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Amount: $1962
Financial Information

Malcolm Mac Delbridge Ministerial Education Scholarship: available to junior and senior ministerial students with a local or district minister’s license from the Michigan District Church of the Nazarene. Somers, Vaughn, Scholarship: available to junior music or ministerial students for use in senior year. Sunberg, Charles and Carla, Scholarship: awarded to junior or senior female ministerial students. Thornton, Clarence and Georgia, Scholarship: for ministerial students from Wisconsin, with preference to a married student. Weber, Julie A., Scholarship: available to students from the Flint Central Church of the Nazarene Wilbur J., Scholarship: available to ministerial students or to students preparing for missionary service. White, Dr. S.S., Scholarship: available to upper-division theology students. Albert, Scholarship: available to ministerial students.

Amount: $5000
Scholarships by Name

This scholarship is awarded to ministerial students from the South Central Ohio District who have maintained a 3.0 GPA, and who are active members of the Church of the Nazarene. This scholarship is awarded to students with a ministerial major who demonstrate financial need. This scholarship is awarded to graduate students who are Nazarene members, maintain a 3.0 GPA, demonstrate financial need, have a recommendation from their pastor or district superintendent, and have served as ministerial staff in a local church for past 5 years. This scholarship is awarded to ministerial students from Canton First Church of the Nazarene. This scholarship is awarded to ministerial students with financial need at the discretion of Student Financial Services.

Theology Ministry Scholarships

If no candidate is available, awarded to any Theology major based on financial need.

Amount: $10000
Scholarships and Grants

The BGAV offers Ministerial Educational Fund scholarships for ministerial students from cooperating churches of the BGAV who need aid in financing their graduate education in preparation for vocational ministry. The deadline to apply for the Ministerial Educational Fund Scholarship is April 1. The International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons is an interdenominational Christian service organization, which provides scholarships to ministerial students. Ministry Fellowships provide to enhance the formation of ministerial leadership for second-year seminarians.

Amount: $5000
Scholarships and Special Funds Yale University

The scholarship is given by preference to ministerial candidates from any of the World Methodist churches from the United States and from abroad—United Methodist, A.M.E., A.M.E.Z., C.M.E., True Methodists, and Wesleyan. Preference is shown to a financially needy Baptist student specializing in sacred music and theology.

Amount: $3000
Additional Aid Resources

This award is available to graduate students and seminarians who are dedicated to advancing understanding in the relationship between theology and the principles of the free and virtuous society.

Amount: $4000
Leadership Development Scholarships

UCC congregations are invited to for grants up to $50,000 to underwrite a renewal program for their pastor, with $15,000 of those funds to help cover costs for ministerial while the pastor is away. The source of funding is the Ministerial Assistance Fund.

Beyond the Bars Fellows 2017-2018

The Columbia University in the City of New York is honored to be working with such a powerful group of people and look forward to seeing the work of the Fellowship continue to grow. Defining himself as a digital global citizen he travels extensively in North America, Europe and Asia teaching Relational Mindfulness Active Love, and Social Meditation. Defining himself as a digital global citizen he travels extensively in North America, Europe and Asia teaching active love, and social meditation. He is a recipient of the Education Pioneers Fellowship, which helps promising professionals launch careers as leaders in education. Through this fellowship, Robert served as a Data Science Consultant for the NYC Education this past summer.

Amount: $1000
Scholarship PortalScholarship Portal

The fellowships are funded by the Ministerial Education Fund through the Division of Ministry, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

Amount: $1540
George W.Truett Theological Seminary

Truett Seminary scholarships are made possible by the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and numerous other generous donors. Scholarship values are limited to 87 attempted hours total including transferred credit, credit by exam, and failed courses. Baptist students and students in the joint degree programs may be eligible to receive tuition scholarships beyond 87 attempted hours. Married couples attending Truett together may also be eligible to receive additional scholarships. The scholarship will cover the tuition of 87 attempted hours of the M.Div. Baylor University will match on a dollar-for-dollar basis, not to exceed $1,000 in an academic year, scholarship funds given to Baptist students from a Baptist church, state Baptist convention or Baptist-affiliated program.