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Amount: $1500
Rhetoric and Writing

Through the kindness and generosity of one of the university alumni family’s members, the Rhetoric and Writing is calling for applications for the Oliver–Breeze–Kennedy Scholarships in Technical Communication and Digital Literacies. The donor sponsors two $1500-per-year awards: one for an established junior or senior student studying technical communication and one for an established junior or senior student studying digital literacies in the Rhetoric and Writing. All decisions will be made by the Rhetoric and Writing Department Scholarship Committee. The Clarence and Judy Albers Quality Writing Scholarships are endowed scholarships designed to support graduate students in the Rhetoric and Writing pursuing work in both nonfiction writing and editing. Applicant’ll also receive 3 hours of either internship or independent study credit in their Professional and Technical Writing degree.

College of Humanities English Department Awards

The following are the Scholarships offered by the Department for English for Graduate students. Selection will be based on academic merit. The Awards Committee will evaluate the nominated essays on the following criteri originality of concept; potential scholarly impact; logical, effective organization; and clarity, coherence, and elegance of prose style.


Donna Barkan Jensen Writing Scholarship Awarded to a full-time junior or senior majoring in Professional and Technical Writing with an interest in nonfiction. David and Lucille Chandler Memorial Endowed Scholarship The recipient shall be a full-time or part-time student minoring in Rhetoric and Writing. Douthit Endowed Scholarship The recipient shall be a full-time or part-time student majoring in Professional and Technical Writing or Journalism.

Assistantships Funding

Graduate students in the Rhetoric and Composition program at the University of Utah have a variety of funding opportunities that represent the range of scholarly and pedagogical interests of the discipline. The majority of the graduate students enrolled in the Rhetoric and Composition program are financially supported through Graduate Teaching Assistantships GTAs are granted for 2 years for MA students and for 4 years for Ph.D. students. Graduate students are able to co-direct the University Writing Center, working closely in the day-to-day management of the Center. Graduate students in the Rhetoric and Composition program at the University of Utah have the opportunity and are encouraged to for various local and national fellowships with an emphasis in rhetoric and composition in a variety of disciplines.


Negotiating the Teaching-Assessment Cycle in Writing Programs with XML. Judging Writing: Feminist Jurisprudence and the Ethics of Teaching Composition.

Teaching Assistantships

Pedagogy-designated Graduate Course: Ideally scheduled as soon after WR517 as possible, all GTAs further their professional development by enrolling in a pedagogy-designated course that examines foundational issues in Rhetoric and Writing. This requirement is typically satisfied through one of the following three courses: WR511: The Teaching of Writing, WR512: Current Composition Theory, or WR593: The Rhetorical Tradition and the Teaching of Writing. Center for Writing and Learning GTA.

Amount: $1800
Teaching Positions

In addition to the requirements listed for the various degrees offered by the department, ENG 731 is required for Graduate Assistants and Teaching Associates teaching in the College Composition program. Although doctoral students typically have a greater range of teaching opportunities than master’s students, students in each program can request to teach advanced writing in their fields.

Teaching Assistantship

Additionally, new teaching assistants will have the opportunity to talk with experienced writing tutors working at the University Learning Center Teaching assistants working as writing tutors in the ULC work three or hours per week. In the second semester of this preparation for teaching, teaching assistants will continue to be consultants for Writing Center Services for three hours per week and continue to keep a journal of their experiences there. All teaching assistants are required to register for ENG 503: Theory and Practice of Teaching Composition during this semester. At this stage, students must have completed 18 hours of graduate coursework in English, worked for Writing Services , observed a mentor for 2 semesters , and taken ENG 503.

Amount: $3100
Financial Aid Assistantships

A half GA-ship 6 hours of tuition waiver a stipend in exchange for tutoring 5 hours per week at the Writing Center. These Teaching Assistantships include a stipend and may include a tuition-based fee waiver in exchange for teaching one or two composition courses per semester. In addition to standard student evaluations, teaching assistants will be evaluated through classroom observations by the First-Year Composition Coordinator and or the English MA Program Coordinator in each of their two semesters of teaching. A Teaching Assistantship is support for a second-year MA student that consists of a stipend and can include a tuition-based fee waiver in exchange for teaching one or two composition courses per semester.

English Teaching Graduate Assistantships

All M.A. teaching associates take graduate training seminars in composition pedagogy, and all teaching associates teach their own courses. Applicants must be graduate students with excellent writing, reading, and thinking skills.