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MSW Scholarships

These scholarships may be awarded based on need and or merit, depending on the individual scholarship. This award is intended primarily for first-year MSW students. The Joanna Finkelstein Gorham Scholarship was established by Louise H. The fund supports MSW students in financial need and in good academic standing, particularly those interested in working with the elderly population. The Betsy Rogers Millar Scholarship Fund was established in 1989 by Dr. Jack R. The Jane Curtis Parker Scholarship, established by the family and friends of Jane Curtis Parker, a 1954 alumna, is awarded to a rising second-year student whose qualities embody Mrs. Royall, Jr. Scholarship was established in honor of Kenneth C.

BSW Scholarships

This scholarship is supported through funds raised at a golf tournament in honor of Tennyson Cecchini and with the support of Utah’s Opioid Task Force and The Ron McBride Foundation. Over time this endowment has grown to support a scholarship as well. The scholarship is given to a BSW or MSW student who shares those interests. This scholarship was established to honor the late Senator Pete Suazo. The College of Social Work and the Suazo family are proud to provide this scholarship to a full-time student who has financial need and who demonstrates a strong commitment to and leadership potential in issues of social and economic justice. The Warshaw Scholarship is awarded annually to social work students based on merit and need.

Amount: $10000
Master of Social Work Stipends

In addition to scholarships, stipends help supplement the cost of their education. The Collaborative Learning and Innovative Educational Models of Behavioral Health Program is a behavioral health workforce program that provides 50 MSW students in their concentration year a $10,000 stipend and specialized training. MSW students complete field internships in an integrated behavioral health setting and are committed to working in integrated behavioral health in Colorado or the Four Corners region after graduation.

Joint PhD Program Funding

This award provides two scholarships, one for students in the MSW program and one for the students in the Joint PhD Program who have interest in social policy or community organization.

Joint PhD Program Funding

This award provides two scholarships, one for students in the MSW program and one for the students in the Joint PhD Program who have interest in social policy or community organization.


The University of Cincinnati Speech-Language Pathology program has stipends and scholarships that will be awarded to students based on quality of academic record and performance in the program. Provided scholarship shall be awarded to graduate students enrolled in the Communication Sciences and Disorders in speech language pathology with preference given to students enrolled in the online program. Students must maintain all of the required eligibility requirements in their offer letter to maintain their tuition scholarship. It is the donor’s preference that the scholarship be awarded each year to a single parent.

Dr. Neta Kolasa Scholarship

Recipients awarded the Kolasa Scholarship will receive a one-time annual award in the amount of $5,000.00. A cover letter indicating their interest in being considered for this scholarship. Recipients of the Kolasa Scholarship are required to attend the awards reception. A date for the reception is announced upon selection of the scholarship recipients. A call for Kolasa Scholarship Applications is announced annually. Scholarships will be awarded to five recipients.