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English Languages Scholarships

All English Languages scholarship recipients are selected by the department, with final approval by the ECU Foundation Scholarship Committee. BRILES SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship will be awarded based on need and a minimum 2.5 GPA. LEMOINE CRABTREE RUSSIAN SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship will be awarded at the discretion of the department. The Dedmon’s established both this scholarship and the Ozella Waner English Scholarship in gratitude for their educations at ECU. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT STUDENT TEACHING SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship will be awarded in the spring semester each year at the discretion of the department. HIGGINBOTHAM FAMILY LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIP The Higginbotham Family established this scholarship to celebrate and foster excellence in the study of Foreign Language.

Critical Language Scholarship Program

Kim Burton also advises on the Boren, Gilman, Freeman-Asia, and Critical Language Scholarships.


Than 70% of Southeast students receive an academic scholarship and the awards can be stacked with participation, housing and endowed scholarships.

Funding and Awards Experiential Learning

If applicant are interested in world affairs, cultures, or languages if applicant have international research interests if applicant are interested in international internships, a Boren Fellowship may be able to provide the funding neccesary to complete their education. Recipients present their work at the Summit for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity View the requirements for a variety of scholarships, including Academic Elite, Alumni Scholarships, and other in-state and out-of-state packages.

UGA Honors Program

Rhodes Scholars Laura Courchesne (2017), Elizabeth Allan (2013), Tracy Yang (2011), Deep Shah Kate Vyborny (2008), Adam Cureton (2003), Beth Shapiro (1999), Scott Hershovitz (1998), Rob Sutherland (1996). Marshall Scholars Meredith Paker (2016), Matt Sellers (2012), Jayanthi Narain (2007), Matt Crim (2005), Joe Wolpin (2004), Josh Woodruff (2003). Schwarzman Scholars Elizabeth Hardister (2018), Gaby Pierre (2018) Torre Lavelle (2016). Mitchell Scholars Betsy Katz (2011), Stephen Dorner (2010), Christina Faust (2009). Lee (2002), Semil Choksi (2001). Smith and Lakshmi Swamy (2001). Truman Scholars Laurel Hiatt (2018), Kathleen Wilson (2015), Sarah Mirza (2014), Smitha Ganeshan (2013), Tracy Yang Yasmin Yonis (2010), Christina Faust (2008), Deep Shah (2007), Matt Crim Sarah Sattelmeyer (2004), Ginny Barton (2003).