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International Students

The University of South Alabama has one of the most comprehensive scholarship programs in Alabama, and is proud to offer a number of scholarship opportunities for international students. The Hinson International Student Endowed Scholarship was established by Robert and Brenda Hinson for the purpose of providing financial assistance to an international student who demonstrates high academic achievement and has completed two semesters at USA. The International Students Endowed Scholarship was established for the purpose of providing financial assistance to deserving international students. The Kubik-Hooker Scholarship is awarded annually to an international student from Eastern European and European regions with a preference for Slovakia. Be sure to complete their General Scholarship Application within the JagSPOTportal each year to review additional departmental scholarships.

Amount: $3000

The majority of scholarships are awarded between December and February of each admission cycle or until the scholarship funds are exhausted. To ensure the award of the Scholarship, recipients must accept their scholarship award and pay the two $500 seat deposits by the required dates. To maintain eligibility for these scholarships, students must achieve a required minimum cumulative grade point average as stated in their original scholarship acceptance letter. · To ensure the award of the Scholarship, recipients must accept their scholarship award and pay the two $500 seat deposits by the required dates. To ensure the award of the Scholarship, the recipient must accept the scholarship award and pay the two $500 seat deposits by the required dates.

Amount: $27000
Scholarships for International Students

A scholarship for exceptional international students, this $27,000 scholarship is awarded at the time of admission and is renewable if the student remains in good academic standing. An academic scholarship for international students, this $24.000 scholarship is awarded at the time of admission and is renewable if the student remains in good academic standing. The ELI To Degree Scholarship of $4,600 semester may be awarded for up to two semesters of degree study at North Central College upon successful completion of the advanced level of North Central English Language Institute An academic scholarship for exceptional international students is offered to qualified students at the time of admission. An academic scholarship for international students is offered to qualified students at the time of admission.

Amount: $2000
Women in Business Scholarship

Zonta annually awards up to 32 scholarships of US$2,000 each at the district region level and six international scholarships in the amount of US$8,000 each. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship recipients may not apply to renew the Scholarship for a second year. Classified members (club members and individuals with direct membership with Zonta International) and employees of Zonta International and Zonta Foundation for Women, and their family members (ancestors, descendants, adoptees, siblings, nieces or cousins, and those of their spouse or co-habiting partner), are not eligible to apply for the Scholarship. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships are made possible through investment income generated by the Klausman bequest, and by generous contributions from Zontians, Zonta clubs and friends of Zonta to the Jane M.

Amount: $1000

The Rexann Oller International Students Scholarship will be awarded each year to an international student who shows academic achievement in international affairs and or strong background and interest in international relations. This scholarship is open to all Arkansas Tech International and graduate students who have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need. Established as a tribute to John Rollow to assist non-traditional students in English and Creative Writing with tuition expenses, this scholarship is open to any non-traditional or graduate student with demonstrated financial need and a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher. This scholarship will be awarded as funds are sufficient to a College Student Personnel major who has demonstrated financial need.

International Tuition, Fees, and Scholarships

UW-Stout offers International Student Tuition Scholarships to qualified international students based on their academic achievement or grade point average , financial need, and their participation in cultural and community activities. The total amount of scholarship can be changed each semester and is based on the availability of funding. These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to full-time students. A cumulative UW-Stout graduate GPA in their program must be at 3.0 or higher in order to be eligible for a scholarship. Please Customized Instruction and ESL programs and classes are not eligible for the International Tuition Scholarship. The International Student Tuition Scholarship is competitive and is based on academic merit. While all applicants are considered, there is no scholarship guarantee.


Hendrik Ezerman Foundation Scholarship based on an annual piano competition Donald Chittum Scholarship Esther Gowen Hood Music Scholarship Evan Solot Scholarship Grube Scholarship for Piano Heinz P. Student Financial Services advises student to never pay to apply for a scholarship. If applicant receive an outside scholarship, please notify Student Financial Services by sending a copy of the scholarship letter so applicant may receive a pending credit to be issued on their bill. Scholarships in excess of total costs or demonstrated need may sometimes result in changes to their award offer. A range of generous, merit-based scholarships are available for UArts students, including international students. Scholarships are competitive and vary in amount but offer a considerable reduction in the price of tuition.

LL.M. in International Law

Scholarships are available for outstanding students interested in international law and are admitted to Stetson Law International Law LL.M. Program. Scholarship applications will not be considered until applicants submit their completed application for Stetson’s Master of Laws program in International Law. Postgrad Solutions now offer 15 scholarships across a number of subject areas.

Amount: $5000
Scholarship Bulletin Board

The program will award four students with a $5,000 scholarship each. The awarded scholarships will include: Two scholarships awarded to recipients making an impact on mental health, Two scholarships awarded to graduate recipients making an impact on mental health. Since 1999 the Portland Chapter of the CFMA has provided scholarships to deserving students wishing to pursue careers in accounting, finance or construction management. Brown, PC is now accepting applications for the firm’s National Founder’s Scholarship, a $500 stipend that will be awarded to a current full time the students.S. graduate business student with a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship. MusicAuthority is offering a scholarship to help give back to the music community and support higher education.


Chiechi Scholarship: The Chiechi family established this scholarship in memory of their daughter, Lavinia Johanne Chiechi. Kalin Family Scholarship: The Kalin Family Endowed Scholarship is awarded to one MSFS student with high academic and extracurricular achievement. Kellen MSFS Scholarship: The Kellen Foundation was established in 1984 to support cultural programs, education, religious institutions, the media, and international relations projects relating to Germany. This Fund provides MSFS scholarships for first or second year students selected by the MSFS Scholarship Committee. Ranftle Scholarship: H.K. Ranftle, Jr endowed this scholarship in 1991 to support a second-year MSFS student with significant financial need. Oxenstierna Scholarship: David Oxenstierna, F’87, MSFS’89, established this scholarship to support MSFS students.