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Amount: $57528
Leslie Center for the Humanities

October 1: Interfolio Application for Mellon Fellowship due. Mellon Foundation, Dartmouth is pleased to accept applications for two postdoctoral fellowships in the humanities and humanistic social sciences from Fall 2020 to the end of Spring 2022.

Cogut Institute for the Humanities

Mellon Foundation funds the recruitment of two postdoctoral fellows annually. Postdoctoral Fellowships in International Humanities may also be defined in one of these ways. Individuals may not Cogut Institute for postdoctoral fellowships: the Institute does not recruit postdoctoral fellows directly. The Institute calls for departmental applications every year for the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships and every other year for the Postdoctoral Fellowships in International Humanities.


A fellowship provides to graduate students to pursue graduate studies without associated teaching or research responsibilities Fellowships are generally merit-based internal or external awards to support a student in a full-time course of study. UCLA’s fellowship database also offers an extensive list of external fellowship opportunities to consider. Approximately 20 percent of the university doctoral students studying on campus receive Cornell University Fellowships These fellowships typically include full tuition, a nine-month stipend, and Cornell individual student health insurance. SUNY Graduate Diversity Fellowship—for recruitment of new research degree students in graduate fields within contract colleges. The fellowship includes a nine-month stipend full tuition, and Cornell individual student health insurance.

City College Fellowships Program

The City College Fellowships Program is an umbrella program administering two fellowships: The City College Fellowship and the Mellon Mays Fellowship See the description of each fellowship for details.

Amount: $3000

Mellon Digital Humanities Fellowship: For the study of digital humanities. The Mellon Fellowship consists of a scholarship to cover full tuition and an annual, twelve-month stipend. In addition to any funds supplied by the graduate program at the University of Rochester, recipients of the Barowsky Fellowship will receive an annual award of $10,000 For those students admitted to a graduate program that provides a full tuition scholarship, the fellowship is used to enhance the student’s stipend and providing assistance for other expenses, such as living expenses and medical insurance coverage. Sproull Fellowship is the most prestigious fellowship awarded by the University of Rochester.

Amount: $1000
Cogut Institute for the Humanities

The Cogut Institute administers several fellowship and grant programs that support the pursuit of the humanities at Brown University. Mellon Foundation, also offers the Mellon Graduate Fellowship in Collaborative Humanities to students participating in or planning to participate in the Graduate Certificate Program in Collaborative Humanities.

Amount: $1000
Mellon Graduate Fellowship in Collaborative Humanities

Mellon Foundation, offers fellowships to students participating in or planning to participate in the Doctoral Certificate in Collaborative Humanities. Students already scheduled for a fellowship year, with approval of the student program, may defer that fellowship and be relieved of teaching duties in a later year. The fellowship does not extend the student funding clock. The fellowship is open to Brown University students pursuing doctorates in the humanities and the humanistic social sciences. Students hold the fellowship in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of their doctoral program. Fellowship recipients will be asked to provide the project description at a later time.

Velina Hasu Houston receives a TCG-Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant middot School of Dramatic

Mellon Foundation, will allow her to travel to Japan, Brazil, Canada and the Philippines to cultivate a play with international collaborators on Japanese-Brazilian (ethnic Japanese born and reared in Brazil) identity and culture. She has received fellowships from Japan Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Mellon Foundation, Wallace Foundation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, among others and has also received honors from Kennedy Center, Sidney Poitier, American Film Institute, LA Stage Alliance, among others.

Advanced Student Fellowships

SIRE Fellowship for Graduate Students in the Humanities and Social Sciences. SIRE Fellowship for Graduate Students in the Natural Sciences. Several fellowships require that applicant submit an Emory transcript. Many fellowships require that applicant submit an LGS Fellowships Application Cover Sheet.

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A huge database of funding opportunities for all disciplines The fellowship comes with a stipend that supplements other funding a student already receives. The Council on Library and Information Resources offers fellowships generously funded by the Andrew W. IDRF offers 80 fellowships annually that provide nine to twelve months of support to PhD candidates in US humanities or social science programs whose dissertation research is conducted on non-US topics. The SSRC supports several fellowships for mid-stage graduate students in the humanities and social sciences.