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Executive (Online) Securities Financial Regulation LL.M.

The university Securities and Financial Regulation LL.M. is offered as a part-time Executive degree and is available to both domestic and foreign trained students with a first degree in law A student will learn what an asset and a liability are, what the basic financial statements are, how financial statements are developed from the underlying accounting information of a company, and how the basic transactions of a business affect each line item of each financial statement.

Amount: $7500
Taxation Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholars may generally not accept paid employment outside of the Law Center during the academic year, although they are free to for academic externships. However, initial scholarship offers won’t be made until at least early March. A COST Fellow receives a $7,500 stipend for a two-semester internship at COST. Please note the COST Fellowship may affect financial aid packages. There is no additional application procedure for this scholarship candidates will be chosen based upon their LL.M. application materials. However, selected candidates may be asked to submit financial documentation demonstrating need.

Taxation Program Scholarships

The recipient of this partial-tuition award commits to writing a research paper in the field with the view to submitting the piece to writing competitions. These merit-based scholarships are awarded to applicants who have outstanding academic records and show exceptional promise for their contribution to the GTP.

Taxation Program Scholarships

Amount: $4745
Financial Planning Certificate

The SMU PRO Certified Financial Planning Certificate program combines expert instructors, CFP Board-registered curriculum and flexible course schedules to provide the premier financial planning educational program in North Texas. Taught by industry leaders working in the financial planning field, the curriculum covers comprehensive financial planning services with an emphasis on high-quality client service. The flexible schedule options are designed for working professionals, whether just starting or well established in the financial service industry. Learn to perform comprehensive financial planning services with an emphasis on high-quality client service. Earn a certificate in financial planning from SMU. Students will learn the fundamental elements of financial planning and their role in providing a comprehensive personal financial plan. This course explores the financial planning industry and develop a financial planning practice.

Banking Financial Law

The field of banking and finance covers corporate finance, lending, and compliance programs, as well as the regulation of financial institutions. This course provides an introduction to and of the banking and financial services industry under US law and where US laws intersect with international banking supervision structures and principles. The course addresses a range of safety and soundness rules, permissible activity issues, chartering and merger activity procedures and capital and liquidity requirements. Students are asked to do significant reading and to participate in classroom discussion course subject matter and to be aware of current developments in the financial services industry. This is a required course for all students studying for the degree of Master of Laws in Banking and Financial Law.

Scholarship Fellowship Payments

Past failure to accurately and consistently make this distinction has resulted in the IRS questioning the legitimacy of all UAB scholarship fellowship payments. Further if sponsored programs are involved, failure to do so may result in violation of grant regulations or contract terms. If the individual is a nonresident alien, be sure to consult with the International Scholar and Student Services (Ext. UAB has specific procedures applicable to processing scholarship and fellowship, commonly referred to as trainee, payments. The Office of Student Financial Aid is responsible for coordinating all student financial assistance programs in accordance with the Title IV Participation Agreement between the the students.S. Education and UAB.

Amount: $1099
Tax Information

Indiana University does not issue 1099s to fellowship holders. Qualified scholarships and fellowships include tuition and fees required for enrollment or attendance at the educational institution and fees, books, supplies, or equipment required for courses of instruction at the institution. Most graduate students are exempt from FICA, social security, and Medicare. The IRS requires educational institutions to report scholarship and fellowship grants to non-resident aliens on form 1042S-Foreign Person US Sourced Income Subject to Withholding.

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CFP Certificate Program

The Northwestern University CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Certification Education Program offers multiple CFP-Board-approved classes to fit their work lifestyle. Hear from CFP® professionals their career paths and the rewards of being a Certified Financial Planner practitioner. NOTE: The Financial Plan Development and Presentation course is only offered during the Spring and Fall terms. Professionals who have worked as a financial advisor or planner. Courses range from introductory to specific areas of focus. Instructors for this program have a range of expertise, specializations and work experience. To provide a financial planning certificate program. Certified Financial Planner and federally registered CFP® are certification marks owned by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. Northwestern University does not certify individuals to use the CFP®, Certified Financial Planner and marks.