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Content Posted in 2009

Enigmatic Grants of Law-Making Rights and Responsibilities in the Wisconsin Constitution, Jack Stark.

Resources for Grants Financial Administrators

Like adjustments to grants' budgets, users should submit all relevant details related to updating a grant project end date to OCGA. A variety of reports are available within Oracle Cloud to provide key financial information for their grant. These reports reside in the Financial Reporting Center and in Reports Analytics As the university Oracle Cloud implementation matures, the university will continue to create and publish standardized reports specific for grants. When the other project is a grant, users must submit a request with all supporting details to OCGA, which will initiate the transaction. When the other project is a grant, users must submit a request with all supporting details to OCGA grants management, which will initiate the transaction.

Labor Course Development Grants

Grants will include a stipend to develop your syllabus, and possibly a grader or TA position (including a tuition waiver) to assist in teaching the course. You may use this opportunity to launch a new course, or to strengthen and expand on the labor content already present in a currently offered class. The goal of this grant is the expansion of Labor Studies curriculum at the UW; therefore, greater funding is available for new course proposals at the 100, 200 and 300 levels.

Amount: $12000
ISS' Small Grant Program

Research grant awardees can submit a conference grant proposal within the two year wait period and conference grant awardees can submit a research proposal within the two year wait period, as these are tracked separately. Research grant awardees must wait the full two years before submitting another research grant proposal and conference grant awardees must wait the two years before submitting another conference grant proposal. The proposed project will combine a literature review, analysis of existing data, and remote workshops with experts to review data collection metrics, propose improved metrics, and develop grant proposals to implement the use of improved metrics to analyze food system change, including through COVID-19, within aquatic systems.

Labor Research Grants for Graduate Students

The Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies currently seeks applications from University of Washington graduate students for grants of up to $5,000 for research about work, workers, and their organizations. The purpose of these grants is to provide funding for research expenses. These grants are generally not intended to cover everyday living expenses; however, for applicants whose research does not require travel outside of the Puget Sound area, it may be appropriate to give a grant as a stipend to cover local living expenses.

Resources for Financial Unit Managers

In Anchor Link, organization leaders can grant access to view finances at-will, and will no longer need to request access to the system separately. Additional details, including transaction-level details of project costs, can be obtained through their financial unit manager or their business unit entity data analyst Charges are presented in summary form only disclosing the total amounts by account category related to labor attributed to a project. When the other project is a grant, users must submit a request with all supporting details to OCGA, which will initiate the transaction. When the other project is a grant, users must submit a request with all supporting details to OCGA grants management, which will initiate the transaction.

Amount: $150000
Office of the Vice President for Research

Awardees are expected to participate in ongoing activities associated with the REACH grant program. A REACH grant award will be acknowledged in all publications and presentations and, as appropriate, in applications for further funding. Preliminary data generated from this grant could pave the way for a in-depth study on the identification of MM biomarkers. The short-term result of the REACH grant will be an application for external funding the end product will be a book-length manuscript.

Budget, Accounting Financial Management Professional Certificate

Scholarship General has been approved by the New Jersey Labor for workforce training grants.

Amount: $153400
Office of Grants Sponsored Programs

Members of the Ramapo community have successfully competed for than $17 million in funding for grants from Federal, State and private sources to support activities that benefit the College. The National Historical Publications Records Commission made a grant of $80,382 to the College for the Jane Addams Papers Project. The grant also funds a computer technology specialist and extensive tutoring. The N.J. Labor granted Ramapo College a $180,000 Skills4Jersey award, to provide skills training for corporate employees in the university area. The grant is administered by the College’s Center for Innovative and Professional Learning, and includes leadership and advanced training for employees of Dress Barn and Prestige Family of Dealerships.

Amount: $5000
Small-Scale Farm Grant Program

In partnership with the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board , KYSU is able to provide these grants. The university look forward to working with applicant through the grant process.