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Embry-Riddle’s Boeing Scholars program

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The Boeing Scholars program is an initiative of The Boeing Company to develop qualified students for careers in aviation, with a special interest in aeronautical science and aviation maintenance science.

The scholarship’s financial award will range between $5,000 to $7,500/year for two years. Boeing Scholars, who remain part of a special cohort throughout their career at Embry-Riddle, will have access to additional benefits, including, but not limited to group projects, trips to Boeing facilities, potential internship opportunities, formal mentorship, and/or other opportunities to informally connect with Boeing employees and invitations to receptions and other events.

Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance Scholarship

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AWAM’s Scholarship Program supports the diverse skills required in the field of Aviation Maintenance.

Scholarship opportunities are not only for initial students or women. Many are for those already working in the field, transitioning from the military, and for men as well.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Endowed scholarship

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Scholarships are financial awards given to a variety of students based on their abilities inside and outside of the classroom. The best part about scholarships is they do not have to be repaid.

Embry-Riddle endowed and term scholarships are funds that are generously donated to help students pay for their education. Completing the application does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship. If you are selected for a scholarship, it will be paid in the Fall and Spring semesters of the following academic year.

Only fields marked with an asterisk on the application are required, but please fill out as much information as you can to increase your eligibility for one or more of the scholarships.