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Tuition Aid

Part-time tuition per credit hour for all part-time students. Graduate Incentive Award : All full time students are automatically evaluated for scholarship eligibility. Part time students can request scholarship review but are required to submit documentation related to employer contributions. Certificate programs are not eligible for federal financial aid.


Graduate Assistants must be registered as full-time students whether they hold a full-time appointment or a part-time appointment. GAs with appointments during the Summer have the option to register for the graduate assistantship course, GRAD 603. C) GRAD 600, GRAD 601, and GRAD 603 are not eligible for financial aid, nor are they considered when determining financial aid eligibility .

Amount: $1000
BIS in Individualized Study

The Jack Fahey Giving Back Scholarship is open for application by BIS students. This fund provides $1000 in scholarship awards to BIS students each year. The BIS Scholarship fund provides $500 $1000 awards to BIS students.

Federal Work Study

The university’re here to help answer any financial aid questions. FWS eligibility is based upon demonstrated financial need and is part of the total financial aid package. Both graduate and students are considered for FWS. Amount: $1,000 per term for s $2,000 per term for graduate students. International students and students who have no financial need may be employed through the Student Employment Program.

Tuition Fees

Similar to the university application processes for admission and financial aid, the university strive to make the university billing as simple as possible. Comprehensive Fee for full-time graduate students, per semester Comprehensive Fee for part-time graduate students, per semester.

Graduate Admission

MET offers than 60 full and part-time degree and certificate programs in fields as varied as financial management, city planning, computer science, chain management, project management, and applied business analytics. STH offers an array of graduate professional programs, preparing students for ministries and vocations that foster personal and social transformation.