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Pharmacy Fellowships

This two-year Fellowship Program in collaboration with Northeastern University and Alkermes plc is designed to offer Doctor of Pharmacy graduates an in-depth experience in a biopharmaceutical industry setting. The global regulatory affairs fellowship is designed to provide advanced, on-hands experience through rotational opportunities within advertising and promotion, labeling, and regulatory science to develop a well-rounded industry professional in a GRA function. Verastem Oncology™ is launching 2-year post-Pharm.D. fellowships in Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs and Safety Pharmcovigilence in collaboration with Northeastern University Pharmacy. Vertex is launching a 2-year post-PharmD fellowship in Medical Affairs in collaboration with Northeastern University Pharmacy.

NAM Pharmacy Fellowship

The Boards of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy are pleased to announce the call for nominations for the Anniversary Fellowship in Pharmacy at the National Academy of Medicine The fellowship will support a pharmacist as an early career health policy or health science scholar. Fellowships require a commitment of 10 to 20% time for the successful candidate. Able to dedicate 10 to 20 percent of time to the fellowship for two years.

Residencies Fellowships

University of New Mexico-Main Campus provides the university residents the opportunity to interact with one of the most diverse patient populations in the nation while practicing within an award winning interdisciplinary healthcare setting.

Physician Fellowship Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The university Institute is the largest and most experienced provider of Doctor of Pharmacy Fellowships in the Industry and currently has 250 of these Fellowships in 19 Pharmaceutical Drug Development companies both on the east and west coasts. The Rutgers University-New Brunswick is also seeking physicians with completed Fellowships in Hematology, Oncology, and Immunology for select positions for July 2021.

Amount: $25000
GRI-NEH Pre and Postdoctoral Fellowships

Getty Predoctoral Fellowship applicants must have advanced to candidacy by the time of the fellowship start date and should expect to complete their dissertations during the fellowship period. GRI-NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship The Getty Research Institute offers two residential Postdoctoral Fellowships, made possible through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities These fellowships are funded by the NEH and are part of the Getty annual scholar and fellow program. The stipend for the ten-month GRI-NEH fellowship is $42,000. The GRI-NEH Postdoctoral Fellowship also provides workspace, housing, and transportation comparable to other Getty fellowship programs. If applicant are ing for the GRI-NEH Fellowship, applicant will indicate this selection in the application form. Application Availability and Deadline for all Fellowships Complete application materials are now accepted through an application process.

Amount: $1000
Annual Internal Fellowship Competition for Continuing Graduate Students

Recipients will receive a $5,000 research travel allowance and may not receive the Jastro-Shields Research Award or the UC Davis and Humanities Graduate Research Award in conjunction with the Schwall Dissertation Year Fellowship. This is a nine-month fellowship open to continuing students in Food Science Technology and Agricultural Environmental Chemistry Graduate Groups in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences to offer where a preference will be given to funding at least one top international graduate student each year. This is a nine-month fellowship open to continuing graduate students with financial need. Recipients may not receive a Jastro-Shields Research Scholarship or the Floyd and Mary Schwall Dissertation Fellowship during the same fiscal year. Approximately 25 fellowships will be awarded.


No duties are attached to these fellowships.For external graduate fellowships, see here. Fellowships are awarded to graduate students of exceptional ability and promise whose research is focused on Latin America. Graduate programs include Arts and Sciences Fellowships in funding packages to recruit doctoral students of exceptional ability and promise, either for their first year in the Ph.D. program or for later years. Internally Competive Predoctoral Fellowship for Continuing Ph.D. Students These fellowships are awarded to doctoral students of exceptional promise and ability across the disciplines. Fellowships are awarded to graduate students of exceptional ability and promise whose research is focused on Latin America nominees must be in the first three years in a Ph.D. program.

Amount: $1000
Office of Citizen Scholar Development

Fellowships provide support for academic, professional, and or personal growth. OCSD has separated fellowships into two broad categories based on the level of institutional involvement, rather than the prestige of the opportunity. There are also priority fellowships that accept direct applications and do not require UVA involvement. OCSD often supports candidates for those fellowships with workshops or optional early deadlines for feedback and revision. Candidates are strongly encouraged to take advantage of OCSD staff for these fellowships. There are 1000s of other fellowships available to UVA students and alumni. The OCSD staff have supported candidates for many of those fellowships and have a wealth of expertise and resources to share with applicants.

Bard Graduate Center

Bard College offers a number of fellowship opportunities for researchers working in these and allied areas. Bard Graduate Center in New York City invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in Islamic art and material culture. The Bard College is not currently accepting applications for this fellowship. A one-year fellowship jointly appointed at Bard Graduate Center and the Conservation Scientific Research the Rijksmuseum This fellowship is focused on developing the idea that conservation practice is a human science. Housing is available for the following fellowships: Bard Graduate Center Research Fellowships, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Islamic Art and Material Culture, Bard Graduate Center AMNH Fellowship in Museum Anthropology, Conservation as a Human Science Fellowship