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Amount: $6000
CST Scholarships

Females and ethnic minorities are especially encouraged to .Scholarship recipients must maintain the minimum GPA each semester and participate in activities as a computer science, mathematics, natural sciences or engineering majors in order to be eligible for renewal each semester. Scholarship recipient may accept other scholarships and grant in conjunction with this scholarship. The recipient of the scholarship will be determined by the College of Sciences and Technology Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship Selection Committee. Priority is given to applications that best demonstrate the potential impact of the scholarship on the educational and personal goals of the applicant, the applicant’s commitment to scholarship in mathematics, and the applicant’s educational background as documented by official transcripts.

Amount: $1000

The Jerry and Krishna Walker Scholarship is awarded to support students from traditionally underrepresented minority groups pursing a graduate degree in the Center for Information and Communication Sciences. The Freshman Achievement Scholarship is a one-time, non-renewable award from the Journalism and funded by alumni and general scholarship gifts. The Michael Smith Scholarship is a renewable scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman journalism major with an academic index of 3.0 or higher, or transfer student with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Scholarship amounts vary each year, but generally award between $500-$3.000 per scholarship. Recipients of this one-year scholarship must be current graduate students in the department’s public relations program.

Student Scholarships Funds

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta provides hundreds of scholarships each year to students through a variety of scholarship funds. Graduate with a cumulative, weighted GPA of at least 75 to qualify for a scholarship to a technical or associate degree program. Graduate with a cumulative, weighted GPA of at least 80 to qualify for a scholarship to a four-year college or university. Full-time enrollment partial scholarships may be considered at the discretion of the Dreams2 Scholarship Committee for part-time students. Relatives of members of the Dreams2 Scholarship Committee are not eligible for this scholarship. Academic or disciplinary violations resulting in a Brumley-GRAD Scholar’s suspension or expulsion from their school will result in a one year suspension of the scholarship.

Amount: $1200
School of Medicine Greenville - Scholarships

All applications for scholarship undergo a holistic review that focuses on four major areas: admission committee score, financial need, metrics, and distance travelled It is possible for a student excelling in any of these areas to receive a scholarship of any level. $20,000Each year, a number of non-resident students are awarded a one-time scholarship of $20,000 to defray some of the cost difference between resident and non-resident tuition. $2,000 The Kaiser East Bay residency programs aim to train a diverse group of resident physicians including underrepresented groups and minorities who represent and care for the East Bay community. Expand allUnderrepresented in Medicine Award Students apply directly to the AMA Foundation for this scholarship opportunity.

Hospitality Scholarships

AHLEF offers a wide array of scholarship opportunities available to incoming freshmen through graduate students. Grilla Grills is proud to offer a $500 scholarship to an aspiring culinary student with the university Grilla Grills National Culinary Education Scholarship to assist them in furthering their culinary education. The deadline for receiving scholarship submitted applications will occur bi-annually,on July 15th for the July 31st scholarship and on January 15th for the January 31st scholarship. The Scottsdale Recovery Center Humanitarian Scholarship Program will provide $1500 to a student for use in or graduate education programs. Students ing for this scholarship must be enrolling in a university of higher learning next year or currently enrolled at a collegiate institution in a program that culminates with a bachelor or graduate degree.

Scholarships in North Carolina

Applicant must be a minority, majoring in fashion, film and television, sound design, performing arts, production design or advertising design. Priority is given to minorities, displaced workers, women in non-traditional fields, students with a high. This scholarship was introduced to attract outstanding nurses to pursue a masters degree in nursing as preparation for them to teach nurse education programs and to provide nursing services to citizens of North Carolina.

Other Scholarship Resources

ASNT Graduate FellowshipFunds student research activity in nondestructive testing at the graduate level, either master’s or doctoral. Erma Byrd Scholarship ProgramThe Erma Byrd Scholarship Program provides scholarships to individuals pursuing a course of study that will lead to a career in industrial health and safety occupations, including mine safety. Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship AwardMerit-based scholarship to graduate students in science fields. Hispanic Scholarship FundThe College Scholarship Program is available on a competitive basis to community college, four-year college and graduate students of Hispanic heritage. Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers ScholarshipUp to four scholarships available. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program Offered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to graduate students in STEM fields. Preference is given to women and minorities.

Amount: $10000
Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Graduate Scholarship

The NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics and the NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee collaborated to establish the Ethnic Minority and Women's Enhancement Graduate Scholarship. The enhancement programs' mission is to expand the pool of eligible minority and female applicants in intercollegiate athletics by providing graduate scholarships. The NCAA gives $10,000 to 13 ethnic minorities and 13 female college graduates completing their first year of graduate school.

Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Graduate Scholarship

The Ethnic Minority and Women Enhancement Graduate Scholarship were developed by the NCAA Committee on Women Athletics and the NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee. The goal of the enhancement programs is to increase the pool of and opportunities for qualified minority and female candidates in intercollegiate athletics through graduate scholarships. Foreign applicants ARE eligible to receive an NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women Enhancement Graduate Scholarship. A subcommittee from the Committee on Women Athletics selects 13 scholarship recipients, and a subcommittee from the Minorities Opportunities and Interests Committee selects 13 scholarship recipients. An award or a fellowship from a non-NCAA source shall not preclude the applicant from being considered for an NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women Enhancement Programs' Graduate Scholarship.