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Graduate Education Enrichment Fund

The Graduate Education Enrichment Fund is managed by an administrator appointed by the Graduate Committee the student representative to the Graduate Committee also serves as liaison to GEEF.

Amount: $1000
Conferences Funding Opportunities - School of Theology and Ministry

The Center for Christian-Jewish Learning Junior Scholars Research Grants support Boston College graduate students pursuing research that is of value to the field of Christian-Jewish relations. Grants may support recipients' production of articles, book sections or chapters, conference presentations, digital materials, translations, or other scholarly resources. Research grants are one-time awards of $1,000. Up to five research grants are awarded each academic year and each summer. Students interested in conference funding are encouraged to for conference funding through the Graduate Student Association After a student has applied for funding through the GSA, they may for conference funding through the STM Individual Conference Grant.

Faculty Enrichment Grants

Grants for expenses associated with research for potential courses are generally not considered. Proposal: One to two-page description of the project and its relevance to their practice, including an assessment of the likelihood of the grant allowing for the project’s completion. The grant amount will be added to a regular payroll payment soon after July 1, 2020.


Precision Health offers two competitive grants programs to support the development, growth, and enrichment of precision health tools, resources, and applications.

Grant Projects

These grants are meant to further the mission, vision and goals of NWO and support ongoing efforts in the area or STEM education training and outreach. Educator Professional Development: Training and enrichment activities for current and future STEM educators.