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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Deidre graduated with a degree in chemistry teaching at Bradley and earned the Department’s prestigious Scheele Award for excellence in scholarship.

Chemistry Biochemistry

These scholarships are offered to foster academic excellence and encourage senior research for those planning a career in chemistry. Selection for the DeTar Scholarships in Chemistry will be based primarily on academic performance. These scholarships are awarded to assist students in their pursuit of careers in chemistry and in that connection encourage a program of senior research. This is an FSU IDEA scholarship open to FSU chemistry majors.

Amount: $1000

To qualify for a Mertz Memorial Scholarship, a biochemistry major must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on the 4.0 scale and be a sopho junior or senior in the year for which the scholarship is awarded. This scholarship for Indiana residents studying biochemistry at Purdue University was endowed by David and Mary Scheible. American Chemical Society sponsors scholarships for qualified applications who want to enter the fields of chemistry, biochemistry or chemical engineering.

Amount: $2500
University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science

Recent Chemistry and Biochemistry graduates have also gone on to work as research assistants at diverse settings such as Columbia University, Oak Ridge National Lab, and the National Institute of Health other students enter M.D. programs at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, the University of Chicago, and . Chemistry and Biochemistry majors at Earlham have also been selected as Fulbright scholars.

Amount: $1000
Graduate School

The departments of Accounting and Management offer a varying number of Ph.D. fellowships annually. Most include waiver of nonresident tuition as well as a cash award. Successful applicants must demonstrate exceptional ability and must intend to enter the teaching profession or some related scholarly undertaking. Henderson Scholarship, available to graduate students with financial need. In the Kinesiology and Health Education, students may be eligible for the Dr. C.J. and Dr. Mary Buice Alderson Graduate Recruitment Fellowship, established to attract and support outstanding graduate students in the Kinesiology and Health Education. The Dr. C.J. and Dr. Mary Buice Alderson Graduate Scholarships for Teaching Excellence are used to reward outstanding teaching by graduate students.

Welcome to the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at The University of Chicago.Biochemistry Molecular Biology

A huge database of funding opportunities for all disciplines The Summer Research Fellowship will pay a stipend of $5,500 for the period from June 1 to August 31, plus summer tuition and health fee. Prior receipt of this competitive Summer Research Fellowships will be taken into consideration during application review. This award was created to help graduate students fund miscellaneous projects associated with their research. Created through an endowment gift from the family of Anne T. Bass, the Bass Instructional Fellowship Program supports high-quality teaching experiences for Ph.D. students where normal means of funding are unavailable. Duke offers noncredit summer language courses for graduate students and other researchers who need to consult texts in French or German or need to satisfy reading knowledge requirements for graduate and professional programs.

Chemistry biochemistry

Many different scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid are available to Calvin students in all fields of study. To explore and apply for financial aid, see Calvin financial aid page. The application forms for named scholarships are available every year beginning December 1 and must be submitted by February 1. All of the scholarships for first year students and current students are available online. Scholarships, grants and loans are the tools that make Calvin possible.

Amount: $3000

Basil and Alice Johnson Scholarship Aid to one or Junior or Senior students interested in one of the following fields: animal sciences, biochemistry, biology, environmental horticulture, forestry, microbiology, plant biology and zoology. Dr. Lorus and Marjorie Milne Scholarship A need-based scholarship available to students in the biological sciences. Selections are made by the Biological Sciences Scholarship Committee based on outstanding achievement and academic excellence. An annual $500 scholarship is awarded to an advanced zoology student to finance a summer work at a marine biological station not situated at UNH. Selection is made by the scholarship committee in the Biological Sciences. Selection is made by the scholarship committee in the Biological Sciences based on both financial need and academic merit.

Amount: $2000
Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities

The Cardinal Chemistry Scholars Program includes scholarship money and support systems to help students majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry complete their degree and then either find a job or get into a chemistry or biochemistry graduate program Participating students will receive up to $10,000 a year in scholarship money and enroll in a 1-credit seminar course each semester until they graduate.

Amount: $90030
Financial Information for the School of Medicine Washington University in St.Louis

If an applicant parents are separated or divorced, the financial information is required from both biological parents, excluding the income and assets of their spouses, if remarried. Awarded at the end of the first year to the class member who has demonstrated superior scholarship in biochemistry.