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Amount: $4000
Financial Aid Scholarships

Donor will reward one or annual scholarships of $1,000 to a full-time or graduate student in good standing, who has been admitted to Sam Houston State University for the Master of Business Administration program or the BBA in Business Administration.

Scholarships and Aid

Where indicated, students may be required to submit an application form to be eligible to receive the award. The number of scholarships and scholarship amounts are subject to change. There is no application for this award or monetary value. Award to a sopho or junior. Recipient must be enrolled during the upcoming academic year in order to receive this scholarship. Recipient must be enrolled during the coming academic year in order to receive this scholarship. A complete list of University-wide scholarships also is available online through Student Financial Assistance. Jean Lee Jeff Marvin Collegiate ScholarshipsThis scholarship is awarded by the Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Amount: $13000
Kinesiology Sport Management Graduate Assistantships

Once the student has been granted admission to the Kinesiology Sport Management graduate program, the student is expected to register for coursework. Students admitted to the master degree programs in the Kinesiology Sport Management often are provided in the form of graduate assistantships, most often as teaching assistants but, occasionally research assistants are available. Teaching and research assistants must pursue a course of study in one of the areas of graduate specialization within the Kinesiology Sport Management.

Amount: $2500
Scholarships Grants

Arlington Capital Management has established a $1000 scholarship, dedicated to US-based students looking for tuition assistance. The Joseph F LoPresti and Arlington Capital Management Scholarship has been created to help one student defray the high cost of university tuition. The university work with startups and are setting up an annual scholarship program to provide one $1,000 grant to an energetic and ambitious student who wants to embark on the product management path.

Amount: $2500
Financial Planning External Scholarships

Athnet Sports Recruiting Scholarship This $1000 scholarship is available to s who were athletes at the high school level. Physical Education, Sports Management, and Nutrition majors are eligible.

Amount: $10000
Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are offered by the Recreation and Wellness with the mission to best serve the needs of the department, students, and clients while collectively providing GA with opportunities including retreats, mentoring, and the ability to enhance interpersonal skills and gain practical management and leadership experiences.

Amount: $1000
Additional Scholarships

At JAMAS Capital Management, the university want to foster the rich diversity found in the university industry by easing the financial burden of secondary education. The university scholarship is open to any student that can demonstrate passion or knowledge on running and related topics such as running pain management and preventing injuries. Sports Scholarship Program is specifically designed as part of Corporate Social Responsibility to spread creativity and engagement among the students. IWP will award as many as two scholarships of up to $5,000.00 towards tuition and textbooks Scholarship recipients will be announced at iWP’s Annual Management Conference, held in December each year.

Amount: $1000
Financial Assistance

One distinguished assistantship per year is awarded to a Kinesiology graduate student with the following attributes: earned outstanding and graduate GPAs of 3.5 or higher plans a career in physical education curriculum and instruction for K-12 or higher education and or administration demonstrates potential for excellence in teaching, research or service in the field of physical education curriculum and instruction. Full-time graduate students majoring in exercise science or physical education and sport studies in the Kinesiology with a minimum 3.65 graduate point average are eligible.

Amount: $1500
Office of Fellowships

The university outstanding range of sports scholarships are awarded annually and are targeted to support high-level NCAA or international athletes.

Office of Fellowships

The university outstanding range of sports scholarships are awarded annually and are targeted to support high-level NCAA or international athletes.