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Assistantships will be in effect for the 2021-2022 academic year, commencing with the first day of the fall semester and terminating the last day of the spring semester. The University will provide tuition remission for 4.5 credits for the fall semester and 4.5 credits of tuition remission for the spring semester. Graduate assistants may only perform work while the Fall 2021 semester and the Spring 2022 semester are in session. If their resignation or termination becomes effective at the end of the fall semester, applicant will forfeit tuition remission for the spring semester. If their resignation or termination becomes effective at any time during the fall or spring semester, applicant will be liable for payment for the tuition received that semester, according to Marywood tuition reimbursement policy.

Graduate Assistantships

To be eligible for an assistantship, applicant must be admitted into one of the following on-campus graduate programs prior to being awarded an assistantship. Applicant must have a course load of at least nine credits per semester to be eligible for and maintain an assistantship. Assistantships are awarded on a semester basis for one academic year only, starting fall semester. Their supervisor will evaluate their performance at the end of the fall semester to determine if their assistantship will be renewed for spring. Perspective graduate students interested in an assistantship should submit the online Graduate Assistantship Application. The final deadline to apply for an assistantship is June 15. Following that date, notifications will be delivered continuously until all assistantships are awarded.

Amount: $16746

Ph.D. students can expect to receive five years of funding through assistantships, assuming they perform well and are making sufficient progress toward degree completion. Second-year M.A. students are eligible to be considered for Teaching Assistantships. Teaching Assistantships reduce tuition to a mere $25 a semester, though students must pay university fees. Students with no previous composition teaching experience are expected to begin training the summer before their first semester at UGA, apprenticing with an experienced teaching assistant. Teaching Assistants may also request to work in the First-Year Composition Program’s Writing Center or Digital Learning Labs in lieu of teaching one or classes each semester, and a few senior TAs teach higher-level literature or creative writing courses each year.

Civil Engineering

A number of exceptional graduate students within the department are supported by assistantships every year. Research assistantships, one type of assistantship, provide an average stipend of at least $15,000 per year and can offer a full waiver of tuition and fees. Other types of assistantships are teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships, and project assistantships. Because of the quality of the university program, the demand for assistantships is competitive. Most assistantship positions become available for the fall semester and continue through the year, but occasionally some are available starting in the spring semester.

Graduate Assistantships

Wayne State College is authorized to award Graduate Assistantships in each graduate major field. These assistantships provide a teaching stipend for the academic year, plus tuition, and permit the holder to enroll for no than nine hours of graduate work while completing a teaching or non-teaching assignment. Graduate Assistantships are offered either on a full-time basis or a part-time basis The Application for Graduate Assistantship Position can be obtained from Human Resources. The assistantships awarded for the following year will be announced on or near April 15.

Graduate Assistantships

All international students that waived for the fall will need to waive again for the spring term All Graduate Assistantship offers of employment with The University of Southern Mississippi are contingent on the successful completion of a background check. Tuition waivers will be prorated if the assistantship is terminated. Students conditionally admitted into a graduate program are ineligible to hold an assistantship until they have achieved a regular admit status.

Computer Science

Students that are graduate assistants in the spring and fall semesters of a calendar year are eligible for tuition and fee reduction in the intervening summer even if they do not hold an assistantship in the summer. The usual and expected course load for half-time assistants is three graduate courses per semester or at least equivalent thesis research credit hours.


An assistantship provides a monthly stipend and waives the tuition during the period of the appointment. Most assistantships are only available at the main Pullman campus for fulltime students starting in the fall semester. Few assistantships are available for students starting in the spring semester. The number of openings varies from semester to semester and depends on the availability of funding.

Amount: $15224

A graduate assistantship is an award made by the Mathematics and the University. On February 1 of each year the Graduate Committee of the Mathematics will consider all completed applications and make some initial offers of assistantships. Typically, all assistantships are awarded and accepted by the end of April, however, the university encourage applicant to apply even beyond this deadline, since occasionally positions become available. These hours can either be taken the summer preceding or following their assistantship. A Graduate Assistantship only covers the stipend and tuition waiver. Note that room and board, text books, and living expenses are not paid by the assistantship. Graduate assistantships can be held only by current graduate students.

Graduate and Teaching Assistantship Vacancies

Many of the academic Graduate and Teaching Assistantships are advertised internally within the departments. To hold a Teaching or Graduate Assistantship, a student must be enrolled full-time in a matriculated program. Both GA positions offer a stipend of $9,959 for the academic year and a tuition scholarship for 9 graduate credits per semester at the in-state rate. Students working at CTG should not be employed through any other University at Albany assistantship. ITLAL Graduate Assistantship: The Institute for Teaching, Learning and Academic Leadership has one GA position for the academic year. Duties: Graduate assistant will aid in conducting and facilitating research including: setting up interviews, conducting interviews, transcribing interviews, and analyzing interview and secondary data.