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Financial Aid for Ph.D. in Statistical Science and Biostatistics

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Financial aid is available for outstanding applicants for the Ph.D. in Statistical Science and for the Ph.D. in Biostatistics. In both programs, the financial aid covers SMU tuition, fees, and a health insurance subsidy.

Ph.D. in Statistical Science

Entering students are eligible for Teaching Assistantships for which the stipend is $22,500 per academic year (September – May). TAs typically meet with undergraduates in small lab sessions, hold office hours, and/or assist in grading undergraduate course assignments. Since there is no summer coursework in the Statistical Science program, students often seek outside funding through summer internships. This past summer six Statistical Science Ph.D. students had internships at Frito Lay, Sabre, Capital One, Sanofi Pasture, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Elite Research.

Third and fourth-year students can be funded on Research Assistantships. These students (GRAs) are typically paid by a research grant and work closely with the faculty member who has the grant. The academic year support for GRAs is typically the same as for TAs ($22,500). During the last two years, GRA support has included internships at Baylor Medical Center and at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (UTSW) and five students funded on faculty grants.

Ph.D. in Biostatistics

Ph.D. students in the Biostatistics Ph.D. program are funded on Fellowships for their first two years. These fellowship stipends are $28,000 per calendar year. There are no TA or GRA duties associated with these fellowships, and students are required to take 4 courses per semester for the first two years instead of the typical 3-course load taken by Ph.D. students in Statistical Science. Additionally, since the funding is for the calendar year, the students are involved in research projects either in UTSW labs, supporting SMU or UTSW statistics /biostatistics researchers, or other approved activities. During years 3-4, students making appropriate progress are funded on research grants, primarily by researchers at UTSW.

English Graduate Program Financial Aid

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The English Department has a limited number of opportunities for merit-based financial support. Because there are often more deserving students than we have money to support them, competition for these awards is keen. They offer two kinds of support for graduate students: Tuition scholarships and Graduate Teaching Assistantships.

Tuition scholarships will cover all or part of your tuition for an academic year. The Department generally has two such scholarships to distribute and most often divides them to provide partial support to a greater number of students.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships require you to take a minimum of nine (9) hours of coursework per semester and work approximately 20 hours a week, generally including teaching one or more studio sections of EH 101S: Intensive Writing Studio each semester, and working as a consultant in the Student Success Center. Often GTAs will also conduct research or provide additional support to other faculty members if enrollments do not require their presence in the classroom; the Director of Freshman Composition and the Director of English Graduate Studies (often with a committee) will make such assignments. Assistantships typically must be held for an entire academic year, although sometimes offers are made with a spring semester starting date. They cover tuition and pay a stipend each semester. Students may not hold other paid employment during the time of the appointment. Because the Department generally supports GTAs for the duration of their program (assuming both their teaching and their degree are going well), we often have only two or three openings for new GTAs each year, with another three or four GTAs continuing into a second year.

The Department meets each spring to make awards and reaches its decisions based on the students’ past academic performance.

Financial Aid for Biostatistics Students

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The Department of Biostatistics in the College of Public Health at the University of Iowa has multiple sources of financial aid available for graduate students. Most biostatistics graduate students receive some form of financial aid.

Financial aid comes in the form of assistantships and fellowships. Their assistantships and fellowships are for the nine months of the academic year. However, students are often offered support for the summer as well. Currently, all graduate research or teaching assistants appointed at 25% or more receive a 100% tuition scholarship each semester and a contribution toward health insurance.

Research assistantships: Research assistantships provide the majority of support available to the graduate students. Most students have research assistantships in which they are required to work either in the Biostatistics Consulting Center, Center for Public Health Statistics or on specific research programs. These research programs are usually funded by the federal government, particularly the National Institutes of Health, through individual departments in the: Carver College of Medicine; College of Dentistry; College of Nursing; and College of Public Health.

Teaching assistantships: A limited number of teaching assistantships are available in introductory service biostatistics courses.

Competitive fellowships: A limited number of competitive fellowships are available. The sources for these fellowships include the University of Iowa Graduate College Fellowship Program, private pharmaceutical firms, and the National Institutes of Health.

Students holding an assistantship (quarter-time or more) are classified as residents for fee purposes for the terms during which their appointments are held and any adjacent Summer Sessions in which they are enrolled. They have not assessed a technology fee.

Students holding a quarter-time or more teaching or research assistantship (covered by the COGS bargaining unit) are assured a minimum tuition scholarship of $9,425 per year. This does not include scholarships for Summer Session enrollment. Rates are based on a registration of 9 semester hours (or more) and are prorated as necessary.

CAIL Annual Scholarship

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This scholarship is designed to assist minority, specifically African American, students obtain the degree of their choice from any eligible college, university, graduate school, or law school. Applicants must be enrolled in or committed to attend a college, university, or professional school during the current calendar year in which they applied for the scholarship. Applicants must be U.S. citizens at the time of their application. Applicants should not be immediate family members of employees of the Commonwealth Accident Injury Law office.

Dr. Ted Greve Annual Scholarship

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This scholarship is intended to help students with high character and a commitment to community service. Our scholarship is open to any American citizen, who will be attending a college, university, graduate school, or law school in the United States during the current calendar year. Only students who have a 3.0 GPA or higher may apply for this scholarship.

VIDA Scholarship Program VIDA

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VIDA is a digital marketplace that brings together creatives and designers from all over the world to produce exclusive clothing and accessories on-demand and on a large scale. Photographers, fine artists, calligraphers, sculptors, 3D vector artists, potters, poets, interior designers, fashion designers, and even hairstylists are among their global group of creatives. They want to inspire everyone to make a difference with their imagination and artwork in support of their global literacy, empowerment, and education goals.

VIDA is pleased to deliver a Creative Art Impact Scholarship to college students to help defray the expense of their education.

The Creative Art Impact Scholarship is not restricted to a certain major. All majors are eligible to apply. They promote research and learning in all disciplines. They want to hear from you if you are excited about inspiring others and feel that art will have a global influence.

National Merit and National Achievement Scholarships

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Every year, SMU awards a scholarship to a student who has been declared a National Merit or Achievement winner.

The scholarship will be awarded for eight regular terms or before graduation, whichever comes first, as long as the recipient retains full-time attendance status each semester and a total GPA of 3.000 at SMU. If a recipient's SMU average GPA slips below 3.000, the SMU Financial Aid Office will reconsider the student's eligibility for the grant.

The Fair Divorce Legislation Scholarship

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The attorneys at Moskowitz Law Group are excited to announce The Fair Divorce Legislation Scholarship. Our attorneys understand that divorce can be one of the most difficult emotional experiences someone goes through in their life, and so we are dedicated to helping families overcome the challenges of divorce and making the process as painless as possible.

The deadline for this scholarship is February 28, 2021.

Applicants may still submit an application if awaiting admission or deciding on an institution, however, the selected individual must be enrolled for the upcoming semester before receiving the financial aid.

To apply for this scholarship, interested candidates should provide the following:.

Scholarship application emails must include the subject line: [Applicant’s Name} Fair Divorce Legislation Scholarship to be considered.

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Grants and Student Loans

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All new graduate students who completed an undergraduate degree at North Park University can enter the CMHC program with a 20% tuition reduction thanks to the University’s Alumni Grant. This grant may be used for one course or the full program. It cannot be combined with any other scholarships or discounts that may be offered to you from North Park.

Swedish Covenant Hospital Partnership: North Park University is pleased to provide financial support for employees of Swedish Covenant Hospital (SCH) who enroll in degree programs, either in-person or online, according to the following parameters:

  • Students in the School of Professional Studies are eligible for a 15% tuition reduction.
  • To be eligible for the discount, students must complete an employee verification form available in the Human Resources Department of SCH.
  • Full-time eligible employees of SCH who enroll in a degree program at North Park are awarded a blanket tuition reduction, which represents the full amount of financial aid available from North Park. This discount will not be combined with other North Park grants and scholarships available to other students.
  • Continued employment will be verified annually by North Park University’s Financial Aid Office.
  • CMHC students may also be eligible for veteran’s benefits or other outside scholarships. The University can also work with you to take advantage of employer reimbursement benefits.

    Student Loans: Many graduate students borrow student loans to pay for master’s degrees. All student loans must be repaid; most federal student loans are at a significantly lower interest than other private loans. In order to explore options for student loans, you must complete a FAFSA for each academic year you want loan funding. Generally, you will start loan repayment six months after you graduate or leave school.

    Alumni Grant: The North Park University Alumni can enroll in graduate coursework with a 30% tuition reduction. This grant may be used for individual courses or a whole program, for in-person or online courses. This grant cannot be combined with any other scholarships or discounts that may be offered to you from North Park

    Old School Labs $1,000 Scholarship

    At Old School Labs, they believe in questioning the status quo and assisting others in doing the same. It took a collaborative effort from scientists, nutritionists, and designers to re-invent a high-quality, nutritious supplement.

    Any of this, though, would not have been possible without a decent education.

    It is their desire that they will pay it forward and assist someone else in achieving their goals and beginning to challenge the status quo. Per year, one scholarship is awarded.

    Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

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    The Cooke College Scholarship Program is an undergraduate scholarship program for high-achieving high school seniors of financial need who choose to attend and graduate from the nation's top four-year colleges and universities.

    Each reward is designed to fund a substantial portion of the student's college experience, such as tuition, living expenses, books, and mandatory fees. Person awards differ depending on the cost of tuition as well as all other grants or scholarships they can earn. 

    McDonald Worley Annual Scholarship

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    This scholarship is designed to assist candidates who have strong character, above-average intelligence, and a dedication to community service. Any American citizen who will be attending a college, university, graduate school, or law school in the United States within the current calendar year is eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is only open to candidates with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

    This one-time scholarship award will be submitted directly to the winner's college or university's Financial Aid and Scholarships Office and will be used to pay tuition, taxes, lodging, and/or books up to the Rate of Attendance. This scholarship will not be renewed. In addition to an essay, applicants must request an official transcript and one letter of recommendation from an employer or professor/teacher.

    Islamic Scholarship Fund Programs

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    ISF works to increase Muslim media representation in order to correct negative portrayals in news and journalism. The manner in which news is produced and written has an undeniable impact on public opinion. The ISF scholarship is available to the following media-related majors: Journalism, Writing, and Media Studies (Print & Digital)

    ISF acknowledges the importance of policy in combating bigotry and seeks to expand the number of Muslim policymakers, lobbyists, nonprofit leaders, and campaigners. International Relations/Affairs, Political Science, Public Health, Social Justice/Civil Rights, Public Administration, and Sociology are among the policy-related majors eligible for the ISF scholarship.

    ISF assists Muslim filmmakers in their efforts to tell visual, entertaining, and meaningful stories about American Muslims. The media, especially artistic works, has an undeniably powerful effect on society's views. Acting, Film & Television Production, and Theater are among the film-related majors eligible for the ISF scholarship.

    Garden Club Federation Of Maine

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    GCFM believes in the importance of education. The Garden Club Federation of Maine, GCFM Districts, and GCFM local garden clubs all promote horticulture education. Today's students will be the pioneers of tomorrow, guaranteeing the sustainability of the planet's natural resources. Applicants with majors in Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscape Design, Conservation, Forestry, Botany, Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Environmental Concerns, Ecology, Land Management, and/or other garden fields are encouraged to apply.

    LAF Honor Scholarship in Memory of Joe Lalli, FASLA

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    Eligible applicants are landscape architecture students currently enrolled in an LAAB- or LAAC-accredited master’s degree program (post-baccalaureate or non-baccalaureate) at a university in the U.S. or Canada. Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4-point scale.) Applicants should show commitment to some of the areas that Joe Lalli dedicated himself to, including drawing, artistic pursuits, the importance of travel, and giving back in service to one’s community and profession.

    Candidates will be evaluated based on their demonstrated design ability, leadership, character/integrity, and service to others and to the landscape architecture profession. Financial need will also be considered.

    Greater Toledo Community Foundation Scholarship

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    GTCF manages the competitive process of more than 60 scholarship opportunities which includes everything from the creation of applications to making the scholarship payments. This past year we launched a new Scholarship Portal which includes a universal application that allows students to apply to over 40 scholarship opportunities by completing a single application. The universal application not only decreases the redundancy of completing multiple applications but also matches applicants to opportunities they may be eligible for.

    No more searching and reading through endless criteria. It is important to note that all scholarship opportunities included in the universal application have a deadline of February 11, 2021. Other scholarships offered through GTCF are administered at the school level so be sure to check with your high school guidance counselor or college advisor to find information about additional opportunities available to you.

    National Scholarship Program Japanese American Citizens League

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    The JACL has been helping students achieve their educational dreams with the National Scholarship and Awards Program since 1946. The program currently offers over 30 awards, with an annual total of over $70,000 in scholarships to qualified students nationwide.

    All scholarships are one-time awards.

    As of the new 2021 scholarship cycle, the National JACL Scholarship Program will now be totally online! This means all of the applications can be done on your computer tablet through the online application form and submitted online. NO MAILING REQUIRED! Also note, the applications will NOT save if you close or reload your window, so please fill them out in one sitting!

    Please note: In addition to the National JACL Scholarship Program, many JACL chapters administer their own local scholarship programs.

    Students deferring enrollment will not qualify for the 2021 scholarship program.

    Applicants may apply under only one scholarship category. The exception to this rule is that students may apply for consideration for the financial aid awards in addition to another category. However, a successful applicant will only receive the higher of the two awards applied for.

    Past recipients of JACL National scholarships are limited to a total of two awards.

    Only one application need be submitted to qualify for all awards listed in that same category. Applications will be reviewed for award preferences noted in the brochure.

    The following is a condensed list of supporting documents required to complete a JACL Scholarship Application: JACL Membership Personal Statement Letter of Recommendation Official Transcripts Work Experience and JACL and Community Involvement.

    Late August 2021 Scholarship award recipients will be notified.

    Patricia and Gail Ishimoto Memorial Scholarship Established by Harry K. Both were students at Dorsey High School in Los Angeles.

    An Army veteran, he graduated from the MIS language school and later underwent counter intelligence training. He was a passionate crusader for the military, veterans and the Nikkei community.

    Henry Chiyo Kuwahara Memorial Scholarship This award was established by the estate of the late Henry and Chiyo Kuwahara. Mr. Kuwahara, a resident of Los Angeles, was a well-known investment and securities broker in Little Tokyo. Due to the Kuwaharas’ strong belief in youth and the value of education, their estate funds a number of JACL scholarships.

    Takashi Moriuchi Scholarship This award was established in 1975 by Takashi and Yuriko Moriuchi. Originally from California, Yuriko Moriuchi currently resides in Medford, New Jersey.

    Hanayagi Rokumie Memorial Japanese Cultural Scholarship This award was established in 2006 in memory of Hanayagi Rokumie, a noted teacher of Japanese classical dance.

    Deni June Uejima Memorial Scholarship The Uejimas were very committed to the Japanese American community. They were long-time members of the San Gabriel Valley JACL and Deni served multiple terms as the chapter’s president. They bequeathed this endowment to reach out to and support the community’s young leaders.

    Kyutaro Yasuo Abiko Memorial Scholarship This award was established in honor of the late Kyutaro and Yasuo Abiko. Mr. Yasuo Abiko was a prominent leader of the San Francisco Japanese American community and editor of the Nichi Bei Times newspaper. Preference for this award will be given to a student studying journalism or agriculture.

    Alice Yuriko Endo Memorial Scholarship Established by the Endo family, Mrs. Endo was an active member of the Washington D.C. JACL chapter. An avid supporter of social causes, Mrs. Preference for this scholarship will be given to a student residing in the Eastern District Council and or a student with an interest in public and social service.

    Kenji Kajiwara Memorial Scholarship This scholarship was established as a perpetual trust by Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Kajiwara deeply believed in the value and necessity of higher education to discover, encourage and develop the inherent potential of our youth.

    Saburo Kido Memorial Scholarship A founder of the JACL, Mr. Kido was one of the architects of the National JACL structure and its constitution.

    Henry Chiyo Kuwahara Memorial Scholarship This award was established by the estate of Henry and Chiyo Kuwahara. Mr. Kuwahara, a resident of Los Angeles, was a well-known investment and securities broker in Little Tokyo. Due to the Kuwaharas’ strong belief in youth and the value of education, their estate funds a number of JACL scholarships.

    Shigeru Shig Nakahira Memorial Scholarship A long-time JACL member, Shig was described as a good and helpful friend, a 442nd veteran, a capable accountant, an excellent bowler, and a quiet doer of good deeds. This memorial award was established by the Nakahira family in 2009.

    Dr. Thomas T. Yatabe Memorial Scholarship This scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Thomas T. Yatabe, the first elected National President of the JACL.

    Railroad and Mine Workers Memorial Scholarship Established by the families of Japanese American railroad and mine workers to pay tribute to the lives of these Issei and Nisei pioneers.

    Dr. Kiyoshi Sonoda Memorial Scholarship A graduate of the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, Dr. Sonoda established a successful dental practice in Los Angeles. This scholarship is restricted to students studying in the field of dentistry.

    He brought the concerns and challenges facing single individuals to the attention of the national organization. This award is given to a student planning a career in the medical field.

    Dr. Newton K. Wesley (born Uyesugi) Memorial Scholarship This award is being offered to a student pursuing a career in eye care (optometry, medical, or a scientific research field) to honor Dr. Newton K.

    John Asako Yamashita Memorial Scholarship John and Asako Yamashita graduated from UC Berkeley. In 1942, they were imprisoned with their families in the Topaz concentration camp. Following the war, John opened a hostel at the West Tenth Methodist Church in Oakland for returning Japanese Americans, and Asako helped reopen the family market, Uoki Sakai, in San Francisco. John and Asako married and together supported the work of the West Tenth Methodist Church and later the Centenary Methodist Church in Los Angeles. Asako served as an elementary school teacher for many years. This scholarship supports graduate studies for students concerned with education, social justice, and service to their communities.

    After the war, Mr. Yasui practiced law and served as legal counsel for dozens of community organizations and activities. Preference for this scholarship will be given to students with a strong interest in human rights and civil rights. Fields of study may include sociology, law or education.

    Only applicants that exhibit severe financial need will be considered for this award.

    Aiko Susanna Tashiro Hiratsuka Memorial Scholarship Established in memory of noted pianist Aiko Hiratsuka. This scholarship is awarded to a student studying in the performing arts. Professional artists are not eligible to apply for this award.

    Henry and Chiyo Kuwahara Creative Arts Award This scholarship was established to encourage creative projects that reflect the Japanese American experience and cultural representation. All technical work of the applicant should be at the university level. Professional artists are not eligible to apply.

    Dr. George Goro and Nettie Muramoto Memorial Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Muramoto were longtime residents of Sacramento, California. Goro graduated from UC Berkeley and UCSF School of Dentistry. He served as president of the Sacramento JACL from 1941-1943. Guided by the Yamato-damashi spirit, Goro strived for the American dream of equality, human dignity and happiness for all. Nettie was raised in Stockton, California.

    VanEd Cares Scholarship Program

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    VanEd is proud to announce our new 2021-2022 Scholarship Program. This program will provide one lucky student $1,000 to use for his or her tuition for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Physician Assistant Financial Aid and Scholarship

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    Applicants who have been accepted into the Physician Assistant Program may apply for financial aid through the Financial Aid Office at UND. Students may apply for federal financial aid, including the Federal Stafford (subsidized and/or unsubsidized) Loan. You will not receive the actual cash monies until after you have begun your course work in the Program.

    UND PA students are eligible to apply for the following department scholarships during their third-semester.

  • Mickey Knutson Scholarship: The Knutson endowment provides scholarships to UND students, allowing them the opportunity to complete their studies and pursue careers in the health field. The Knutson endowment is awarded to a graduate who will be working in primary care in a rural or underserved area.
  • Katherine Maryann Rasmussen Scholarship: The Rasmussen endowment provides scholarships to one or more high-achieving and qualified students enrolled within the Physician Assistant Program at the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences. Recipients shall be of high moral character and demonstrate the potential to lead successful lives and careers.
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Endowed scholarship

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    Scholarships are financial awards given to a variety of students based on their abilities inside and outside of the classroom. The best part about scholarships is they do not have to be repaid.

    Embry-Riddle endowed and term scholarships are funds that are generously donated to help students pay for their education. Completing the application does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship. If you are selected for a scholarship, it will be paid in the Fall and Spring semesters of the following academic year.

    Only fields marked with an asterisk on the application are required, but please fill out as much information as you can to increase your eligibility for one or more of the scholarships.