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Financial Aid Policies

Primarily, those students selected by the federal processor are the only ones for whom the university the verification process. Required verification documents are assigned through the tracking system based upon the verification group assigned through the federal process. Failure to do so within the established time frame can affect the ability to receive funding from certain programs. The federal government allows some consideration of this in aid calculations. Any grant or improved loan eligibility the new calculation creates can be paid to applicant, or paid down on student loans applicant may have borrowed if required, for the hours applicant completed in fall with passing grades and their current enrollment in spring hours.

Error Correction by Chad M. Oldfather

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Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program

Correction Deadline: If you have a FAFSA on file on or before the award deadline you may make corrections to it that affect your Access Missouri eligibility until the correction deadline. For example, if you filed a FAFSA before the award deadline but it erroneously indicates you are a graduate student (making you ineligible for an Access Missouri award), you may correct the error on or before the July 31 correction deadline. Although you can continue to make FAFSA corrections after the deadline for other purposes, those corrections will not make you eligible for an Access Missouri award. However, if you are eligible on August 1, a correction received after the correction deadline can make you ineligible for an award.

Applying for Financial Aid

Make corrections to their FAFSA review and submit corrections within five days to ensure accurate financial aid estimates. Applicant must review and submit any corrections at within five days to ensure accurate financial aid estimates. If applicant need to make corrections to their FAFSA they should be made within five days to ensure accurate financial aid estimates.

Financial Aid Verification Process

The required forms or documents applicant submit for verification will be compared to the information reported on their Financial Aid Application If the corrections to their application are significant enough, they may affect the amount of financial aid applicant are eligible to receive.

Amount: $1200
Privately Funded Scholarships

Privately funded scholarships are provided by the gifts of the university alumni and friends. The A-State Scholarship Fund is comprised of numerous alumni and friends of Arkansas State University. Scholarship was established in 1998 by Aaron and Sandie Lubin to assist students in the human resources management field of study. Lubin want to continue their ties with the region and have generously chosen to support the university through this scholarship. The Abner Ruth Junkin scholarship was established with periodic contributions from the Junkins and matched by the Upjohn Company Corporate Matching Program. This scholarship was established by the alumni of Arkansas State University Accounting, Finance and Law Program. He was one of ASU first Distinguished Alumni, having been elected in 1984.

One-Stop Student Services

If there are any discrepancies or errors, the University of North Florida is required by federal regulation to make those corrections and re FAFSA to the government.

Federal Financial Aid

If no corrections are needed, keep the SAR with their financial aid records. If any corrections are necessary, FAFSA on the Web and select Make Corrections to a Processed FAFSA.

Your Financial Aid Award Letter

Accepted award within 30 days of the offer date, with any requested changes or corrections.

Daytona Beach, FL

Estimate their cost of attendance and amount of financial aid with the university net price calculator. In accordance with federal guidelines, the University Financial Aid policy is to withhold the awarding of Federal Student Financial Aid until the verification process is completed. Financial aid will not be awarded until all requested documents are submitted and reviewed. Get information providing financial information on their FAFSA and using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.