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Amount: $1000
Office for International Students and Scholars

The Lillian Kumata Scholarship Program, through Community Volunteers for International Programs , provides a limited number of need-based, partial tuition scholarships to MSU international students and scholars and their spouses for the fall and spring semesters, up to $2,500. OISS International Student Emergency Assistance Award: Awards provide emergency assistance for enrolled F-1 or J-1 international students who are in critical, financial distress during their studies at Michigan State University: OISS is able to provide emergency financial assistance for international student drawing funds from the David D. To apply for emergency assistance from OISS, please complete the OISS International Student Emergency Assistance Award e-form. Horner International Student Scholarship Fund or donate to the International Student Emergency Fund.

International Students

The University of South Alabama has one of the most comprehensive scholarship programs in Alabama, and is proud to offer a number of scholarship opportunities for international students. The Hinson International Student Endowed Scholarship was established by Robert and Brenda Hinson for the purpose of providing financial assistance to an international student who demonstrates high academic achievement and has completed two semesters at USA. The International Students Endowed Scholarship was established for the purpose of providing financial assistance to deserving international students. The Kubik-Hooker Scholarship is awarded annually to an international student from Eastern European and European regions with a preference for Slovakia. Be sure to complete their General Scholarship Application within the JagSPOTportal each year to review additional departmental scholarships.

Amount: $3000

The majority of scholarships are awarded between December and February of each admission cycle or until the scholarship funds are exhausted. To ensure the award of the Scholarship, recipients must accept their scholarship award and pay the two $500 seat deposits by the required dates. To maintain eligibility for these scholarships, students must achieve a required minimum cumulative grade point average as stated in their original scholarship acceptance letter. · To ensure the award of the Scholarship, recipients must accept their scholarship award and pay the two $500 seat deposits by the required dates. To ensure the award of the Scholarship, the recipient must accept the scholarship award and pay the two $500 seat deposits by the required dates.

Amount: $10000
Office of International Affairs

IUPUI offers a variety of scholarships to international students. If applicant plan to enroll in a fall term, apply by November 1 for maximum scholarship consideration or apply by February 15 for merit scholarship consideration. Most admission-based scholarships require that applicant maintain a GPA of 3.0 to renew the scholarships from year to year. IUPUI awards a limited number of merit scholarships to incoming first-year international students each year. These scholarships are available to first-year international students applying for a Fall term. Competitive scholarships cannot be combined with merit scholarships. Plater International Scholars Program available to one international student per year. IUPUI awards a limited number of merit scholarships of $10,000 per year to incoming international transfer students each year.

International Scholarships

International students are eligible for academic scholarships from Truman. In fact, approximately 85% of all new international students receive some financial assistance through a scholarship. These scholarships are even renewable, providing assistance to applicant for up to four years. Truman State University is pleased to offer partial scholarships to international students, but the university seldom offer full scholarships that cover tuition and all other fees. The President’s Honorary Scholarship is awarded at the time of admission and cannot be increased after their enrollment. However, Truman State University makes other types of scholarships available to students during their studies, such as the Foundation Scholarships. The Truman State University Foundation provides than 400 Foundation Scholarships. The criterion for eligibility varies for each scholarship.

Amount: $3500
International Scholarships

The International Academic Scholarship and International Departmental Scholarship may be awarded together, but may not be combined with any other academic scholarships. Awards are renewable by maintaining minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Fine Arts Scholarships are based upon the results of performance auditions or portfolio review. May be combined with academic scholarship, not to exceed the cost of tuition. May be combined with academic and departmental scholarships, not to exceed the cost of tuition. Talent Scholarships may be combined with academic scholarships however, talent scholarships are not stackable with departmental scholarships, with the exception of Art and Film Scholarships which may be combined with both academic and departmental scholarships, not to exceed the cost of tuition.

International Chancellor Scholarship

The International Chancellor’s Scholarship makes earning a world-class Rutgers degree possible for nonsponsored, international students who hold an F-1 visa. Receive a scholarship of up to $15,000 per year when applicant enroll as an international first-year or transfer student. There is no separate application for the scholarship. Applicant may be eligible for the International Chancellor Scholarship for CCC.

Amount: $2000
Women in Business Scholarship

Zonta annually awards up to 32 scholarships of US$2,000 each at the district region level and six international scholarships in the amount of US$8,000 each. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship recipients may not apply to renew the Scholarship for a second year. Classified members (club members and individuals with direct membership with Zonta International) and employees of Zonta International and Zonta Foundation for Women, and their family members (ancestors, descendants, adoptees, siblings, nieces or cousins, and those of their spouse or co-habiting partner), are not eligible to apply for the Scholarship. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships are made possible through investment income generated by the Klausman bequest, and by generous contributions from Zontians, Zonta clubs and friends of Zonta to the Jane M.

Amount: $5000
International Scholarships

UB offers special opportunities for incoming international students to receive academic scholarships to help them pay for their studies. No separate application form is required to be considered for these scholarships. These scholarships range between $10,000 and $18,000 and are based on their previous performance in higher education. Students who receive partial scholarships are required to pay the remaining costs, not covered by their scholarships, upon their arrival to the University of Bridgeport. The University of Bridgeport is very pleased to announce that the University of Bridgeport offers an international graduate scholarship program for incoming international graduate students. All applicants will automatically be considered for a scholarship when they send in the University of Bridgeport international application and all admissions materials.

Joint PhD Program Funding

This award provides two scholarships, one for students in the MSW program and one for the students in the Joint PhD Program who have interest in social policy or community organization. To be eligible for the award, a student must be in good standing and the research must be related to international aspects of social welfare social work topics. There is no preference for particular fields of study and Rackham and the International Institute aim to fund a diverse array of students and projects.