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Amount: $25000
NAM Pharmacy Fellowship

The Boards of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy are pleased to announce the call for nominations for the Anniversary Fellowship in Pharmacy at the National Academy of Medicine The fellowship will support a pharmacist as an early career health policy or health science scholar. Fellowships require a commitment of 10 to 20% time for the successful candidate. Able to dedicate 10 to 20 percent of time to the fellowship for two years.

Residencies Fellowships

University of New Mexico-Main Campus provides the university residents the opportunity to interact with one of the most diverse patient populations in the nation while practicing within an award winning interdisciplinary healthcare setting.

USC-Kite Portfolio Strategy and Project Management Fellowship middot USC School of Pharmacy

The University of Southern California School of Pharmacy and Kite, a Gilead Company, are proud to offer a 12-month Portfolio Strategy and Project Management Fellowship program designed to provide recent Pharm.D. graduates an opportunity to develop project management skills applicable to pharmaceutical industry and drug development. Participate in teaching opportunities at the University of Southern California through collaborations with the School of Pharmacy and gain guidance on career advancement at the annual Professional Development and Leadership Retreat. To be admitted to the USC-Kite Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program, Applicant must:. Applications for postdoctoral fellowships are to be submitted online at:.

Kite Pharma Medical Information Scientific Communications Fellowship middot USC School of Pharmacy

Participate in cell therapy training, with the goal of becoming a subject matter expert throughout the course of the fellowship.

Fellowship Programs middot USC School of Pharmacy

The USC Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship programs are designed to prepare postdoctoral scholars for rewarding careers in the pharmaceutical industry. All fellowships begin July 1 and end on June 30. Recruiting prospective graduate and professional students to the Fellowship Program. The USC Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship programs provide exceptional preparation and education for postdoctoral graduates entering the pharmaceutical industry.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. Medical Information Fellowship middot USC School of Pharmacy

Are proud to offer two 12-month Medical Information Fellowships designed to provide recent PharmD graduates an opportunity to learn the skills and experiences to excel in Medical Information, a key function in any Medical Affairs organization across the pharmaceutical industry. The fellowships are based at the Gilead the students.S. headquarters in Foster City, California.

Amount: $25000
GRI-NEH Pre and Postdoctoral Fellowships

Getty Predoctoral Fellowship applicants must have advanced to candidacy by the time of the fellowship start date and should expect to complete their dissertations during the fellowship period. GRI-NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship The Getty Research Institute offers two residential Postdoctoral Fellowships, made possible through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities These fellowships are funded by the NEH and are part of the Getty annual scholar and fellow program. The GRI-NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship also provides workspace, housing, and transportation comparable to other Getty fellowship programs. While applicant may not for both Getty and GRI-NEH fellowships at the same time, GRI-NEH applicants who are not selected may be considered for a Getty Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Amount: $20000
NYU School of Law - Fellowships

The Council on Foreign Relations, through its International Affairs Fellowship Program, offers fellowships to those interested in theory and practice in international relations. The Foundation anticipates rewarding two fellowships annually. Dissertation fellowship applicants must be US citizens, permanent residents or US nationals. The Soros Fellowships for New Americans support thirty individuals a year for up to two years of graduate study in any subject anywhere in the United States. The Fellowship provides $20,000 maintenance and half tuition wherever the Fellow attends. The fellowships are in support of first-year graduate or professional study. The fellowship must be expended within a time limit of two years and in accordance with the work plan provided by the candidate.

Decentralized Fellowships

Fellowship Supplement to TAs or GRAs These awards are fellowships to supplement or top-off teaching assistant or graduate research assistant awards and should be limited to the top 10 or 20 percent of the student pool. Applicant must report awards for recruitment fellowships separately from continuing fellowships. Funding Years: Indicate the funding years for the fellowship. Select Packages: Select 1-3 fellowship award packages for each year of funding.