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College of Psychology Scholarship Opportunities

This scholarship is available to 3rd and 4th year clinical psychology students currently enrolled in the College of Psychology with a career interest in psychodynamic psychology. This scholarship is available to the College of Psychology doctoral students enrolled in either of the College of Psychology clinical psychology programs. The College of Psychology Doctoral Alumni Scholarship Fund is funded through an endowment established with funds donated by alumni from the college’s clinical psychology programs. This scholarship is available to students currently enrolled in the College of Psychology Clinical Psychology Psy.D. program wishing to pursue multicultural studies. This scholarship is available to outstanding students currently enrolled in the College of Psychology Clinical Psychology Psy.D. program.

Psychology Graduate Scholarships

Fellowship applicant must be a current student in good standing in the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Houston.

Pacifica Graduate Institute Scholarship Programs

Pacifica is pleased to provide the following institutional scholarship opportunities. Educational Assistance awards are not automatically renewed. Prior recipients, although encouraged to are not guaranteed a continued award. The number and amount of individual awards is contingent upon the number of eligible applications received. Offered to new and returning students based on extreme financial hardship and strong academic excellence. The award is $1,000 to be equally divided between four quarters. This scholarship is not renewable and students must each academic year. Applicants should show high financial need and strong academic excellence. Pacifica Graduate Institute will match up to $12,500 per year, tuition support offered by an incoming student’s employer, non-profit organization, sponsoring member of the community, or foundation.

Amount: $41536
Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship Alcohol and Other Drugs Behavioral Health

The Postdoctoral Fellowship position requires both graduation from an APA-accredited doctoral program in Counseling or Clinical Psychology and completion of an APA-accredited doctoral internship.

Amount: $1000

Recipient will be selected by the Psychology Scholarship Selection Committee. Third preference to a senior or graduate student majoring in Psychology. The Psychology will determined the award amount. Recipient will be chosen by the Psychology Scholarship Committee.

Amount: $14800
Funding Opportunities

Assignments are made based on teacher ratings, perceived competency and financial need The Indians Into Psychology Program offers scholarships to eligible Native American students accepted into the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Montana.

Amount: $1000
Financial Aid Vancouver

Student loans offered by the Canadian government help students pay for their post-secondary education. StudentAid BC provides assistance in the form of Canada Student Loans or a combination of Canada Student Loans, B.C. Student Loans, and possibly grant funding. The amount and type of assistance awarded is based on need as assessed by the Provincial Authority. It takes approximately six weeks to process a student loan application. Students are reminded that this is an assistance program aimed at complementing, not replacing, their own financial resources. To be eligible for full time StudentAid BC student loan funding, students must be registered in 60 percent of a full course load , or 40 percent for students with permanent disabilities.

The John E. Lochman Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Psychology Psychology

Priority shall be given to graduate students who are enrolled in the Collage of Arts and Sciences and are pursuing a degree in clinical psychology with preference for students interested in a research career related to prevention or intervention research or clinical child and adolescent psychology.

Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs

UTHSCT Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship Programs are not accredited by the American Psychological Association. UTHSCT Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship Programs are a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers.

Funding Opportunities

Work at clinical assistantships usually occurs two days a week, with the expectation that the students spend the majority of this time working in the respective settings. Compensation:Community-based clinical assistantship compensation varies from site to site. Missoula County Healthy Relationships Project:Clinical graduate students provide supervised individual assessment and psychotherapeutic services to survivors of intimate partner violence and facilitate psycho-educational groups in the Seeley Swan valley. Student Advocacy Resource Center :Clinical graduate students provide individual counseling services to SARC clients , provide on-call services to victims of sexual assault, assist with outreach programming and program development.