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Amount: $30000
Repayment Options

Direct Parent PLUS Loans and Direct Parent PLUS Consolidation Loans are not eligible for the IBR repayment plan. Direct Parent PLUS Loans and Direct Parent PLUS Consolidation Loans are not eligible for the REPAYE plan. FFEL Program Loans, Direct Parent PLUS Loans, and Direct Parent PLUS Consolidation Loans are not eligible for the Pay As applicant Earn repayment plan. This plan is available to low-income borrowers who have a Direct Subsidized Loan, Direct Unsubsidized Loan, Direct Graduate PLUS Loan and or a Direct Consolidation Loan This plan allows students who do not qualify for the Income Based Repayment or the Pay As applicant Earn plans to make lower Direct Loan payments.

Amount: $30000
Leaving College Repaying Loans

SFA encourages all students to pursue federal student loan options before borrowing private loans.National Student Loan Data System The the students.S. Education National Student Loan Data System provides information on their federal loans including loan types, disbursed amounts, outstanding principal and interest, and the total amount of all their loans. Information avoiding default, and steps applicant can take if applicant have defaulted can be found on this Federal Student Aid page on default issues. A Direct Consolidation Loan allows a borrower to consolidate multiple federal student loans into one loan. Always work with their federal loan servicer to determine the appropriate course of action that works for applicant.

Amount: $30000
Loan Repayment

This webpage will provide applicant with information on the different types of loans, manage their loans, repaying their loans, loan consolidation forgiveness, and other valuable resources to help make informed decisions for repaying their federal student loans. The loan servicer will provide regular updates on the status of the PLUS Loan, and any additional PLUS Loans that a parent receives. Although student loans are not initially based on their credit score, their repayment history will be reported to credit agencies and can affect their score once applicant begin repaying their loans. Be sure to keep their loans current communicate with their lender if applicant are having trouble making payments! A Direct Consolidation Loan allows a borrower to consolidate multiple federal student loans into one loan.

Amount: $10000
Loan Repayment Plans

Example, if applicant have $35,000 in outstanding FFEL Program loans and $10,000 in outstanding Direct Loans, applicant can choose the extended repayment plan for their FFEL Program loans, but not for their Direct Loans. Federal Consolidation Loans that did not repay any PLUS loans for parents. Parent Direct PLUS Loan borrowers are also eligible for the ICR repayment plan. Loans applicant received under the Federal Family Education Loan Program, the Federal Perkins Loan Program, or any other student loan program are not eligible for PSLF. If applicant have FFEL Program or Perkins Loan Program loans, applicant may consolidate them into a Direct Consolidation Loan to take advantage of PSLF.

Amount: $30000
Loan Repayment Options

Parent Direct PLUS Loan borrowers may only choose from the standard, extended, or graduated options, but graduate student Direct PLUS Loan borrowers may also choose the income contingent repayment plan or the income-based repayment plan. Direct Consolidation Loans that do not include PLUS loans made to parents. Good option for those seeking Public Service Loan Forgiveness Direct Consolidation Loans that do not include PLUS loans made to parents. Consolidation Loans that do not include Direct or FFEL PLUS loans made to parents. Parent borrowers can access this plan by consolidating their Parent PLUS Loans into a Direct Consolidation Loan. Public Service Loan ForgivenessBorrowers who are employed full time in certain public service jobs and have made 120 payments toward Direct loans may have the remaining balance they owe forgiven.

Amount: $5500
Loan Fees, University of Cincinnati

With each new loan secured in their name, a disclosure statement is issued that outlines terms of the loan, amounts, fees, and disbursement dates. Carefully review and keep these statements to better understand their loan and any fees taken out before the funds are sent to UC in their name. Take the total loan amount accepted on their award offer and subtract 1.062% off of Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans and 4.248% off of Parent and Graduate PLUS Loans to account for both origination and default fees. Then divide this net loan amount by the number of loan payments Given the shifting changes in origination fees that occur mid-year, a billing estimate may differ from an actual loan amount but that difference should be minimal.

Loans, University of Cincinnati

Federal Loans can be further categorized into two groups, Non-Campus Based Loans or Campus Based Loans Therefore, whenever students graduate or discontinue their education for any period other than summer term, Federal Perkins and Institutional Loan borrowers are required to complete loan exit counseling. If applicant default applicant will also lose the right to be awarded any other further federal student financial assistance until satisfactory arrangements has been made to repay the loan. Loan rehabilitation is achieved by making 9 consecutive, on-time monthly payments on a defaulted loan. The Student Loan Ombudsman will review and attempt to informally resolve any dispute applicant may have with the loan holder of a National Direct Student Loan or Perkins Loan.

Amount: $5000
Financial Assistance

To apply for a Parent PLUS Loan: their parent should, select the APPLY FOR AID menu, the select Apply for Parent PLUS Loan Loan consolidation calculator: Allows borrowers to estimate the repayment period, interest rate, and repayment schedule if they consolidate.

Direct PLUS Loans

These loans are not based upon determination of financial need. The parent applies for this loan and is responsible for repayment. Graduate students may borrow a Direct Graduate Plus Loan from the federal government. They must exhaust their Direct Subsidized and Direct Unsubsidized Loan eligibility before they are eligible to borrow a Direct Graduate Plus Loan. Payments are due monthly and begin 60 days after the disbursement of the first loan funds. Parents and graduate students may Education for a deferment of payment during the enrollment period however interest will continue to accrue during the deferment period. The number of years allowed to pay back this loan is 10 years however students and parents may apply for a consolidation or an extended repayment plan.

Student Financial Services

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