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Mathematics and Statistics

This scholarship has helped many students through the years.

Amount: $5000
Summer Financial Math Program Online

Those who successfully complete the Summer Financial Math Program and eventually matriculate in the Financial Math MS program within the next four years may apply credit earned towards that degree program. Financial Math is the application of math, statistics, and programming within the finance industry. Those who matriculate in the Financial Math MS program at the University of Chicago within four years of completing the Summer Financial Math Program may count their credits towards the MS. Students who will be entering the University of Chicago Financial Math MS program in Autumn 2020 are not eligible to participate in the Summer Financial Math Program. The Financial Math team has connections at a range of companies in the Chicago area.

MS in Financial Engineering

Applicant will draw on tools from applied math, statistics, and financial and economic theory while integrating managerial concepts and applications. Financial engineering students may directly to the two-year dual MSFE MS in Mathematics program. Financial engineering students have the opportunity to participate in client-based projects through the Engineering Computational Mathematics Clinic program. Teaches statisticians and financial engineering practitioners cutting-edge statistical learning techniques to deal with vast and complex data in fields ranging from biology and finance to marketing and astrophysics. Stochastic processes, Statistics, Risk management, Financial derivatives, Actuarial sciences, Statistical software.

M.S. in Applied Financial Mathematics

Scholarship General is a joint venture of the Departments of Mathematics with the Finance and the Statistics. In the online application, apply for M.S. in Applied Financial Mathematics. See M.S. in Financial Mathematics Actuarial Science for the alternative of choosing an actuarial science concentration within the Applied Financial Mathematics degree. The M.S. in Applied Financial Mathematics qualifies as a STEM degree with the federal government. Math 5600 Fundamentals of Financial Math Math 5650 Financial Math II: Theory of Corporate Finance Stat 5361 Statistical Computing: Large Financial Models — prior statistics knowledge required. Math 5600: Fundamentals of Financial Math this is a required course that must be taken in the student’s first Fall semester.

Amount: $2500

Ann Jameson Wilson Math Scholarship Fund Awarded to a full-time or part-time student majoring in mathematics. Schonert Endowed Scholarship Awarded to a full-time or part-time student majoring in mathematics. Johnson Endowed Scholarship Awarded to a full-time or part-time student who is pursuing a masters degree in mathematics or statistics. Special consideration will be given to students who have demonstrated strong teaching skills and service to the Mathematics and Statistics, UA Little Rock, and the community. Jerry and Sherri Damerow Endowed Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship Open to all students pursuing an degree in mathematics. Linda and Tom McMillan Mathematics Scholarship Awarded to a full-time or part-time student majoring in any major offered by the Mathematics and Statistics, with preference given to juniors and seniors.

Certificate in Financial Data Analytics

In this program, the university’ll learn analyze financial data using statistical techniques and leverage the powerful financial data modeling and analysis capabilities of popular programming languages. Applicant’ll also learn the analytical tools and numerical algorithms of machine learning to perform statistical analysis on financial data. Examine the mathematical, statistical and econometric principles that underlie the quantitative management of financial investments.

Amount: $25000

o Development of research designs, sampling techniques, and statistical methods for studies that involve populations that are small or difficult to access. o Methodological research to improve the analysis of complex survey data, including the statistical modeling of non-response and other survey errors. o Statistical procedures for accurately estimating multilevel models.

Scholarships in Mathematics

Arts and humanities-related pursuits and financial need will be strongly considered. This scholarship is renewable recipients must reapply annually. Academic accomplishment and financial need will be strongly considered. Academic accomplishments will be given the highest consideration with financial need weighing second to academics. Financial need will be strongly considered. Financial need will be considered, but it will not be a determining factor.

Financial Mathematics

The curriculum of the financial mathematics program focuses on the development, application, and improvement of computational and statistical financial tools. The Master of Financial Mathematics is a collaboration of the Mathematics and the Economics and Finance, and integrates the study of statistics, computation and modeling with training in the professional domain. The capstone element of the program is a Mathematics Clinic, a research project in which the student applies mathematical, numerical, or statistical modeling methods to a problem related to the financial industry. Designed for individuals that don't require a full Master degree, but wish to learn advanced mathematics to the finance industry, the Mathematics offers certificates in Computational Finance, Statistical Finance and Financial Risk Management.

Graduate Funding Opportunities Chemistry

Fellowships support doctoral students in the applied physical, biological, and engineering sciences, including applied mathematics, statistics, and quantitative aspects of modern biology. Scholars engaged in science, engineering and math and researching gender issues are especially encouraged to apply. Fellowships are open to scientists from biophysics, physics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics and nanoscience. Fellowships are for women from developing and emerging economies to pursue PhD or postdoctoral studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines at leading universities worldwide.