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Amount: $2500
DDS Student Research

These prestigious and competitive fellowships for DDS and dental hygiene students are sponsored by the AADR. As a medical or dental student applicant may be able to participate in the Medical Research Scholars Program or the Clinical Electives Program at the NIH. There will be a limit of 20 annual stipends provided to first and second year dental and dental hygiene students, though there is no limit to students who may participate in the SRP or may apply for travel support.

Cost Financial Aid for the Dental Hygiene

The following sources of financial aid are available to full-time dental health science students, though not all students will receive all types.

Dental Hygiene Scholarship

Students must be in good standing in the dental hygiene department and have financial need.

Understand Your Loan Repayment Options

AAMC State and other Loan Repayment and Forgiveness Programs Available to students in the College of Osteopathic Medicine, as well students in the Master of Social Work, Physician Assistant and Dental Hygiene programs. Indian Health Service Loan Repayment Program Available to College of Osteopathic Medicine students, and students in the Nursing, Master of Social Work, Physician Assistant, Master of Science Nurse Anesthesia, Physical Therapy, and Dental Hygiene programs.

Amount: $10000
Who Who in Grants

Ms. Swigart was awarded the Dental Hygiene department’s first Federal grant in the amount of $10K through NIH OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Community Partnership Program’s Tier 1 of 3. Grants totaling $30K.Currently serving as Co-PI on the Dental Hygiene grant in partnership with NIH-OHSU.

Costs Financial Aid - Admissions

IUPUI dental assisting students are eligible to receive financial aid.

Graduate Scholarship Professional Studies

Stop by to get help with applications, scholarships, or just talk their plans after applicant graduate from Saint Peter’s University. Please note that deadlines for these scholarships vary widely and that the criteria for each varies even .

Law School Scholarships - USD Law

University of South Dakota offers a variety of scholarships available to both first year and second-year law students. Recipients should also demonstrate financial need. A scholarship is given to one law student in memory of W.A. McCullen each year. This scholarship is given to law students in memory of Joseph H. This scholarship is awarded to a second-year law student on the basis of character, scholarship, general ability and need. This scholarship is given to a second or third-year student on the basis of character, achievement and academic qualification. This three-year scholarship is available to a first-year law student. Scholarships are given to needy and deserving second or third-year law students.

Amount: $4000

Eligibility Requirements: For students from rural areas of Nebraska who demonstrate academic potential and a desire to practice medical laboratory science, dental hygiene, dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, or radiography in rural Nebraska.

Scholarships in Arizona

Applicants must demonstrate financial need and be a member of either the Navajo or Hopi Native American tribes. Applicants must be junior, senior or graduate students at the University of Arizona. Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.8 and demonstrate financial need. Applicant must be an Arizona resident, demonstrate financial need by filing FAFSA, and have declared a major. Applicants must be Arizona residents and demonstrate financial need. Students must demonstrate financial need, academic achievement and a commitment to nonfiction writing, editing or journalism. Applicant must be an Arizona resident and demonstrate financial need and academic promise. Applicant must be a nonresident of Arizona and a full-time student and demonstrate financial need.