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Amount: $2500
Scholarships for US Citizens and Eligible Non-citizens

Good Graduate Student Fellowship offers eight $5,000 scholarships awarded to graduate students who intend to pursue real estate-related studies at a major North American university, including urban planning, architecture, business or business administration, geography with a real estate concentration, and real estate law or major.

Louis Berger Fellowship Program

Voorhees Transportation Center on the Sustainable Communities grant project, funded by the the students.S. Housing and Urban Development As part of the Berger fellowship, David hopes to gain stronger understanding of the planning, financing, implementation, and monitoring involved in the creation of successful international projects that produce real benefits for the communities that they are designed to help. He participated in two summer fellowships, the first performing an environmental study on the ground and surface-water near a wastewater treatment plant in Maryland, the second conducting experiments to determine remove bacteria from urban stormwater runoff.

National Fellowship Program

Jones' research and teaching fields are urban studies and community development the public policy process race, ethnicity and politics and, historical political science. Lee is a comparative institutional sociologist with research and teaching interests in the following areas: political sociology, social movements, economic sociology, law and society, sociology of knowledge and culture, urban and environmental sociology, and research methods. Lewis’s teaching and research integrate the history of education, art and design, and urban development through the prism of New York City’s urban communities and their changes over time. Other recent publications include several book chapters in edited volumes and articles published or forthcoming in Foreign Affairs, The Washington Quarterly, Foreign Policy, Asahi Shimbun, Asan Forum, The National Interest, The Diplomat, PacNet, and Asia-Pacific Bulletin.

Amount: $1000
List of Fellowships and Scholarships

Through its Leadership Scholarship Program, The Fund for American Studies provides at least 25 full scholarships to aid students in participating in summer institutes focusing the following subject areas: Public Policy Economics, International Affairs, Journalism Communication, Business Government Affairs, and Community Leadership Service. The goal of the PPIA Fellowship Program is to help students from underrepresented groups achieve a master’s or joint degree, typically in public policy, public administration, international affairs or a related field.

Amount: $5000
Georgia Institute of Technology

As a Fulbright scholar, he will teach English in Indonesia. Andrea is one of four women and 11 men selected from an elite pool of nearly 600 applicants and is the only student from the southeastern United States to receive the fellowship this year. Hertz Fellowships are a unique no-strings-attached award that allow exceptional applied scientists and engineers the freedom to innovate. Will won an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship this year. He was also awarded an NIH Biomedical Engineering Summer Fellowship and Georgia Tech President Research Award for four times.

Philadelphia Fellowship on Inclusion and Equity Awarded to Renowned Urbanist Richard Florida

The Philadelphia Fellowship—a collaborative program initiated by the three partner institutions—will invite thought leaders and scholars to Philadelphia for year-long research engagements focused on pressing urban issues, such as inclusive economic growth, infrastructure renewal and development of smart cities. Through the Philadelphia Fellowship, Florida will partner with each institution to further study Philadelphia’s urban demographic changes and urban revival trends, specifically analyzing drivers of economic and racial segregation and defining meaningful goals for equity and economic inclusion.

Our Staff

Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship, Boren Scholarship and Critical Language Scholarship, among others research design and writing support for research proposals and fellowship applications and, general support and involvement across all campus.

Amount: $1000
Funding Opportunities

Established by Paul Wenbert, BSPA'76, who enjoyed a productive professional career in local government management and wishes to assist deserving students pursing a graduate degree in urban management and aspires to have a career in local government management. MPA student with concentration in urban management Financial need Academic merit with minimum GPA of 2.7 Demonstrated interest in a career in local government management. Outstanding graduate students in the Masters of Public Affairs program with a concentration in non-profit management on the IUB campus-Academic merit-Financial need Demonstrated interest in a career in non-profit management or in the study of non-profits. Master of Public Affairs student Financial need Academic merit.

Amount: $65000
U-M LSA Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships

The Urban Fellows Program NYC is a highly selective, nine-month fellowship which combines work in Mayoral offices and City agencies with an intensive seminar series that explores current urban issues impacting public policy.

Graduate Certificate in Public and Nonprofit Financial Management SPIA

THE DOCTORAL PROGRAM: Ph.D. IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS The Doctor of Philosophy is academia’s highest degree and prepares one for research and scholarship, whether or not in affiliation with a university.