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Yale Insights

Linda Du ’19, an MBA student at Yale SOM, traveled to Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to talk with providers, customers, and others the technology’s potential to give the poor access to the financial system. Nevertheless, Matilda is part of the financial system.

Resources for Financial Unit Managers SkyVU

Financial unit managers will be able to see journal entries that post to their financial units through reporting, but they do not have specific roles in the system to create or approve journal entries. In Anchor Link, organization leaders can grant access to view finances at-will, and will no longer need to request access to the system separately. If a user previously did journal entries to projects to correct incorrect entries, such changes must be made in the appropriate subledger so that accounting rules account for the financial activity throughout the system.

Funding Eureka!

The lessons Harvard University has learned so far suggest that a full-fledged invention capital system could solve many of the problems that have long plagued both inventors and the consumers of inventions: inadequate funding for applied research, an inefficient market for connecting companies with the inventions they need and for monetizing inventions, a balkanization of the inventors and inventions required to tackle big problems, and an enforcement and arbitration system that simultaneously permits too much infringement and relies too heavily on lawsuits to determine price. The members of this group—which includes Fortune 500 companies and market leaders in high technology, telecommunications, financial services, consumer electronics, and e-commerce—are attracted by the prospect of tapping into Intellectual Ventures’ network of invention talent.

Intellectual Property Policy

To provide the necessary protections and incentives to encourage both the discovery and development of new knowledge and creative works, and their exploitation for the public benefit, and to guide the generation of revenue for the University and the Creator Sponsored Agreement shall mean grants, contracts, subcontracts, and other agreements between a Sponsor and the University for the purpose of conducting research, instruction, training, and other activities at the University, or using University staff for compensation. Three members of the University administration appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs.

Amount: $5000
Other Public Interest Fellowship Opportunities

The Fund has a goal of promoting justice and innovation within the legal system in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, by awarding fellowships to law students desiring work experience with not-for-profit or governmental agencies.

Amount: $5000
MBA Tuition, Loans and Scholarships

A limited number of graduate student work assignments will be available. International students may for a private alternative educational loan, with a the students.S. citizen or permanent resident as a co-signer, for an amount up to the total cost of education. All scholarships are awarded during the application process to incoming students. In order to qualify for the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program, applicant must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. All admitted applicants are automatically considered for scholarships awarded by Owen. A separate application is not required for scholarship consideration. There are three diversity scholarships that require a supplemental essay. Scholarship decisions are communicated at the same time as the admissions decisions. Scholarships range from $5,000 per year to full tuition.

Amount: $1500
Scholarships, Awards, and Writing Contests

The university will accept submissions from graduate-level law students on a wide variety of topics at the intersection of law and technology, including but not limited to: technology and the public interest, privacy, internet law, intellectual property, antitrust, First Amendment issues, entertainment and news media, telecommunications, biotechnology, and cybercrime.

The Diedra and Ward Flora Endowed Scholarship Fund

After an entrepreneurial career in telecommunications, Ward is teaching fourth grade at an economically disadvantaged school in Fort Worth, Texas. Diedra is an active mother of two, deeply involved in the local community and school system where son Sam and daughter Margaret attend.