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New scholarship created to benefit dietetic and nutrition students

New scholarship created to benefit dietetic and nutrition students. Hagerman Dietetics Nutrition Scholarship is being funded by Marjorie Hagerman, a retired Ohio University educator, author and accomplished dietitian.

Amount: $25000
Danone North America Fellowship Grant

Danone North America (“Danone”), will award $25,000 to two graduate students interested in exploring the gut microbiome, probiotics, and yogurt to better understand how they help support and maintain human health and wellness. Since its inception, the Danone North America Fellowship Grant has enabled up-and-coming scientists to make strides in the interdisciplinary fields of biology, health sciences, nutrition, microbiome, yogurt, and probiotics.

Financial Wellness

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Stipend Definition

A stipend is a nominal sum of money paid to trainees, interns, or students to help cover basic costs while they receive their training. Stipends are usually offered as compensation for training instead of for employment purposes. Stipends can not be used to hire students to replace existing staff, and the students must be the primary beneficiary of the employment or training—not the company. Alternatively, stipends may be issued to help defer the cost of transportation incurred by the recipient to and from the company for training purposes.

Financial Wellness

UVA Health Plan participants can earn $25 in gift card rewards for each completed webinar.

Amount: $24000
Out-of-State Tuition Waiver for External Fellowships, Traineeships, and Internships

Health Insurance Health insurance info for graduate student assistants and students in general at MSU. Traineeships: A research fellowship supported by a larger educational training grant or by a federal agency that focuses on specific disciplinary areas and identified areas of national need. External traineeships: certain agencies, foundations and national labs offer competitive opportunities for additional training opportunities Internships: For the purposes of these policies, an internship is defined as a competitive opportunity for additional professional development provided by an external agency, foundation or institution.

Financial Services

Examples of the types of topics discussed in group sessions include: personal budgeting, developing financial goals, strategic loan borrowing, repayment plans, and forgiveness programs, and preparing for financial milestones and transitions as a physician-in-training.

Other MSU Fellowships

Health Insurance Health insurance info for graduate student assistants and students in general at MSU.

Amount: $26035
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Rice is the recipient of NIH, NSF and NASA sponsored Federal Training Grant Programs.