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Amount: $1500
Virginia Tech

There is also an award for one female student majoring in public affairs, communications, or a natural resources conservation-related field of study. Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Student Scholarships — Provides to students majoring in or showing a strong desire to major in natural resources conservation and or environmental studies.

Amount: $4500
Grad Student Funding Opportunities

In particular the conservation funds provides support for individual species conservation initiatives, recognize leaders in the field of species conservation, and elevate the importance of species in the conservation debate. Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Grants support research in North American fauna in any area of wildlife conservation or natural history Fellowships are given for the study of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Uyghur. The Nebraska Chapter of The Nature Conservancy awards $1,000 grants in support of graduate student research that enhances understanding of Great Plains ecosystems and their conservation. Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Research support marine zoology Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Grants support research in North American fauna in any area of wildlife conservation or natural history.

Sustainable Biodiversity Fund

Cornell graduate students and postdoctoral research associates from all disciplines are encouraged to to pursue innovative, interdisciplinary research relevant for the sustainability of natural biodiversity. Funding from the SBF will enable Aaron to initiate a telemetry study of the movement of fish among conservation reserves to better understand the importance of connectivity for network-wide conservation success. Abigail Hart is a graduate student in the field of Natural Resources.

Amount: $60000
Smithsonian Fellowships and Internships

The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) and Museum Conservation Institute (MCI) of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC is accepting applications for a one-year post-graduate fellowship in modern and contemporary paintings conservation beginning in late Summer 2020. The Engen Conservation Fellowship is a competitive twelve month in-residence fellowship for recent Master’s graduates in conservation intended to introduce fellows to a wide range of composite objects, metals, organic materials and painted surfaces. Mellon fellowships are intended to cultivate practical skills as well as foster a solid understanding of the contexts of material culture, the philosophies of conservation at the NMAI, and the ethics of the conservation profession.

List of Scholarships

One or awards to CAHNR students majoring in Natural Resources and interested in pursuing a career in wildlife conservation and or conservation law enforcement.

Amount: $2500
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation and Environmental Leadership Fellowship

The purpose of this award is to provide an opportunity for graduate or professional students to participate in experiential workshops or programs that will prepare them for leadership roles related to conservation of the university natural and environmental resources. Fellowships are intended to help recipients achieve a level of professional and personal growth that prepares them for leadership roles in natural resources and conservation-based organizations and agencies.

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The scholarship provides funds for entering professional students with well-defined goals for a professional career in forest resources. Saunders, Sr. and wife, Kay Wike Saunders, helped Gerald and Charlotte establish this scholarship to benefit students of Warnell, since they too are deeply committed to education, young people and forest resources in Georgia. Founded by the Oconee River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, this scholarship provides student research support for cold water fisheries in the Southeastern the students.S. Knox and Kathryn Wyatt Memorial Forestry Natural Resources Scholarship.

Amount: $1000
Steve Duckett Local Conservation Scholarship

Steve Duckett is pleased to support a scholarship that promotes natural conservation literacy and constructive dialogue in the modern age. Young people who are learning about and taking action on problems affecting our nation's natural resources are in the strongest role of any generation to make a positive impact and set the tone for future generations. The Steve Duckett Local Conservation Scholarship will be given to a student who shows a strong contribution to environmental stewardship and natural conservation in his or her own neighborhood. This scholarship is a chance to thank those who have previously contributed their time and resources to worthwhile causes.

Amount: $3000
Student Scholarships

Established by the Greater Jackson Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation in memory of Boyd Burrow, a long-time member and passionate turkey hunter, this scholarship is for sopho s, juniors, or seniors enrolled in the College of Forest Resources. Hugo Wahlstab Scholarship in the College of Forest Resources. Ted Plair to fund programs that ensure Mississippians realize the full range of benefits available from their natural resources. Kennedy Scholarship in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation. The award is given to a sopho junior, or senior in the College of Forest Resources. Kaminski Scholarship in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation. Scenic s Kaminski Scholars must be enrolled fulltime in pursuit of a bachelor degree in wildlife and fisheries science from the College of Forest Resources.

Amount: $5000
UH Marine Bio Grad Program

The Steven Berkeley Marine Conservation Fellowship: The fellowship comprises a competitively based $10,000 award to a graduate student actively engaged in thesis research relevant to marine conservation. The trust document states that awards will .support the study of natural history with an emphasis on zoology and marine malacology, the study of marine mollusks. Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program provides support for master’s and doctoral studies in oceanography, marine biology, maritime archaeology and all other science, engineering, social science and resource management disciplines involving ocean and coastal areas particularly by women and members of minority groups.