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Amount: $1000
Travel Funding Opportunities - Graduate School

Eligible students are encouraged to apply for grant funding related to professional conferences, research travel, or summer language education. Students are eligible for one conference grant per year and must be within time to degree limits. Masters students are eligible for conference travel grants starting in their first semester until the end of the eighth semester of enrollment. Ph.D. students are eligible for conference travel grants starting in their first semester until the end of the fourteenth semester of enrollment. Grants of $150, the cost of a round-trip ticket on the Campus-to-Campus bus, are open to doctoral students who wish to travel between Ithaca and New York City to advance their dissertation research.

Amount: $2003
UNH at Manchester

Dr. Grant is the co-author of two books and over 20 articles related to Emergency Management. Using this knowledge, Dr. Grant conducts hazard assessments and business continuity planning, specializing in assisting small businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations to Survive and Then Thrive during and after disasters through the integration of Business Continuity Plans with daily operations. Grant and Julia Beckett, Final Report: Defining The Standard and Practice of Hand Hygiene for the Ohio Division of the American Red Cross in Training and Exercising for Sheltering Disaster Victims. Grant, Quick Response Grant a Sub-grant of a NSF Grant. Business Continuity Bureau of Justice Administration Grant to develop materials and workshops to assist businesses especially small businesses and non-profit organizations to develop business continuity and resumption plans.