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Amount: $5000
Merit Scholarships

All prospective full-time students are eligible for merit awards—ranging from full to partial tuition scholarships. Part-time students and courtesy scholarship recipients are ineligible for merit scholarships. This scholarship is awarded to a promising MPH or MSPH student whose studies and career will result in the improvement of the quality of life among the populations in developing parts of the world. This scholarship was established by the family and friends of Dr. Charles Shepard, a distinguished scientist and early, enthusiastic supporter of the MPH program at Emory. This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding applicant to the Epidemiology. This fund provides scholarship support to the university most outstanding MPH and MSPH students.

Urban Health Collaborative

Fellows will receive a stipend, full tuition remission and additional support for research and travel. The UHC provides student funding to support select Depth Experience placements for students wishing to focus on urban health as part of the practical experience required of all first-year MPH students.

Amount: $58000
Scholarship Honorees

Scholarships help the College attract and keep the best students, as well as allow current students to focus on studying. Two scholarships are awarded in Dr. Brandt’s name. Two annual scholarships were created to help advance public health education at OU and target students whose career paths align with the company’s goal. There are two scholarships awarded annually in Ms. Fisher’s name. The scholarship was established to give support to newly admitted students studying Health Administration and Policy in the Master of Health Administration or Master of Public Health programs. Established in 1997, this scholarship was the first named scholarship the College awarded. The scholarship supports students looking to complete a master’s degree in public health and those who will make a difference in the future of public health.

Graduate Scholarships

Preference will be given to students interested in serving under-served populations, and students must remain in good academic standing to continue receiving the scholarship. Brand, this scholarship is awarded to nurses advancing their education and professional careers by pursuing Master degrees. The Ned and Noreen Zimmerman Nursing Scholarship recognizes the critical role nurses play in the delivery of primary and community care, health promotion, education, and research. Vincent established this scholarship to support nursing students majoring in public health nursing. Provides scholarships for graduate level nursing students preparing for careers in geriatric health care delivery.

Theatre and Drama

Please take a moment to look at the history behind the scholarship and the criteria that applies to the scholarship. An Award Ceremony will occur in Spring of each Academic Year for all scholarship recipients. Herman Memorial Scholarship in Theatre and Drama. Available to full time Graduate and students majoring in Theatre and Drama. These scholarships were established for students in the performing arts related to theatrical production. This scholarship fund was established in 1952 by Fredrick A. The goal for this scholarship program is to Keep the Arts in Wisconsin and to help support those continuing their arts education. The scholarship goes to prospective teachers in the theatre education program.