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Amount: $10000
Diversity and InclusionScholarships

The scholarships are based on leadership qualities, professional and personal life accomplishments, past academic achievement, and commitment to making a difference in communities and organizations. These scholarships are open to all first and second year African American, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American and Bi-Racial ATLA Law student Members. This Scholarship will be awarded to a student who has demonstrated strong academic performance, interest or leadership with respect to communities of color, and an aspiration to pursue a legal career. The LMJ Scholarships will provide ten selected students with $10,000 a year for three years.

Amount: $2500
Athletic Training Scholarships

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association provides a number of scholarships to eligible students on the basis of academic and clinical excellence as well as participation in campus and community activities that demonstrate qualities of leadership and service. Has inaugurated a scholarship program honoring outstanding students from the EATA membership who have excelled academically and clinically as entry-level athletic training students. At present, ten $2,500.00 grants are awarded annually to students in entry-level accredited curriculum or candidacy programs who have participated with distinction in a college or university athletic training program. The Ethnic Minority and Women's Enhancement Postgraduate Scholarship for Careers in Athletics programs were developed by the NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics and the NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee.

Amount: $2000
Multicultural Scholarships

The Arkansas Higher Education offers the Minority Teacher Scholars Program to African-American, Hispanic, Asian-American, and Native American students. It is designed to provide scholarships to students who will be attending public or private institutions of higher education in the State of Arkansas with approved teacher education programs. The William Randolph Hearst Foundation established an endowment at ASU in the mid-1980 to provide scholarships for minority students. Examples of ideal applicants include, but are not limited to, students from racial minorities typically underrepresented in higher education, first generation college students, women pursuing a degree in a STEM or typically male-dominated industries, students with disabilities, and or similar situations. Try this scholarship guide from Scholarship Guide.

Amount: $1916
Scholarship Descriptions

MICHAEL BLANCHETTE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP This memorial scholarship was established by the parents of former student Michael S. CASH-BRYSON SCHOLARSHIP The Cash-Bryson Scholarship was created by August and Esther Joyce Bryson Cash in honor of their parents, John and Mary Cash and Joseph and Agnes Bryson. Champlin, Jr. established this scholarship to aid students majoring in Mechanical Engineering. EDWARDS DEMING SCHOLARSHIP The Deming scholarship was established in 1983 to honor W. Grover '35 Endowed Scholarship Fund' is to provide scholarship support for students studying in any engineering major at the University of New Hampshire. HAMEL CONSTRUCTION GROUP SCHOLARSHIP The Hamel Construction Group Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of J. OLIVETTE HEMON SCHOLARSHIP The late Olivette Hemon was a UNH graduate in the late 1940 .

Amount: $1000

This graduate scholarship was created to help defray the cost of professional development activities. The purpose of this award is to encourage graduate research activity by recognizing exceptional student research projects and defraying some of the expenses associated with the student research. Up to three Graduate Student Awards will be presented. The amount of the scholarship is $4000.00. The National Athletic Trainers’ Association provides a number of scholarships to eligible students on the basis of academic and clinical excellence as well as participation in campus and community activities that demonstrate qualities of leadership and service. The amount of each scholarship is $2300.00.

Amount: $3200
Myths of Private College Affordability

Last year, private colleges awarded than $270 million in grants and scholarships. In Virginia, private colleges enroll a higher percentage of federal Pell Grant recipients and minority students than public colleges. They don’t mention thatup to 40% of all student debt is for graduate education. Reality:EMU participates in Federal Student Aid program. EMU also participates in the Virginia Tuition Assistance Program , which provides an annual grant to Virginia residents attending a private college in the state.

Scholarships Aid

The Kaiser, Meyer, and Norton Scholarships are full-tuition scholarships that are awarded to the top three applicants in biblical concentrations, theological concentrations, and intercultural education concentrations. To honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., one graduate student each year will be awarded with a full-tuition scholarship, as part of the new Dream Forward Scholarship Initiative.

Amount: $20000
1L Scholarships

The scholarship application is due on March 30. Recipients of the MLK, Jr. Scholarship are still eligible for other merit scholarships and need-based grants. The University of California-Davis is pleased to offer four $60,000, three-year scholarships exclusively to students ing through the Early Decision program. The Environmental Leadership Scholar will be chosen from early decision applicants who have a background in environmental science and a passion to help translate environmental scholarship and academic initiatives into effective and timely public policy. The university encourage all applicants to seek scholarship support from outside organizations.

External Scholarships middot Rosalind Franklin University

This is a listing of some individual scholarship opportunities that students may wish to investigate. While it does take time to explore outside scholarship opportunities, keep in mind that every scholarship dollar earned is one dollar less in debt applicant will have to repay someday.

MSW Program Grants and Scholarships

Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship-National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ». The Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship is available to a graduate student who is a member of the NAACP. The American Association of University Women provides funding for women pursuing graduate study. The Armenian International Women Association Scholarship awarded to full-time female students of Armenian descent. The Byron Hanke Fellowship is awarded to graduate students to implement research projects related to the development, management and governance of common interest communities and their community associations. Scott Memorial Fund provides a scholarship targeted to but not limited to minority ethnic racial individuals.