighton University’s online Graduate Certificate in Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance program examines how deep-seated financial beliefs established early in life can subconsciously drive financial decisions. The Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance Certificate program is housed within Creighton’s prestigious and accredited Heider College of Business. This provides a unique opportunity to study the psychology of financial decision-making through a business lens. The credits applicant earn in the Financial Psychology certificate program can be applied toward a MBA with a specialization in Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance. Credits applicant earn in the certificate program to add a specialization in Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance to their MBA.

Amount: $1000

Recipient will be selected by the Psychology Scholarship Selection Committee. Third preference to a senior or graduate student majoring in Psychology. The Psychology will determined the award amount. Recipient will be chosen by the Psychology Scholarship Committee.

Gender + Sexuality

Bisexual Foundation Scholarship Award The Bisexual Foundation Scholarship is an annual fund awarding up to $1000 per award to selected graduate students to advance research on the psychology of bisexuality. This new award recognizes the growing importance of research on bisexuality to the field of LGBT issues in psychology and offers concrete support and encouragement to emerging scholars in this field.


Psychology Program Research Assistant 2 of 4 Psychology Counseling Reports to Dr. Ed Crawley The Research Assistant will be involved in all aspects of the research process from conducting library searches, to experimental design, data collection and analysis, public presentation of results, and grant writing. The Research Assistant is required to complete the Collaborative Institution Training Initiative Psychology Program Research Assistant 3 of 4 Psychology and Counseling Department Reports to Lindsay Morton This half-time graduate assistantship provides the opportunity to collaborate on psychological research. Psychology and Counseling Department Reports to Lindsay Phillips The graduate assistantship under the supervision of Dr. Lindsay Phillips engages the student in work to support diversity initiatives, research, and interdisciplinarity.

Amount: $1000
Institutional Aid

A committee will review their Global Psychology Scholars Start Ups proposal based on creativity, feasibility, appropriate funding structures, application quality, and potential to contribute to the psychology field on a global scale. The Fellowship in Psychopharmacology was established for students accepted into the M.S. Clinical Psychopharmacology and M.A. Psychopharmacology programs to recognize their pursuit of new and innovative training in the fields of psychology and integrated health care.

Amount: $14000
Assistantships Funding

Sometimes the Psychology may match applicant with an assistantship elsewhere on campus.