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Graduate Assistantships Information

Assistantships may only be awarded to graduate students who have unqualified admission to the College of Graduate Studies under the Regular degree admission classification. Provisional degree or non-degree admits are not eligible to hold a graduate assistantship. Graduate Assistants must be registered for a minimum of 9 credit hours of course work for Fall or Spring semester, within the program of study throughout the period of the assistantship. Student must be registered during the term in which they hold an assistantship. Full time Graduate Assistants can expect to work a maximum of 20 hrs wk in both the fall and spring semesters. Federal law generally limits the number of hours that international students can work on campus to 20 hrs wk in the fall and spring semesters.


All students interested in applying for a Graduate Assistantship listed should read the Conditions of Appointment for Graduate Assistantships and Application Process prior to submitting an application. Assistantships will be in effect for the 2021-2022 academic year, commencing with the first day of the fall semester and terminating the last day of the spring semester. Science, Math Computer Science Department Reports to Dr. Mary Lynn Grayeski Applicants applying for the full-time graduate assistantship position working under the supervision of Dr. Mary Lynn Grayeski should have a Bachelor degree in Science Previous experience as a lab assistant, research student, or laboratory work experience is preferred.

Graduate Assistantships

Assistantships than 3.000 assistantships are available to qualified graduate students. Graduate assistants are responsible for knowing the specific policies and procedures that govern their particular assistantship and academic program. Doctoral students with quarter-time or half-time assistantships must carry at least 3 credits Master’s students with quarter-time assistantships or half-time assistantships must carry at least 6 credits. Doctoral and master’s students with three-quarter-time assistantships must carry at least 3 credits. Lifelong Education students and College of Law students are not eligible for graduate assistantships. Dually enrolled bachelor’s master’s degree students are not eligible for graduate assistantships until the minimum number of credits required for a first bachelor degree is completed.

Graduate, Teaching and Research Assistantships

Completion of 18 graduate semester credit hours in the field is required for teaching assistantships. Teaching assistantships are for the fall and or spring and carry a stipend. Research assistantships are staff appointments and are available for some university research projects. All graduate students who are awarded assistantships must be enrolled in graduate coursework during the terms of their appointments.


Students enrolled for dissertation hours only will be allowed to hold an assistantship for a maximum of two semesters provided they are enrolled for a minimum of hours of dissertation each semester. Students may not hold a single appointment or combination of appointments exceeding 20 hours a week for any semester, as that moves the student from a student status and is contrary to the intent of assistantships.

Amount: $5200
Graduate Assistantships and

The GTA is not permitted to work than 20 hours per week during the fall or spring semesters Graduate Research Assistant : A Graduate Research Assistant is employed by the university to perform duties related to a scholarly project or program of research under the guidance and direction of an academic or administrative unit. The GRA is not permitted to work than 20 hours per week at APSU during the fall or spring semesters Graduate Student Worker : A GSW is employed by the university in university related duties for hourly pay. The College of Graduate Studies does not normally award graduate assistantships for the summer term.

Graduate Assistantships

To be eligible for an assistantship, applicant must be admitted into one of the following on-campus graduate programs prior to being awarded an assistantship. Applicant must have a course load of at least nine credits per semester to be eligible for and maintain an assistantship. Their supervisor will evaluate their performance at the end of the fall semester to determine if their assistantship will be renewed for spring. Applicant also must maintain a 3.0 GPA during each semester to keep their assistantship. Prospective graduate students interested in an assistantship should submit the online Graduate Assistantship Application. The final deadline to apply for an assistantship is June 15. Following that date, notifications will be delivered continuously until all assistantships are awarded.


Graduate assistantships are a popular way in which the University financially supports graduate students while providing important professional development. Satisfactory academic progress and time-to-degree play important roles when determining the qualification of a student for an assistantship. A waiver for up to 12 credit hours of tuition for the summer term immediately following a fall or spring appointment. To be eligible for an assistantship a student must, generally,. Pre-Professional Assistantships provide valuable on-campus professional development for students working outside of the classroom or research areas. Graduate assistantships whose job assignments are closely aligned with their programs of study may be classified as pre-professional assistants. Any graduate student can apply for the various assistantships available.


Graduate assistantships provide financial assistance to graduate students as they pursue a degree. There are two kinds of assistantships: Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Graduate Research Assistantships Graduate assistants must be registered for at least 9 semester hours of graduate credit courses in the Spring and Fall in which they hold an appointment. Please assistantships are provided by the department and are highly competitive. Applicants should submit the Assistantship Application to the their program.

Amount: $15000
Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

A number of exceptional graduate students within the department are supported by assistantships every year. Research assistantships, one type of assistantship, provide an average stipend of at least $15,000 per year and can offer a full waiver of tuition and fees. Other types of assistantships are teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships, and project assistantships. Students who are employed on any type of assistantship receive student health insurance as part of their benefit. Because of the quality of the university program, the demand for assistantships is competitive. Most assistantship positions become available for the fall semester and continue through the year, but occasionally some are available starting in the spring semester.