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Gladys Roddenberry Winners

Watson has had the opportunity to mentor, develop and present small group and classroom lessons, facilitate financial aid and parent night workshops, and participate in student achievement activities such as test taking strategies, career education, and study skills. Taylor sees herself entering K-6th grade next fall, with the possibility of teaching solely reading or working specifically with children who have reading disabilities. Amy Smith has been teaching for six years, five of which have been at Loretto Elementary as a self-contained, communications and social skills teacher. Kristin first paid teaching job was a part-time music and English position, which later evolved into a full-time position teaching English. He has earned the respect of students, parents, staff and administration for consistently modeling teaching excellence.

Amount: $10000
Endowed Scholarships

The recipient of this scholarship will be an English Major and Student Athlete with the highest academic standing This scholarship is to be awarded to a student seeking a degree in teaching, whether it is Early Childhood, Elementary, Exceptional, Secondary, or Post-Secondary Education.

International Center

Learning and Teaching Leadership and Education Sciences. Dr. Spencer will conduct research in late primary and secondary mathematics classrooms and gain a better understanding of the mathematics teaching practices in Barbados. Dr. Molina will be speaking with the Thonburi Language Center and the Island Teaching English as a Foreign Language program on the theme of Teaching English as an International Language. This IOG proposal is to present preliminary research data from University of San Diego students’ who have participated in the university international student teaching abroad SOLES-Global Program. The research will present student teacher perceptions while teaching abroad and how it has made an impact in their professional teaching or employment practice.

Amount: $25000
Scholarship Programs, Awards, Research, Knowledge

Teaching committments are for one year, and EPIK teachers can expect to assist Korean teachers with their English classes, and or jointly conduct English classes with Korean teachers to conduct English conversation classes for Korean students and teachers to prepare teaching materials for English language education to assist in developing teaching materials for English language education and to assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities. The training program provides the new Scholars with information on Korean culture, education, classroom management, practical teaching experience, and much aimed at preparing the participants for both teaching and living in Korea.

Amount: $10000
Arthur Zankel Urban Fellowship

Fellowship sites: NYC Education District 75, Hearing Education Services sites: PS in the Bronx, and Chelsea Prep in Manhattan. During their first year, teacher candidates are required to complete field hours but they are not entering their student teaching placements until their second year of studies. Potentially preparing presenting a conference proposal based on the teaching and research experience for the New York State Association of Bilingual Education Fellowship criteri The Fellows will not be expected to enter this project with particular reading intervention skills: the Columbia University in the City of New York is accustomed to teaching TC students support readers. Fellowship criteri Fellow will need a background in special education.

Amount: $8000
Funding Your Graduate Education

This fund is used to support secondary education students who exemplify Dr. Hansen values and dedication to the field of teaching and administration.Eligible Programs of Study: Secondary Education.

Amount: $1000

Crumpton, Baxter, Bonham Memorial Scholarship Award: $1,000.00 Disbursement Period: Fall and SpringScholarship Intent: To provide assistance to students in Education programs at SFSU which lead to a teaching, specialist, or service credential.Criteri Degree concentrations eligible to : Elementary Education, Language Literacy, Math Education, Early Childhood Education, Adult Education, Secondary Education, Equity and Social Justice, Special Interest, Ed Admin, Instructional Technologies, Jt. Doc in SPED, Special Education, Communicative Disorders, EDD in Educational Leadership. George Moscone Scholarship Award: $1,500.00 Disbursement Period: Fall and SpringScholarship Intent: To support teaching credential candidates in Elementary, Secondary, and or Special education.Criteri Must identify teaching goals.

Amount: $100000
Research Funding Alerts and Announcements, Office of Research, UGA

Candidates should be eminent scholars and have a significant publication and teaching record.

Amount: $1000
List of Fellowships and Scholarships

Eligible are seniors and recent alumni who are Canadian or US native speakers of French or English, and who have intermediate-level Spanish previous teaching experience or experience living abroad may be an advantage. The Obama Foundation Fellows are a diverse set of leaders who bring a community-centered approach to science, criminal justice, healthcare, education, the arts, and .The two-year, non-residential Obama Fellowship offers hands-on training, resources, and leadership development to help Fellows scale the impact of their work. Point Foundation is the nation’s largest higher education scholarship-granting organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students. Point’s multifaceted support of its scholarship recipients ( scholarsextends far beyond direct financial contribution toward the cost of their education.

Amount: $12192
Graduate Funding Opportunities

Than half of their time teaching during each year must be in a high need field: Math, science, foreign language, bilingual education, English language acquisition, special education, or reading specialist. CalRTA Scholarships The CalRTA Scholarship program provides scholarships to students in a teaching credential program. Scholarship money is to be used for tuition and or books and supplies during student teaching semesters. Applicants who have already completed student teaching, or who will not be doing student teaching during the year of the scholarship, are not eligible. Learn extend their Cal Grant for an additional year while applicant earn their teaching credential. Submit a Request for Cal Grant Teaching Credential Program Benefits available from the California Student Aid Commission.