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Amount: $23172
International Student Loan

Interest accrues from the date of each borrowing on the principal of the loan, and continues to accrue monthly on the principal and on previous unpaid accrued interest. Borrowers must begin to repay the principal and accrued interest on their loans at the end of a six-month grace period following separation from KGI, which is typically graduation, except in cases of earlier withdrawal from KGI. Borrowers have 10 years from the end of the six-month grace period following separation from KGI to repay their loans. The total cost of the loan varies based on the interest rate, amount borrowed, and the amount of interest capitalized during enrollment and grace periods.

Graduate Professional International Loan

Truth in Lending Act disclosure for the Yale Graduate and Professional International Student Loan.

International Students

The only form of aid available to an international student is a private loan.