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Amount: $9000
Veteran Tuition Assistance Program

Lasell College has joined the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program and will offer veterans enrolling in the College up to $9,000 in grant money at the level, and up to $3,000 at the graduate level annually while they pursue a degree at Lasell College. Yellow Ribbon Grants Yellow Ribbon Grants have been made available to veterans enrolling at Lasell College for than five years. Veterans enrolling at Lasell can receive up to $9,000 in grant money at the level per year. Veterans enrolling at Lasell can receive up to $3,000 in grant money at the graduate level per year. The VA will match up to 50% of the colleges' supplementary grants under the Yellow Ribbon program in addition to the funding from the Post 911 GI Bill.

Amount: $1230

The Grants Development Program works with campus members to prepare grant proposals to external funding agencies. The grant RFP says that the grant must be received by a particular time and date. The grant RFP says the grant must be sent by a particular time and date. In this scenario, the grant RFP says applicant must submit the grant electronically by a certain time and date through an portal. Many people approach grants with a shopping list of things they want rather than with an outcome in mind. All of those things have to be negotiated prior to the grant being submitted.

Amount: $50000
Funding Opportunities

The university premier funding initiative, this $1.5 million annual program supports seed grants in the $50,000-$150,000 range that are multidisciplinary and have the potential to propel a good idea forward so that it can make a measurable impact. Cornell graduate students and postdoctoral research associates from all disciplines are encouraged to to pursue innovative, interdisciplinary research outside the purview of their current dissertation or postdoctoral research plan. Growing out of an NSF Integrated Graduate Education and Research Training grant, CSBC awards are granted to early-career researchers engaging in the interdisciplinary study of global climate change on multiple biogeochemical scales. Cornell graduate students from any field with research interests in biogeochemistry and climate change are encouraged to .

Amount: $1000
Grants Red Hawk Central

If applicant are registered for less than 12 credits their Pell grant will be reduced to the allowable limit based on the US Education’s schedule. There is lifetime limit to the amount of federal Pell money students can receive. Recipients must be eligible for a Pell grant. If applicant receive a TEACH grant but do not complete the required teaching service, applicant will be required to repay the grant as a Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, with the interest charged from the date of each TEACH grant disbursement. Students must be admitted into a program with a Teacher Education certification to qualify for the grant. This grant is only available to eligible junior, senior and graduate students.