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Amount: $16000
Assistantships — MATX

The MATX program offers graduate teaching assistantships to all full-time incoming and most full-time continuing students through degree candidacy. All applicants for full-time doctoral study are considered for merit-based graduate assistantships. No separate assistantship application is required. Assistantships require 20 hours of work per week. Assistantship duties usually involve instructional or research assignments in arts and humanities departments or assisting with the editorial work of Blackbird, the English Department’s online journal of literature and art. In the summer, students on 12-month assistantships register for three credits of dissertation-related independent study, with no work requirement.


Recipients of assistantships are appointed as either research assistants, teaching assistants or teaching associates. Ph.D. assistantships occupy up to 20 hours per week. Ph.D. students are required to be enrolled full-time as a condition of their assistantship award. Ph.D. students commit to 15 hours of service per week for their assistantship award. Unsatisfactory degree progress or violations of academic integrity may result in termination of their assistantship stipend and retroactive revocation of any scholarship for the current semester. All assistantship recipients must have a valid the students.S. Social Security number.

Amount: $8500
Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

These awards typically provide a half graduate assistantship carrying a yearly stipend of $9,100 and approximately $8,500 in tuition remission for the academic year. Fellows may also be eligible for other merit-based assistantships.

ECatalog System 2020-2021

Each year a limited number of merit-based graduate assistantships are offered that award up to six credits of graduate tuition remission to awardees for each of the fall and spring semesters.