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IMC offers two kinds of scholarships available to members who are pursuing careers in Management Accounting, Financial Management, or Information Technology. American Indian Graduate Center To be considered for an AIGC fellowship the applicant must be: 1) pursuing a post baccalaureate graduate or professional degree as a full time student at an accredited institution in the the students.S., 2) able to demonstrate financial need, and 3) an enrolled member of a federally recognized American Indian tribe or Alaska Native group, or provide documentation of descent American Institute for Certified Public Accountants for Minority Accounting Students The scholarship program awards up to $5,000 to outstanding minority students to encourage their selection of accounting as a major and their ultimate entry into the profession.

Financial Management Degree Online

Applicant’ll acquire in-demand knowledge and skills in such critical areas as financial analysis and forecasting, portfolio management, cash management, international finance, and financial risk management. The university broad, interdisciplinary program prepares applicant for a variety of career opportunities from business financial management to international finance to banking and investment management. Topics include international financial markets, exchange rates, interest rates and inflation, exchange rate risk management, working capital management, capital budgeting, country risk analysis, long-term financing, and global strategic planning. Examine the management of relationships with banks and other financial services providers to assist in liquidity management.


Psychology Program Research Assistant 2 of 4 Psychology Counseling Reports to Dr. Ed Crawley The Research Assistant will be involved in all aspects of the research process from conducting library searches, to experimental design, data collection and analysis, public presentation of results, and grant writing. The Graduate Assistant will be part of various grant teams and involved in data gathering and analysis data management and development of written materials, including reports. In this role, the GA primary responsibilities are to provide administrative support for the implementation of SLDI program activities, e.g., SLDI workshops management of participant program data and fulfillment of grant reporting and accountability.


Goldrick, Sr. The fund provides support for students enrolled at Weatherhead with special preference given to graduate students from Ohio who are concentrating in Operations or Chain Management. The scholarship provides support for students with financial need pursuing a degree in business management with a preference given to students who come from a single-parent family, to the extent permitted by law. The scholarship benefits one or deserving full-time Executive Doctorate of Management candidates.

Online Accounting and Financial Management Master Degree

The Master of Science in accounting and financial management program at University of Maryland Global Campus focuses on executive-level procedures and decision-making skills that can help applicant move toward organizational leadership positions. Scholarship General is designed to help applicant prepare for an organizational leadership position in accounting and or financial management. Scholarship General is designed to help prepare students to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Exam and or obtain initial licensure as a Certified Public Accountant in Maryland.


Andy Scholarship is to recognize graduating seniors majoring in Sport and Recreation Management who best exemplify the spirit of volunteerism in their communities. The David Bitman Endowed Scholarship is given annually to an outstanding junior or senior in Sport and Recreation Management with plans to pursue a Master of Science in Sport Business at Temple University. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships for juniors and seniors in Tourism and Hospitality Management who best exemplify the spirit of hospitality and devotion to the industry as displayed by Marie Baker Brown. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships for incoming freshman or current s majoring in Tourism and Hospitality Management in STHM with financial need.

Why Business Lawyers and Executives Believe in Medi by John M. Lande

There is an immense amount of research on the functioning of the market, yet experts sharply disagree in their interpretations and predictions how it functions, not to mention the relative values of market and government systems of economic management.

Online Financial Management Master Degree

The Master of Science in management financial management specialization provides applicant with solid management skills that are essential to the core functions of every organization. Topics include the environment of international financial management, foreign exchange markets, risk management, multinational working capital management, and foreign investment analysis. Topics reflect the changing environment of financial management in organizations and include capital investment decision making, the role of intangibles in value creation, financial performance metrics, strategic financial planning and control, strategic valuation decisions, growth strategies for increasing value, the restructuring of financial processes, corporate governance and ethics, value-based management, strategic cost management, and the impact of information technology on the organization financial systems.

Financial Management Online Degree

The university goal is to help applicant graduate career-ready — and the university financial management online courses provide the credentials applicant need to pursue management and leadership positions in the finance industry. Liberty’s mission is to Train Champions for Christ, and the university’ve designed the university financial management master’s degree with this goal in mind. Scholarship General offers a mix of core finance courses and specialized financial management classes. By completing the university online financial management degree, applicant could pursue a career in banking, financial planning, corporate financial management, insurance, or real estate. Applicant can finish their master’s in financial management degree in as little as 1 year!

Online Finance Certificate

The Financial Success for Nonprofits Certificate prepares nonprofit leaders and aspiring leaders to focus on mission while achieving financial sustainability. Whether you’re working at a well-established nonprofit or a startup, Professor Grasso’s experience as a nonprofit leader prepares you to use financial statements and ratios, establish board governance and strategic leadership, raise funds and generate alternative revenue sources, and make strategic programmatic changes. In this course, Professor Grasso draws on a wealth of first-hand experience with nonprofit management to give you a guided tour through the structure and interpretation of typical nonprofit financial statements. As you move through the course, carefully-crafted tools and activities will guide you in applying what you learn financial assessment and management to the specifics of your own nonprofit organization.