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Financial Analysis and Quantitative Risk Management, M.S. Temple University

Through the Master of Science in Financial Analysis and Quantitative Risk Management, students build industry-matched knowledge and skills across the fields of financial analysis, data science, quantitative modeling, and risk management. Transfer Credit: Transfer credit is not accepted for the Financial Analysis and Quantitative Risk Management M.S. degree. The course gives students exposure to the technological advances that are reshaping the financial services as well as other industries using a variety of outside sources including research papers, business news articles and guest speakers. This course teaches specialized financial software, financial market databases and quantitative financial tools. This course examines advanced quantitative methods for estimating the risk of financial loss and risk management applications.

Amount: $25000
Funding Opportunities

CRISP offers funding of up to $25,000 to support research initiatives that work with groups that are frequently underrepresented in research. The REAL pilot awards are sponsored by the Special Populations Core of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute This funding opportunity is designed to encourage new research addressing how biological processes, clinical problems, response to therapy, or other health-relevant phenomena change or evolve during the human lifespan. The Quantitative Methodologies Pilot Program is a funding opportunity that supports interdisciplinary, translational research involving quantitative methodologies, such as statistics, biostatistics, and epidemiology. The Pain Research Challenge is a funding opportunity for ideas and solutions associated with both physiological and psychological pain.

Amount: $1000
Additional Scholarship Aid Resources

This award is available to the author of the most outstanding essay or research paper dealing with American Lutheran history.

Amount: $1000
Scholarships, Grants, and Loans for Students

Withdrawals Courses with a grade of W will affect the quantitative measure of academic progress in determining eligibility and maintaining financial aid.

Amount: $5000
Financial Aid

To do so, it uses Federal Methodology to look at income, asset values, household size, etc., and assesses each family’s ability to pay. QUANTITATIVE: The maximum number of units a student can be awarded financial aid towards their academic goal is 150% of their stated program of study. Changes made to their major will not change the time related SAP, PACE or QUANTITATIVE requirements and may limit future funding.

Amount: $150000
Office of the Vice President for Research

To promote innovative research, scholarship, and creative arts projects that will enhance UVM reputation as an incubator for cutting-edge ideas. Specifically, the university objectives are to continue to build a collaborative research agenda with the Sri Lanka-based International Water Management Institute and their partners, conduct pilot research in Sri Lanka focused on RRR, and prepare extramural proposals collaboratively with IWMI for submission to government funding agencies and private foundations. This pilot work will be used as leverage to submit proposals for extramural research funding. Funding is requested to support research at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and the British Museum of Science, London.

Amount: $1000
Post-Doctoral Fellowships Awards

Purpose: The Multi-Country Research Fellowship supports advanced regional or trans-regional research in the humanities, social sciences, or allied natural sciences for the students.S. doctoral candidates, and postdoctoral scholars. Award: Fee-waiver scholarship for the Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research four-week sessions. Purpose: The the students.S. Fulbright Scholar Program offers nearly 470 teaching, research or combination teaching research awards in over 125 countries. Award: Includes airfare, insurance, settling-in and departure allowances, monthly stipend, dependent allowance, enrollment fees Purpose: This program provides support to outstanding scholars, researchers, and professionals in the field by offering the opportunity to conduct research in Japan.

Amount: $2000
Center for Health and Wellbeing

Intern Responsibilities: The OUCRU Hanoi research group is evaluating a range of interventions in different settings to tackle inappropriate antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance. The precise research question to be addressed in this internship will be determined together with the prospective student. The precise research question to be addressed in this internship will be determined together with the prospective student, depending on their skills and interests. The focus of this internship experience will be on knowledge management, including research and documentation.

Amount: $30000
Mellon Dissertation Year Fellowship

Existing Scholarship: The main focus of previous research, with examples of substantive contributions and a clear statement on the shortcomings of existing scholarship. Focus and Methodology: How applicant intend to address the issues discussed in the summary and how this will contribute to scholarship in the field. The award provides a $ ,500 stipend, a .4,000 research grant and a full credit toward the Brandeis Health Insurance option for students writing dissertations in the humanities or humanistic social sciences.

Amount: $3300
Financial Aid

Students are encouraged to research the lender benefits, customer service and other information related to loan processing, services and cost. Ban on limiting a borrower choice of lender NMC employees will not direct first-time borrowers to a particular lender through award packaging or other methods, nor will NMC employees refuse to certify or delay certification of any loan based on the borrower selection of a particular lending institution.