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Scholarships and Aid

Criteri Engineering student preference to civil engineering can be awarded based on need or merit. Validate need with Student Financial Assistance, if award is based on need. Criteri Award to the most deserving engineering student based on academic performance, financial need and potential for success in their career. Criteri Award to the most deserving mechanical engineering student based on academic performance, financial need and potential for success in their career. Criteri Full-time junior engineering majors with an emphasis in mechanical or electrical engineering who are in good academic standing with a 3.0 GPA or higher when scholarship is awarded and received. Scholarship recipients must agree to serve in a paid co-op assignment during the first fall academic semester of the scholarship at SABIC in Mt. Vernon.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships have been made available from a variety of private sources and awarded based on many factors, such as membership in the United Methodist Church, athletics, academics, leadership skills, career goals, and financial need. These donated scholarship dollars are used to underwrite existing university, merit, and need based scholarships that are a discount of the annual tuition for a student’s specific curriculum. There is not a separate scholarship application process as recipients do not receive additional scholarship.

Amount: $1000
Continuing Student Scholarships

This a need-based scholarship, determined by the university’s scholarship committee and criteria set by the committee for need-based scholarships. This award will be given to one nursing student per year and is renewable based upon the Scholarship Committee’s recommendation. If the scholarship award is not renewed, it will be offered to another newly admitted student ac-cording to the award criteria. The number, amount and recipients will be determined by the Scholarship Committee of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at GSW. The Frances Wynn Patrick Scholarship was established in honor of Mrs. This scholarship was established by the family of J.

Amount: $1000
Tuition Scholarships

This scholarship consists of $2,500, and it aims to support one or meritorious students in financial need who are interested in giving back to the society. The Arya Laghaie Indigenous Peoples' Rights Scholarship is an annual scholarship of $1,500.00. Crouch Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship to assist a student enrolled in the LL.M. Program in Intercultural Human Rights with the cost of tuition, fees, and, if necessary, housing expenses. The scholarship shall be awarded based upon the applicant demonstrated commitment to the struggle for an international order of human dignity. Secondly, the scholarship shall be need-based, with special consideration given to students from developing nations, in recognition of the particular hardships they bear in attending the LL.M. program.

Amount: $5000

The priority deadline to be considered for a merit scholarship for spring enrollment is December 1. There are no GPA or LSAT score requirements to qualify for need-based scholarship funds. Accepted students who are offered a merit scholarship typically do not also qualify for a need-based scholarship. Applicants for spring or summer admission who wish to be considered for need-based scholarship funds should complete the scholarship application. Applicants for fall admission who wish to be considered for need-based scholarship funds should complete the scholarship application. Students invited to join the program will be eligible for several benefits, including the Presidential Honors Scholarship. A variety of scholarships exist for current and prospective law students.

Scholarship List

The scholarship must be administered by a Sul Ross State University Scholarship Committee 5. DEADLINE FOR ALL SCHOLARSHIPS: FEBRUARY 15, 2021 UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED New Students are encouraged to apply by January 1, 2021 Award amounts and number of recipients vary based on available funds. Recipients must have successfully completed, or agree to complete, during the first semester of the award, 3 hours of Communication, Journalism, or Political Science.Need Based. To maintain diversity within the student population, preference will be given to students based on race, sex, financial need or rural isolation. Must not be receiving or have received in the prior academic year any other scholarship from the Criminal Justice Department at SRSU. The deadline for Rodeo Performance Scholarships is August 15, 2021.

Amount: $1000
Beginning Freshmen Transfer Scholarships

To for non-guaranteed scholarships and compete for their share of than $600,000 in scholarship money awarded annually by Southwestern’s foundation, an incoming freshman must be accepted to Georgia Southwestern and complete the Beginning Freshmen Scholarship Application. Approximately 20% of the university freshmen class receive merit-based scholarships from Southwestern. Students residing outside of the designated southwest Georgia counties are also eligible to receive scholarships by submitting the required Beginning Freshman Scholarship Application. Students accepted to Southwestern by the February 1st scholarship deadline who indicate an intended major of art or music may be invited to the Southwestern Scholars Competition to have portfolios reviewed or music auditions for scholarships.

Amount: $1000
Virginia Tech

The university scholarships include both need-based and merit-based awards, and applicant’ll apply for both through Scholarship Central. Noreen Clough Memorial Scholarship — Awarded to a female student working toward a career in fisheries conservation and or management. Davey Tree Arbor Grant Scholarships — Supports students enrolled in a program that focuses on forestry, urban forestry, arboriculture, or another green industry field. Garden Club of America Scholarships — Supports students in a variety of study areas related to natural resources and the environment. Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Student Scholarships — Provides to students majoring in or showing a strong desire to major in natural resources conservation and or environmental studies.

Amount: $15000
Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund aids people active in movements for social and economic justice. These need-based scholarships are awarded to students who are able to do academic work at the college or university level or are enrolled in a trade or technical program and who are active in the progressive movement. The maximum grant available from the Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund is $15,000 per year (from July 1 through June 30).

Amount: $6000
CST Scholarships

Some scholarships are need-based, while others merit-based. Scholarship recipient may accept other scholarships and grant in conjunction with this scholarship. The potential impact of the scholarship on the educational goals of the applicant. Scholarship recipient must commit to a minimum of 40 hours per week of research in the lab in which they will work. Applicant can receive this scholarship in addition to other scholarships for the same semester, depending upon their financial need. Be offered and accept a UHD Merit Scholarship Renewable must complete UHD Admissions application by Dec. Be offered and accept a UHD Non-Renewable Scholarship Be offered and accept a UHD Transfer Merit Scholarship: automatic acceptance into Scholars.