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Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance

Advance their knowledge in the emerging field of financial psychology. Creighton University’s online graduate certificate in Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance program examines how deep-seated financial beliefs established early in life can subconsciously drive financial decisions. The Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance Certificate program is housed within Creighton’s prestigious and accredited Heider College of Business. This provides a unique opportunity to study the psychology of financial decision-making through a business lens. The Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance Certificate can be completed in as little as one year. If applicant decide applicant’d like to take their education further, credits earned in this program can also be used toward the university MBA with a specialization in Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance.

Other Scholarship and Fellowship Information for Financial Aid

Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans ».

Amount: $1000
The J. Melvin and Lucille G. Nelson Scholarship

The psychology department solicits applications for this award in memory of the parents of Professor Jim Nelson. It is designed to recognize and promote the study of psychology and religion. The recipient of this award receives a $1,000 scholarship and has the opportunity to work with Professor Nelson on a project related to psychology and religion. The recipient is recognized at the annual Spring Picnic and also receives a certificate and her or his name on a plaque on display in the psychology department.

JDRF Requests Applications for JDRF National Diabetes Psychology Fellowship Program


We each chose VCU psychiatry because of its committed, respected and talented team.

Amount: $1000
Private Scholarships

Private Scholarships are often sought after by a plethora of students but only a precious few receive them.


If interested, please complete one form for the scholarship award for which you’d like to be considered and turn in your application to the main office (Arts Sciences 341). The following awards are available for graduate students:.

Amount: $4000
COSE Scholarships

Most of these scholarships are for students in all departments Biology, Chemistry Biochemistry, Computer Science, Earth Climate Sciences , Engineering, Geography Environment, Mathematics, Physics Astronomy, and Psychology of the College of science Engineering.

Financial Aid Psychology USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

It is the policy of the university and of the Psychology department to support students who have been accepted and are making timely progress in their graduate studies.

The Norman R. Ellis Endowed Scholarship Psychology

Dr. Ellis was a highly respected teacher and scholar in the psychology department for 27 years.