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Amount: $1000
Grants for Adult Graduate Students

CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies has been awarded a Boundless Opportunity Scholarship grant from the Daniels Fund. These scholarships are specifically targeted to help students who are adult learners, including individuals who are returning to college GED recipients former foster care youth former juvenile justice youth and those pursuing an Early Childhood Education degree. There are some great resources designed specifically for adult and graduate students. If students fail to complete the four-year teaching requirement within eight years of completing or ceasing their program of study, the grant reverts to an Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, and will need to be repaid with interest. Information on the TEACH Grant Program can be found at the Education.

Amount: $2500

Crumpton, Baxter, Bonham Memorial Scholarship Award: $1,000.00 Disbursement Period: Fall and SpringScholarship Intent: To provide assistance to students in Education programs at SFSU which lead to a teaching, specialist, or service credential.Criteri Degree concentrations eligible to : Elementary Education, Language Literacy, Math Education, Early Childhood Education, Adult Education, Secondary Education, Equity and Social Justice, Special Interest, Ed Admin, Instructional Technologies, Jt. Doc in SPED, Special Education, Communicative Disorders, EDD in Educational Leadership. Cady Scholarship Award: $2,000.00 Disbursement Period: SpringScholarship Intent: Assist promising students in the College of Education who are working toward achieving their teaching credential in Special Education, specializing in moderate to severe disabilities, or severe disabilities, and during the semester of student teaching.Criteri Must have a credential objective or emphasis in moderate to severe or severely handicapped.

Amount: $10000
Arthur Zankel Urban Fellowship

Fellowship sites: NYC Education District 75, Hearing Education Services sites: PS in the Bronx, and Chelsea Prep in Manhattan. During their first year, teacher candidates are required to complete field hours but they are not entering their student teaching placements until their second year of studies. Potentially preparing presenting a conference proposal based on the teaching and research experience for the New York State Association of Bilingual Education Fellowship criteri The Fellows will not be expected to enter this project with particular reading intervention skills: the Columbia University in the City of New York is accustomed to teaching TC students support readers. They do so with support and direction from Teachers College graduate students, usually in History and Education or Social Studies Education.

Amount: $1000
Financial Aid Resources

The NTO student organization offers a limited number of scholarships to currently enrolled students who are members of the NTO organization, a student organization for adult learners The awards may range from $1000 for one year to $3000 for four years. In addition to the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship , Tennessee residents may qualify forstate-based aid programs which include a need-based grant, several scholarships based on merit or other factors, and loan forgiveness programs for students in certain majors. A student may receive a university scholarship in addition to a Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship. The purpose of ANTSHE Scholarships is to assist nontraditional students in their college education. Scholarships List for Adult and Non-traditional Students: Awards for Women.

Amount: $1270
Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships, grants and discounts for Graduate students and Continuing Education students. Tuition discount for teacher in the cohort off site education program taking Graduate coursework. Tuition discount for Adult students who have reached the distinguished honor from a Community College.

Amount: $4000
ACE Tuition and Financial Assistance

The Madeleine Stanley-Jossem Scholarship is a need and merit-based fund that will benefit one Adult Continuing Education student each fall and spring semester. Adult Continuing Education students interested in attending a one-week summer intensive may also seek funding from the National Society of Arts and Letters. The NSAL-SAIC Kathy Morgan Lee Audrey Peery Scholarship is a merit-based fund that covers tuition, campus housing, travel, meals, supplies, and incidentals for one student enrolled in two Adult Continuing Education one-week summer intensives.

NSU Scholarships Search

Continuing graduate students enrolled at the H. Full time continuing graduate students enrolled in the College of Healthcare Sciences. Must be a full time continuing graduate student at the College of Psychology. Full time continuing graduate students enrolled at the H. Continuing graduate students with a minimum of 15 NSU credits in current program. Graduate student in the College of Education Pallavi Patel Family Foundation to guide their humanitarian efforts and provide scholarships to promising medical students in need of . Continuing graduate student enrolled in a degree seeking program.

Amount: $2500
Scholarships Grants

ABL, the university commitment to financial literacy and continuing education extends beyond simply evaluating projects with the university borrowers. The university value the importance of education, which is why the university’d like to offer an eligible student the opportunity to win a $1000 scholarship in an effort to assist with the costs of continued education. The Beach Cottage at Seasons in Malibu: Luxury Mental Health Treatment is pleased to announce the details of the university annual Mental health Education Scholarship. Allison Maxim, founder and managing partner of Maxim Smith, wants to empower future generations by offering a scholarship to two motivated committed students interested in pursuing advanced education in social justice, immigration rights, civil rights, anti-harassment, gender .

Amount: $1500
Continuing Education and Professional Studies

CourseMinded Scholarship: The CourseMinded Online Course Scholarship is a highly competitive award for those interested in online teaching online learning. The scholarship provides $2,500 for current or future education costs, four times a year.

Amount: $1000
Financial Aid for Holistic Health Education

WIA is the nation’s principal workforce development program providing funds to address the employment and training needs of dislocated workers, low-income adults and youth. ACHS Adult Scholarship ACHS offers 10 scholarships annually for non-traditional adult students that awards a one-time scholarship of up to $1000 toward tuition, not to exceed 35% of tuition. If applicant served on Active Duty, applicant might be eligible for education benefits offered by the Veterans Affairs. If applicant are the spouse or child of a service member who is serving on active duty Title 10 orders in the paygrades of E1-E5, O1-O2, or W1-W2, applicant may be eligible for financial assistance from the Defense for education, training, and or the occupational license and credentials necessary for a portable career.