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Honors College merit scholarships may be awarded on top of any other merit-based or need-based scholarship a student may receive from the College of Charleston, State of South Carolina, or from independent sources. The scholarship should be given to outstanding students on the basis of merit. The Mosteller Family Endowed Scholarship was established by Dr. Mosteller, class of 1981, to provide out-of-state Swanson Scholars with scholarship funds. The Othersen Scholarship was established by Dr. Othersen, class of 1950. This scholarship is given to students who deminstrate an interest in pre-health programs or the medical humanities program. The scholarship is intended for students who did not receive scholarship support from the College when they enrolled.

Amount: $45000
Merit Scholarships • Penn Law

Penn Law awards merit scholarships to a select number of students based primarily on their academic achievements and intellectual ambition, but also based on nonacademic factors such as leadership, service, and professional or life experiences. Although there is not a separate application for merit scholarships, applicants who are nominated by the Admissions Committee may be asked to complete an interview or to submit an essay for particular scholarships. The university choose a select number of students for merit scholarships based on academic and personal achievement. Penn Law and the Center for Technology, Innovation Competition offer a competitive scholarship to be awarded to JD students pursuing a joint degree in law and technology.

Endowed Scholarships

The John Ingram Associates Scholarship was established by John R. Through the success of investments made by the students over the years, the fund grew to a level that could support the creation of an endowed scholarship in Mr. Max Adler name. The scholarship is dedicated to Satguru Mata Sawinder Hardev Ji of the Universal Brotherhood-Nirankari Mission. Weinberg Memorial Scholarship was established in 1995 by the Richard S. This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding second-year student concentrating in finance. The Tse-Liang Soong Scholarship Fund was established in 1994 by Mrs. Lazenby Honor Scholarship was established as an annually funded scholarship in 1995 by Fred 'Ted' W. Chope Memorial Scholarship was established in 1988 by Douglas B.

Amount: $60000
Merit-Based Scholarships

Stern Scholarship This one-year scholarship covers full tuition for the first year of study and is awarded to admitted students showing strong merit. Recipients of this award display extraordinary academic merit, an impressive record of leadership experience, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a dedication to advancing women in business. Andre Koo Tech MBA Scholarship The Andre Koo Tech Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship awarded to students entering the Andre Koo Technology and Entrepreneurship MBA program. The Admissions Committee offers partial scholarships each year to selected applicants receiving minimal or no financial sponsorship from their employer. Applicant may apply for a scholarship by indicating their interest in being considered for one on the Formal Application. Recipients will be selected by the Admissions Committee on a merit basis.

Amount: $5000

The priority deadline to be considered for a merit scholarship for spring enrollment is December 1. There are no GPA or LSAT score requirements to qualify for need-based scholarship funds. Accepted students who are offered a merit scholarship typically do not also qualify for a need-based scholarship. Applicants for spring or summer admission who wish to be considered for need-based scholarship funds should complete the scholarship application. Applicants for fall admission who wish to be considered for need-based scholarship funds should complete the scholarship application. Students invited to join the program will be eligible for several benefits, including the Presidential Honors Scholarship. A variety of scholarships exist for current and prospective law students.


MSFS offers a number of partial-tuition, merit-based scholarships during the admissions process. The university aim to award merit-based aid to thirty to forty per cent of the entering class. MSFS merit-based scholarships are distributed to students of exceptional ability and talent based on the strength of their applications in the admissions process. Dual degree applicants are considered for MSFS merit-based scholarships as part of the admissions process. To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must submit all required application materials The scholarship will be awarded based on the strength of the student’s application in the admissions process. A merit-based award, the Maria Pinto Carland Scholarship will be awarded annually to individuals of exceptional promise reflecting Maria’s dedication to academic rigor, extracurricular achievement, and international service.

Amount: $5000
Merit-Based Scholarships

New York University offers a number of competitive, merit-based scholarships to help applicant finance their degree. Non-degree advanced professional certificate program students and NYU Employees are not eligible for merit-based scholarships. Public Service Scholarship: Partial and half-tuition scholarships awarded to applicants based on merit and strength of application, regardless of degree program or area of interest. Executive Leaders Scholarship: 25% scholarship awarded to applicants of the Executive MPA for Public Service Leaders program based on merit and the overall strength of application. Truman Scholarship: Selected Truman scholarship recipients accepted to NYU Wagner will be considered for scholarship funding equivalent to 50% tuition for full-time or part-time study.

Univeristy Merit Scholarships

Students do not need to submit a scholarship application for the renewal. Students will need to reapply each year in order to receive the endowed SoE scholarships. Eligible to receive a prorated portion of their merit scholarships based on the cost for attendance and the number of credits taken during the last semester. Graduating Presidential scholars with part-time status living on campus are eligible to receive the R B portion of the scholarship. Please note that the commuters are not eligible for the R B portion of the Presidential scholarship. The appeals with extenuating circumstance must be submitted immediately or within a month after the merit scholarships are dropped. The appeals must be submitted within two regular semesters or one academic year after the merit scholarships are dropped.

Amount: $14000
UW Law School Scholarship Donors

The Scholarship is awarded to deserving law students based on merit. This scholarship was created to provide scholarship support to students pursuing a law degree with the intent of improving environmental policies and laws at a local, national, or international level. The scholarship is awarded to Wisconsin residents with merit and financial need. This scholarship provides merit-based support for highly promising law students, with a preference for Wisconsin residents. The scholarship celebrates Mr. Walsh’s service to the legal profession, and to the athletic program at the University of Wisconsin, where he served as boxing coach from 19 to 1958, leading the Wisconsin boxing team to eight team championships. The George and Lillian Young Scholarship was established by friends and family of the Youngs.

Annual Scholarships + Awards

Students must be pursuing a degree in the field of STEM Recipients of this scholarship must be full-time, students with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0. Robbin Mele Scholarship Created by Robbin Mele, a SUNY Poly Board of Trustees honorary member, the recipient must be full time matriculated students with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0. Scholarship and financial assistance awards made from the Dr. Brij Mullick Endowed Scholarship Fund shall be made to deserving full-time first-year student with preference given to a first-year student majoring in Psychology.