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Amount: $6000
CST Scholarships

Females and ethnic minorities are especially encouraged to .Scholarship recipients must maintain the minimum GPA each semester and participate in activities as a computer science, mathematics, natural sciences or engineering majors in order to be eligible for renewal each semester. Scholarship recipient may accept other scholarships and grant in conjunction with this scholarship. The recipient of the scholarship will be determined by the College of Sciences and Technology Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship Selection Committee. Priority is given to applications that best demonstrate the potential impact of the scholarship on the educational and personal goals of the applicant, the applicant’s commitment to scholarship in mathematics, and the applicant’s educational background as documented by official transcripts.

Endowed Scholarships

Kairis — Michael and Gail Kairis Endowed Construction and Education Scholarship. Simpson Endowed Scholarship for Minorities and Women. Stout N — Ross and Fran Stout Endowed Scholarship for Nursing.

Amount: $14000
UW Law School Scholarship Donors

This scholarship was created to provide scholarship support to students pursuing a law degree with the intent of improving environmental policies and laws at a local, national, or international level. This scholarship supports students with demonstrated financial need, with a preference for students from underrepresented minorities or challenging socioeconomic backgrounds. The scholarship celebrates Mr. Walsh’s service to the legal profession, and to the athletic program at the University of Wisconsin, where he served as boxing coach from 19 to 1958, leading the Wisconsin boxing team to eight team championships. The scholarship is awarded to deserving students with financial need. The George and Lillian Young Scholarship was established by friends and family of the Youngs. The scholarship is awarded to worthy law students with financial need.

Annual Scholarships + Awards

General Electric Scholarship Scholarship and financial assistance awards made from the General Electric Scholarship shall be awarded to students who are majoring in the technologies including computer science and telecommunications, with preference to women, Vietnam veterans, or minority students. Students must be pursuing a degree in the field of STEM Recipients of this scholarship must be full-time, students with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0. Robbin Mele Scholarship Created by Robbin Mele, a SUNY Poly Board of Trustees honorary member, the recipient must be full time matriculated students with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0. Scholarship and financial assistance awards made from the Dr. Brij Mullick Endowed Scholarship Fund shall be made to deserving full-time first-year student with preference given to a first-year student majoring in Psychology.


The Jerry and Krishna Walker Scholarship is awarded to support students from traditionally underrepresented minority groups pursing a graduate degree in the Center for Information and Communication Sciences. The Freshman Achievement Scholarship is a one-time, non-renewable award from the Journalism and funded by alumni and general scholarship gifts. The Michael Smith Scholarship is a renewable scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman journalism major with an academic index of 3.0 or higher, or transfer student with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Scholarship amounts vary each year, but generally award between $500-$3.000 per scholarship. Recipients of this one-year scholarship must be current graduate students in the department’s public relations program.

Financing Your Education

Spend some time researching scholarships as they can be a big factor in financing their years at college. Their academic scholarship amount and GPA maintenance requirements are tied to the semester applicant started at Doane. The scholarship may only be awarded once per student, but students who have not received the scholarship may re . Many different types of scholarships are available to minorities, LGBTQ, and women. Detailed information scholarships available to minority students can be found on their. The Grand Island Community Foundation manages over 60 scholarship funds and awards than 100 scholarships annually ranging from $250-$5,000. Eligibility requirements for graduate scholarships typically vary according to the source and type of scholarship.

Scholarships in North Carolina

Applicant must be a minority, majoring in fashion, film and television, sound design, performing arts, production design or advertising design. Priority is given to minorities, displaced workers, women in non-traditional fields, students with a high. This scholarship was introduced to attract outstanding nurses to pursue a masters degree in nursing as preparation for them to teach nurse education programs and to provide nursing services to citizens of North Carolina.

Other Scholarship Resources

ASNT Graduate FellowshipFunds student research activity in nondestructive testing at the graduate level, either master’s or doctoral. Erma Byrd Scholarship ProgramThe Erma Byrd Scholarship Program provides scholarships to individuals pursuing a course of study that will lead to a career in industrial health and safety occupations, including mine safety. Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship AwardMerit-based scholarship to graduate students in science fields. Hispanic Scholarship FundThe College Scholarship Program is available on a competitive basis to community college, four-year college and graduate students of Hispanic heritage. Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers ScholarshipUp to four scholarships available. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program Offered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to graduate students in STEM fields. Preference is given to women and minorities.


The College of Health Sciences and Professions is proud to offer a variety of scholarship funding for the university students. As a result of alumni contributions beginning in 1986-1987, the College has established an endowed alumni scholarship fund. Scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated academic achievement and who have the ability to excel in their chosen field of study. Harter Endowed Scholarship for Minorities in the College of Health Sciences and Professions. Awarded to minority students enrolled in the College of Health Sciences and Professions and based upon demonstrated academic achievement with financial need considered.

Amount: $10000
Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Graduate Scholarship

The NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics and the NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee collaborated to establish the Ethnic Minority and Women's Enhancement Graduate Scholarship. The enhancement programs' mission is to expand the pool of eligible minority and female applicants in intercollegiate athletics by providing graduate scholarships. The NCAA gives $10,000 to 13 ethnic minorities and 13 female college graduates completing their first year of graduate school.